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Why Black Note - Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Juice


Our Story

What is Our Story


Its creator, acoustical craftsman Adolphe Sax, endured many hardships, even surviving assassination attempts from his competitors. It didn't take long after its creation for the saxophone to travel the world and irreversibly change music forever.

The new era of electronic musical instruments and synthesizers has witnessed numerous failed attempts at recreating the richness, complexity, overtones and undertones emitted from a finely crafted saxophone in the hands of a master instrumentalist.

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Our Story

What is Your Story


Sharing stories does much more than just pass the time, thrill the audience and make people laugh. Stories explain who we are. What we’re made of. They prove we’re as human as the next guy or gal. They bind us together with shared experiences or teach us how to plow through something unknown or different. Stories make us real.

Stories are part of our authentic selves beneath the flesh-and-bone façade. And as many of you know, Black Note tobacco e-juice is all about authenticity. And when it comes to your story, the same concept holds true.

Read Stories from Black Note Customers
  • “Black Note is awesome”

    "I was new to vaping and not sure what flavor or brand to try. Luckily I found Black Note and ordered the Notebook. It arrived really quickly in beautiful packaging. I can't say enough about all of the flavors. I was hoping to narrow the choices down to a favorite couple of flavors, but ended up loving all of the E-Liquids. Do yourself a favor and pick up this ultra-premium sample pack immediately!"

    --Scott (on Notebook)
  • “Never was a menthol fan, until Now”

    "Trying out the assortment of the highest quality tobacco e liquid ever, I gave this a shot. Not a menthol fan, but it's actually very tasty, and I mixed it just a few drops with legato, and wow, spiciness that isn't menthol 100%, but even not mixed, it's made a fan out of me. Black Note, you have the tobacco flavors market cornered."

    --Mark (on Solo)
  • “Worth the penny, worth to vape”

    "Excellent customer service, fast delivery, and very open arms folks. The juice is intended and created for the likeness of real tobacco taste with a piece of mind. Though not cheap, but authentic. The authenticity is pure as well as the price is worth it. Every vape I take, I notice purity and not the fluff other vendors sell."

    --Icey (on Bravura)
  • “Another winner”

    "I am running out of words to use. Another great vape. Probably a little more complex than some of the others. Still very smooth with a good flavor. Now if I could only decide on a favorite..."

    --Victor (on Cadenza)
  • Better than a cigarette

    "I actually prefer the robust full flavor of Legato over smoking. If you are a long term smoker I would definitely recommend this flavor. You will soon discover that the tobacco flavor is more intense and satisfying compared to an analog. I now have no desire to return to smoking. Good Job ! "

  • Best ejuice to quit smoking

    "I stopped smoking American spirits and this e juice is the best for people who like the natural taste of tobacco without any nasty chemicals and artificial flavors I have loved every flavor so far. Sonata is wonderful. "

  • Smooth

    "Quitting cigarettes after 40 years. Tried a tobacco flavor from local smoke shop. It did the trick, but was a little harsh on my throat. So I ordered the sonata which tastes and feels more like cigarette. Shipping was quick and free. My goal is to eliminate nicotine. There are several options all the way to zero. Meanwhile I have found what I feel is a superior product with a great taste and smooth. Thanks Guys. "

  • This is the one for me!

    "I have tried only a couple blends, and have enjoyed them all. Forte is my favorite. Taste compares to that after meal cigarette I had enjoyed so much. With Black Note, I have no desire or intention of returning to cigarettes! "

  • AMAZING!!!!!!

    "i have smoked regular cigarettes for 35 years. Thought I would give e- cigs a try. I was getting ready to give up finding a e juice that taste like a cigarette. I just received a bottle of prelude today. You guys have a new customer. This is best stuff I have ever tried!!! "

  • Excellent

    "Probably the most subtle NET flavor I've tried and I love it. Slightly sweet with good throat hit even at 6 mg nicotine. I haven't touched a real cig in over 5 months primarily because I found this e liquid. "

Our Story

Who is Involved

There's a saying that goes, "You're only as strong as your weakest link." We couldn't agree more.

Black Note gives you the best of both worlds by providing an authentic tobacco taste without the harsh bitterness or nasty components of traditional cigarettes. Our company, too, incorporates the best of both worlds with two expert teams: one in Italy and the other in the United States.

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Italian culture has been long hailed for amazing design, fine wine and delectable food. In fact, Black Note was inspired by the Romance language of Italian, which is the backbone for music terminology, or the language of music.

