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If you are looking for the real tobacco taste, then you are in the right place. You may choose from our variety of tobacco vaping liquids.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


    We think it is perfectly OK to judge this book by its cover. For those who truly want to have it all, the Notebook provides a harmonious collection of our e-liquid flavors performed on a minor scale.

    The notes contained within the small yet powerful symphony give you a feel for the variety of distinct flavors that make up the full body of Black Note’s work. Each note is composed with the utmost precision, skill and explosive passion that are at the very core of any phenomenal performance.

    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Bottle Size: 30ml

    V Line

    Bottle Size: 30mlOnline Only
    Bottle Size: 30mlOnline Only
    Bottle Size: 30mlOnline Only
    Bottle Size: 30mlOnline Only

    Best Tobacco E-Juice, Right Here

    Whether you think the best tobacco e-juice is one that provides immediate gratification, a selection of high-quality tobacco blends, or authentic tobacco flavor crafted from real tobacco leaves, you’ll find it all right here with Black Note.

    Even though you may get immediate gratification from our vaping liquids, crafting the finest tobacco vaping liquids has been a long and laborious journey. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our history in the tobacco industry goes back six generations, which is why the Black Note selection of tobacco blends feature distinctively impeccable taste.

    Real tobacco leaves are at the heart of every blend, which is why you get a real tobacco taste. Authenticity reigns supreme when it comes to the best tobacco e-juice, and we keep the tobacco flavor as real as it gets with a slow and patient nine-step tobacco e-liquid creation process.

    And that immediate gratification? Well, that comes from a combination of all of the above. Combine our extensive creation process with real tobacco leaves and a long family history perfecting tobacco blends, and immediate gratification is the result. Give Black Note a try to taste for yourself.

    Shop Tobacco E-Juice With Comfort

    When it’s time to buy vaping liquid, you have two options. You can randomly scour the world hoping to find a tobacco e-juice that actually tastes like tobacco. Or you can shop at Black Note, where real tobacco taste is a reality each and every time.

    Black Note makes it fast, easy, convenient and even fun to buy tobacco e-juice. The fast and easy part comes from our streamlined website and simple check out process. Bold images and detailed descriptions help you choose a blend that suits your taste, while the simple check out process completes your transaction in a jiffy.

    The convenience comes from the ability to set up an online account, which securely stores your information, past orders and other pertinent details so you can continue to buy your vaping liquids with a few swift clicks.

    The fun comes from the range of Black Note tobacco blends, along with the perks that accompany every order. Fast and free domestic shipping is always fun, as is earning points with every dollar you spend. But the greatest fun is yet to come. You experience the greatest joy when your Black Note order is delivered, serving up real tobacco flavor that’s yours to savor as often as you wish.

    Full Flavor Tobacco E-Juice

    No synthetic flavors. No artificial colors, sweeteners or chemical additives. No characterizing flavor or watered-down concoction. That’s what you get with Black Note. Sound good? Just wait until you taste it.

    When you’re looking for the strong flavor of real tobacco, Black Note has you covered. We start with real tobacco leaves, then use a natural extraction process to capture the subtle flavor notes and nuances for which real tobacco taste is known. Not only that, but you get an entire selection of different tastes from which to choose.

    While all Black Note real tobacco blends use the same slow and patient natural extraction process, each has a distinct personality. Each blend’s taste is dependent on the variety of tobacco used, as well as the curing process that aligns with the tobacco variety and characteristic.

    Flue-cured Virginia tobacco creates the bright, light taste of our Prelude tobacco blend, while sun-ripened, shade-cooled burley tobacco is the secret behind the smooth, strong flavor of our Forte blend. Browse the collection to find a blend that aligns with your style, knowing you’ll be enjoying real tobacco taste with any blend you choose.

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