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Caliburn A2 is an upgraded version of the popular UWELL product: Caliburn, which was popular in 2019. Caliburn is not only easy to operate, taking advantage of its Pro-FOCS patent technology, but it also restores original taste. Because of it, Caliburn gains a well-known reputation in the vape market, making it a quality product in Uwell too.

Caliburn A series: Alpha (α) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which has the meaning of the first, the beginning. Caliburn was UWELL’s first pod product and created an industry legend upon its launch. The characteristics of the A series are: 1. basic; 2. simple styling; 3. easy to use; 4. cost-effective.

The A series cartidge is replaceable. When it reaches the end of its service life, the whole pod will be changed; with the G series, you only need to replace the coil.
A series has only one resistance value, allowing the user to have only one output power vaping experience; the G series, currently on the other hand, has two resistance values and allows the user to have multiple output power vaping experiences.

The Caliburn A2 is made for:
Vapers who expect more from the old Caliburn;
Vapers who want to top up juice in time to avoid burnt tastes;
Vapers who hate constantly cleaning vape devices;
MTL vapers who want a mouth-fitting design
Vapers that are not happy with current device, in terms of flavor;
Users of pod mods and tank kits who want portability;

Caliburn A2’s e-liquid check window is a big leap in the Caliburn pod system, because it makes the e-liquid check an easy thing. Vapers no need to pull out the cartridge to check the left e-liquid again and again, and no more coil dry burning because of forgetting to refill e-juice. At the same time, the e-liquid check window not only brings convenience but also brings an improved look overall.

Unlike the Caliburn, the Caliburn A2 can be easily opened with just one hand. Top filling is convenient for vapers to refill e-juice. No mess anymore.

UWELL designs better lip-fitting drip tip for vapers, especially for MTL vapers. To give vapers a better drawing experience, UWELL has never stopped her steps. With this design, vapor won’t drift away from the mouth, reach vapers’ biggest satisfaction.

The smooth magnetic cartridge is the feature of Caliburn & Caliburn A2. Vapers love it, so we keep the feature for Caliburn A2. Vapers no need to put forth efforts to install the cartridge, it’s an enjoyment to install the cartridge.

No matter vapers’ are used to oral drawing or fire button drawing, they have the options to choose from. Vapers don’t need to change their habits because Caliburn A2 will take care of them.

Caliburn A2 cares about the user’s vaping experience, so we made a great improvement on grip, smoothing and polishing, with no sharp edges. Vapers can grip steadily in one hand.

With only 35 minutes it can be charged 90% battery, very efficient.

UWELL is always devoted to improving the liquid leaking problem, we promise you a better experience in anti-leaking. Vapers would enjoy a clean and tidy vaping journey.

UWELL’s patent right on PRO-FOCS tech is what we are proud of, always brings you an authentic flavor.


  • Material: Aluminium Alloy, PA
  • Size: 110.1mm x 21.3mm x 11.7mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Colors: 9 colors
  • Net Weight: 31g
  • Output Wattage: 15w
  • Battery Capacity: 520mAh
  • Coil Specification: FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.9Ω


  • 1 Caliburn A2 Pod System
  • 2 0.9ohm Caliburn A2 Pods
  • 1 User Manual (Download Manual)
Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 1.25 in

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9 reviews for Uwell Caliburn A2

  1. Chuck (verified owner)

    This is a huge upgrade to the original Uwell battery. The new pods almost never leak. The battery last much longer (I can usually get through the entire day without plugging it in), and it gives a very nice satisfying hit. I’ll be buying more of these soon.

  2. Robert Woodrow (verified owner)

    Bought two. One for me and one for girl friend. they worked great when new. Nice throat hit. But shortly after they leak in your mouth (yuk) and. don’t hold a charge very long. Now I just use for back up. Won’t buy again.

  3. will (verified owner)

    Better than the original

  4. Anthony Ellis (verified owner)

    Works very well and has not leaked.

  5. Raymond Crowther (verified owner)

    work well, nice hit

  6. Julie B (verified owner)

    Worked okay for a few days but the red light came on and it quit working all together.

  7. Bryan Jasper (verified owner)

    Love the A2. Nice upgrade from the original which was my go to device.

  8. John Foley

    Great for beginners. Easy to use and refill.

  9. bighoward1001 (verified owner)

    Has been a good device. Just wish it had a bigger tank. Both Uwell models from Black Note have served me well. Can’t say that about the other two models Uwell makes that Black Note does not sell.

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