Naturally Extracted From
Real Tobacco Leaves

Designed to help you switch without missing a thing

The Best Vaping Experience

Designed to help you switch without missing a thing

Satisfy Your Cravings

Different nicotine delivery systems for every preference

Don’t Look Back

Throw away your ashtray & ditch the guilt

Why Choose Black Note?

We’ve gone the extra mile to produce the cleanest, most satisfying tobacco vaping experience on the planet.

Naturally Extracted

No Artificial Anything

Contains Nothing You Can’t Pronounce

Cold Macerated

Small Batches

Hands-on Creation

The Problem with
Tobacco E-Liquids

What are people saying?

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    Vaping Guides

    Vaping Guides

    With most e-liquid reviews, the discussion centers around the flavors themselves. After all, the taste of the juice is what really matters, right? If that’s all that matters to you, feel free to skip down to The Flavors section of this review. In the case of Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T.) liguids, though, it’s worth it to take a little time to look at the company and what goes into making that e-liquid.

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    Black Note Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids have created quite a buzz around the industry this year, with many proclaiming them to be the best and most realistic tobacco juices around.

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    Expert Vaping

    Expert Vaping

  • Verified buyer


    Black Note is notorious in the vaping community for one main thing; when it comes to dedicating a craft to brewing the best tobacco flavors for vapers, they reign supreme. If you – like many others – have giving up on looking for a “true” tobacco flavor, Black Note is a must try!

Throw Away Your Ashtrays
& Ditch the Guilt

Switch now and satisfy your cravings with Black Note
the world’s most trusted tobacco vaping liquid.

How Do We Make It?

Our 9-Step Process

It’s simple really. We just mix cheap artificial flavors, vg,
pg, nictoine, and ta-da, your eliquid is ready.
Just kidding. It is much more elaborate than that.

It takes us 2-3 years to craft our vaping liquids. It take
you 2-3 seconds to fully appreciate them.

Our Story

Stretches Back Centuries

Where were you in 1791? Yeah, we know. None of us were
even born yet. In fact, our great-great-great-grandparents
weren’t even born yet, But the seeds of what would
become Black Note were already being sown.

Black Note FAQs

We are here for you.

Talk to a Black Note Vaping Expert.

As seen in…

50,000+ Glowing reviews
from Black Note customers

18+ Thumbs-up reviews
from leading vaping websites

A+ Rating from the
Better Business Bureau

The World’s Most Trusted
Tobacco Vaping Liquid

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