American culture gets a nod for its expertise in branding and marketing. Our team members in Italy are tobacco connoisseurs in charge of the tangible product, the tobacco extraction and liquid creation. Our American team members focus on the intangibles, or the branding and marketing of Black Note.

Combine the two and we present a tangible product that is crafted to embody the intangibles of emotion, beauty, essence - the essence of tobacco. And yes, encores are frequently desired.

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Our Story

Where we Began

Which is more important? the journey or the destination? In the case of Black Note, it is both!

Black Note is not part of big tobacco. We didn't create the company with the goal of getting mega-rich and running off somewhere warm with palm trees (where we live is already warm with palm trees!) But on a more serious note, we created Black Note with the goal of solving a problem and filling a void: creating a vaping liquid that actually tastes like tobacco.


What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid?

Naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid (NET) is different from most tobacco e-liquid you’ll find on the market. Other tobacco flavored juices are based on combinations of natural and artificial flavors, aiming to replicate the taste of genuine tobacco with the use of ingredients like tobacco absolute. This makes e-juice that may capture some aspects of the complex, multi-tonal taste of tobacco, but most liquids that use this approach fall short of the mark.

NET ejuice is different: the flavor for the vape juice is extracted directly from real tobacco leaves, leading to a complex, nuanced taste that comes closer than most e-liquid can to the genuine flavor of tobacco.

The resulting eliquid tastes like a fresh scoop of high-quality tobacco. It can’t replicate the multitude of chemicals that (only) come from combustion, but the juice cleanly captures the character of tobaccos in a way you’ve never tasted them before.

What Makes the Best Tobacco E-Juice?

What makes the best tobacco e-liquid partially comes down to personal preference, but there are two main types to choose from: some add things like caramel, sweeteners and other artificial flavors to the ejuice to mask the authentic taste, whereas others focus on replicating the real taste as closely as possible. Some vapers prefer the first type of tobacco vape liquid, but for smokers just switching to vaping and vapers who love the taste of high-end tobacco, natural flavors make the best tobacco flavored e-juice.

If you’re looking for an ejuice with a natural taste, NET e-liquid is undoubtedly the best approach. Not only does it lead to a more complex vape juice, it also allows the tobacco vaping liquid to capture the unique characteristics of the specific variety of tobacco, from the earthy and complex blends like Burley and Basma through to the sweeter, mellower blends like Virginia and Cavendish. For a top quality e-liquid, you really can’t beat it.

How is NET E-Juice Made?

The process for making naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid is a little more complicated than for most ordinary vapor liquid. Instead of mixing the flavorings and nicotine in with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and then bottling it up to ship out, the best quality tobacco e-liquids “steep” tobacco leaves in the same base ingredients (PG and VG) to draw out the flavor. This process is called “maceration.”

Not all NET e-liquids are the same, though: some mixers use heat-assisted extraction, whereas others use cold maceration. Heat-assisted extractions can be completed much more quickly, but the resulting e-juice loses some of the depth and subtlety in the process.

Cold maceration takes a lot longer – Black Note allows our mixes to macerate for between six and eight weeks before the extraction is ready – but the flavor you get out of the vape juice at the end of the process is much better. The finer details of the multi-tonal flavor of tobacco are preserved in cold maceration: producing nuanced extracts and the best tobacco flavored e-liquid you’ll find on the market.

Why Choose Black Note?

With so many e-juice manufacturers on the market, choosing just one to buy your tobacco eliquid from isn’t easy. But Black Note goes the extra mile for our customers. Not only do we start with the very finest tobaccos from around the world and only use leaves hand-selected for quality in our macerations, every single bottle is crafted with patience, allowing up to two months for our cold maceration process to fully develop the flavors.

We also take special care to ensure our tobacco e-juice is free from chemicals like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acrolein, acetoin, acetone ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, and we provide a lab report showing the results of independent lab testing to prove it. We also don’t use any artificial colors, sweeteners, dyes or other additives in our naturally extracted tobacco e-juices.

This all comes together to produce some of the best tobacco e-liquid on the market. We offer the beautiful, complex flavors you can only get from naturally extracted tobacco vape juice made through cold maceration, but our e-liquid is also free from the sweeteners that gunk up your coils and harmful ingredients like diacetyl that are found in many eliquids.

With Black Note, you get the most authentic-tasting tobacco vape juice on the market and nothing else.

WARNING: Black Note products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Black Note products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking age (21 or older in California), and not by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Black Note products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For immediate advice, contact poison control center: (800) 222-1222