WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Aspire TG Pod (3mL, 2-Pack)

Aspire TG Pod (3mL, 2-Pack)


  • The TG Pod 0.8Ω (3.0 ml) is compatible with Cyber G devices and performs best with 70/30 e-liquids.
  • The TG Pod 1.0Ω (3.0 ml) is also compatible with Cyber G devices and performs best with 50/50 e-liquids.

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The Aspire TG Pods are designed to provide vapers with a reliable and enjoyable experience, especially those who are using the Aspire TG Pod System. These replacement pods come in a pack of two, ensuring that you always have a spare pod on hand.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, these Aspire TG Pods offer ease of use and a consistent performance. The exact e-juice capacity, coil details, and other specifications might not be readily available on the product page, but what is clear is that these pods are tailored to fit the Aspire TG Pod System perfectly.

Crafted with quality materials and precision, the Aspire TG Pods are intended to deliver a satisfying and smooth vape, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors with minimal fuss. Easily replaceable, these pods are a go-to accessory for those who value both convenience and quality in their vaping experience.

For detailed information regarding compatibility, coil resistance, and other specific features, it is advisable to consult the product’s manual or get in touch with the manufacturer directly.

Purchase your Aspire TG Pods (2-pack) from Black Note’s online store and keep the clouds coming without any interruption.


  1. What are the Aspire TG Pods? The Aspire TG Pods are replacement pods designed for the Aspire TG Pod System. They come in a convenient pack of two.
  2. How much e-juice do these pods hold? The capacity of the Aspire TG Pods is not explicitly mentioned on the product page. It would be advisable to check the packaging or contact the manufacturer for this information.
  3. How do I fill the Aspire TG Pods with e-juice? Generally, filling instructions will be included with the product packaging. Usually, replacement pods have a silicone stopper or other mechanism to fill with e-juice.
  4. Are the coils in these pods replaceable? Information regarding coil replacement in these specific pods is not provided on the product page. It might be best to refer to the product’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly for details.
  5. Can I use different e-juices with these pods? Typically, pods are compatible with various e-juices, but it would be wise to refer to the product manual or the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with specific types of e-juice.
  6. Where can I buy Aspire TG Pods? The Aspire TG Pods can be purchased from authorized retailers, including Black Note’s online store.
  7. How long will a pod last? The lifespan of a pod depends on usage, e-juice, and personal vaping habits. Regular inspection and following manufacturer guidelines will ensure optimal performance.
  8. Can I switch flavors using the same pod? Switching flavors is generally possible, but there may be lingering tastes. For the best experience, consider using a new pod when changing flavors.
  9. How can I prevent leakage? Following the manufacturer’s instructions for filling and handling the pods can minimize the risk of leakage.
  10. Are these pods compatible with other Aspire devices? The Aspire TG Pods are designed specifically for the Aspire TG Pod System and may not be compatible with other devices.
  11. Can I clean and reuse these pods? The ability to clean and reuse the pods may vary. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact customer support for specific guidance.
  12. What should I do if I have issues with these pods? If you encounter any problems, refer to the product manual, contact the retailer, or get in touch with Aspire’s customer service.

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Weight 0.75 oz
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.9 × 0.8 in



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