WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Aspire PockeX Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

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Aspire PockeX Coils (5-Pack) are precision-engineered for the PockeX AIO device, featuring U-Tech technology, stainless steel construction, and organic cotton wicking for optimal flavor and vapor.

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Aspire crafted the PockeX Coil Pack specifically for the Aspire PockeX AIO device. These coils, known for their innovative U-Tech coil technology, produce optimal flavor and satisfying vapor clouds. Using high-quality stainless steel and organic cotton, these coils deliver a consistent and enhanced vaping experience.

What’s Included:

  • 5 x Aspire PockeX Replacement Coils


  • Compatible with Aspire PockeX AIO Device
  • Made with Premium Materials
  • Consistent Flavor and Vapor Production
  • Easy Installation
  • Designed for Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

Additional information

Weight 1.66 oz
Dimensions 1.8 × 5.2 × 0.6 in



What is U-Tech Coil Technology in Aspire PockeX Coils?

U-Tech Coil Technology involves the flow of air inside the coil head being diverted to pass the coil twice before reaching the user. This double-pass results in dense vapor and unparalleled flavor.

How many coils are included in a pack of Aspire PockeX Coils?

Each pack of Aspire PockeX Coils contains 5 replacement coils.

Are Aspire PockeX Coils compatible with any other devices?

Aspire PockeX Coils are specifically designed for the Aspire PockeX AIO device and may not be compatible with other devices.

What type of vaping experience do Aspire PockeX Coils provide?

Aspire PockeX Coils are known for delivering a superbly dense vapor and excellent flavor, making them ideal for those who prioritize taste and vapor quality in their vaping experience.


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