WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Uwell Caliburn Pods (1.4Ω, 11W, 4-Pack)

Uwell Caliburn Pods (1.4Ω, 11W, 4-Pack)

(56 customer reviews)


Never run out of e-liquid with Uwell Caliburn Replacement Cartridges. These 2ml pods feature an easy top-fill system and are compatible with Uwell Caliburn KOKO Starter Kit. Keep your vape session going strong with this 4-pack!

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Why would you ever want to leave home without spare cartridges for your favorite vape device? This 4-pack of the Uwell Caliburn Replacement Vape Cartridges are food-grade, 2 ml capacity pods with an easy-to-load top-fill system for quickly topping up with your favorite e-liquid and it’s compatible with the Uwell Caliburn KOKO Starter kit as well! Why miss out on amazing flavor by not packing a spare pod? Grab this 4-pack today to keep your vape session from fizzling out!

What’s Included

  • 1 x Uwell Caliburn Replacement Vape Pod Cartridge (4-Pack)

Specs & Features

  • Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • 2.0mL Refillable Pod
  • Food Grade Plastic Pod Construction
  • Dual Port Top Fill System – Top Cap Drip Tip
  • Comes in a pack of Four (4)
  • Compatible: Uwell CALIBURN 11W Pod System
  • Compatible with: Uwell Caliburn KOKO


Are the Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods compatible with all Uwell devices?
No, the Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods are specifically designed for the Uwell Caliburn Pod System.

How many pods are included in this pack?
The Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods come in a pack of four.

Do these Uwell Caliburn Pods come with built-in coils?
Yes, each Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod comes with a built-in coil.

What is the e-liquid capacity of each Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod?
Each Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml.

How do I refill these replacement pods?
To refill a Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod, remove the mouthpiece from the pod, then use the two fill ports to add your preferred e-liquid. Ensure you give the e-liquid a few minutes to saturate the coil before vaping.

How long does each Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod typically last?
The lifespan of a Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod can vary based on your vaping habits and the e-liquid used. Generally, a pod can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, but it’s best to replace it if you notice a decline in flavor or vapor production.

Are these replacement pods suitable for salt nicotine e-liquids?
Yes, Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods are designed to be compatible with both standard e-liquids and salt nicotine e-liquids.

Additional information

Weight 1.17 oz
Dimensions 2.7 × 1.9 × 1.15 in

56 reviews for Uwell Caliburn Pods (1.4Ω, 11W, 4-Pack)

  1. works great

    AdoraB (verified owner)

    though i prefer the 1.2 ohm pods they used to always sell. That said I use my Caliburn constantly & they give great flavour!

  2. Great choice

    Kris (verified owner)

    Great device and pods

  3. Perfect For Me

    Frank Manning (verified owner)

    After years of using e-cigarettes and then mods, I found the mods to be inconvenient and the e-cigs to be inefficient. This is the first pod system that works for me. I get exactly what I need, and not a lot of what I don’t.

  4. Ellen (verified owner)

    To get the most out of these, never let them run close to dry. They’re much better than products I’ve used before.

  5. Great

    Wolf Thompson (verified owner)

    Best filters. This store sells only the best quality of devices and filters.

  6. Love it!

    Willa McGibany (verified owner)

    Love this product.

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