WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Our Commitment

At Black Note, our ethos is encapsulated in our mission: “In Business to Go Out of Business.” We provide a natural tobacco vaping alternative, fully recognizing that the ultimate goal for every individual is to quit both smoking and vaping altogether. Our dedication lies in offering adult smokers a high-quality choice to support their journey towards a life free from smoking and vaping, aspiring towards a future where everyone breathes clean air.

Our mission is to offer the best natural tobacco vaping alternative, aligning with a harm reduction philosophy. While we don’t advocate for non-smokers to start vaping, we’re here for those seeking a harm reduction approach in transitioning away from smoking. Our commitment is to provide a responsible alternative that aligns with the principles of harm reduction when quitting smoking and vaping isn’t an immediate option.


Prevent coughing while vaping

Our guiding principles are deeply rooted in the concept of harm reduction. By offering natural tobacco vaping products, we aim to reduce the harm associated with smoking. This commitment to harm reduction is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from ingredient selection to marketing practices, ensuring we contribute positively to public health.



American Spirits Blue

Black Note continues the tradition set by American Spirit in offering natural tobacco eliquids. We provide an authentic tobacco experience, mirroring the purity and quality that American Spirit pioneered in cigarettes. As a niche brand in the vaping industry, Black Note stands for authenticity and a healthier alternative, honoring the legacy of natural tobacco with every product.

Our product line is crafted exclusively for adult smokers. We take proactive steps to prevent underage access, offering only tobacco and menthol flavors and steering clear of appealing to minors in our designs, names, packaging, and marketing.

Virginia Tobacco Blend by Black Note

Black Note has always prioritized public health, distinguishing us from many other vape companies. Our proactive approach demonstrates consistent commitment to responsible products and marketing, setting us apart as the second-best alternative to smoking.

Our marketing is straightforward and targeted at adult tobacco users. We avoid social media activities that might appeal to underage audiences and focus on non-medicinal use, maintaining a clear commitment to responsible communication.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Let’s be honest, most tobacco e-liquids taste terrible, artificial, or don’t taste like genuine tobacco at all. At Black Note, we make tobacco e-liquid taste like, well, tobacco e-liquid should!



We value your questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for inquiries about our mission, guiding principles, marketing practices, or products. You can contact us through the following channels:


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