WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Uwell Caliburn Pods (1.4Ω, 11W, 4-Pack)

(56 customer reviews)

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Uwell’s Caliburn Replacement Pods are designed for unmatched flavor delivery, offering 2ml capacity, a parallel coil design, and easy top-fill system.

Compatible with: Uwell Caliburn Pod System & Uwell Caliburn Koko Pod System

880 in stock

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Enhance your vaping sessions with Uwell’s Caliburn Replacement Pods. Specifically engineered for the renowned Uwell Caliburn Pod System, these pods promise consistent flavor delivery and a satisfying throat hit. The pod’s design prioritizes user convenience, ensuring effortless e-liquid refills and a mess-free experience. With a perfect balance between efficiency and performance, these pods stand out as the ideal companion for your Caliburn device.

What’s Included

  • 4 x Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods

Specs & Features

  • Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • 2.0mL Refillable Pod
  • Food Grade Plastic Pod Construction
  • Dual Port Top Fill System – Top Cap Drip Tip
  • Comes in a pack of Four (4)
  • Compatible: Uwell CALIBURN 11W Pod System
  • Compatible with: Uwell Caliburn KOKO

Additional information

Weight 1.17 oz
Dimensions 2.7 × 1.9 × 1.15 in


What are Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods?

Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods are specially designed pods for the Uwell Caliburn Pod System and the Uwell Caliburn KOKO. They are crafted to deliver consistent flavor and a satisfying throat hit, enhancing your vaping experience.

What makes these pods unique?

These pods are known for their user convenience, featuring an easy refill system and a leak-proof design. They offer a perfect balance between efficiency and performance, making them an ideal choice for Caliburn device users.

How many pods are included in a pack?

Each pack contains 4 Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pods, ensuring you have ample backups for your vaping needs.

What are the specs of these pods?

  • Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Capacity: 2.0mL refillable pod
  • Material: Food Grade Plastic Pod Construction
  • Filling System: Dual Port Top Fill System with Top Cap Drip Tip

Are these pods compatible with any Caliburn device?

Yes, these replacement pods are compatible with the Uwell CALIBURN 11W Pod System and the Uwell Caliburn KOKO, offering versatility across the Caliburn series.

How do I refill the pods with e-liquid?

The pods feature a dual port top fill system with the top cap acting as a drip tip. Simply remove the drip tip to access the fill ports, add your e-liquid, and replace the cap for a mess-free refill experience.

What material is used for the pod construction?

The pods are constructed from food-grade plastic, ensuring safety and durability while maintaining the purity of flavors.

Can I expect a mess-free experience with these pods?

Yes, the design of the Caliburn Replacement Pods prioritizes a mess-free experience, thanks to their leak-proof structure and easy refill system.

56 reviews for Uwell Caliburn Pods (1.4Ω, 11W, 4-Pack)

  1. works great

    AdoraB (verified owner)

    though i prefer the 1.2 ohm pods they used to always sell. That said I use my Caliburn constantly & they give great flavour!

  2. Great choice

    Kris (verified owner)

    Great device and pods

  3. Perfect For Me

    Frank Manning (verified owner)

    After years of using e-cigarettes and then mods, I found the mods to be inconvenient and the e-cigs to be inefficient. This is the first pod system that works for me. I get exactly what I need, and not a lot of what I don’t.

  4. Ellen (verified owner)

    To get the most out of these, never let them run close to dry. They’re much better than products I’ve used before.

  5. Great

    Wolf Thompson (verified owner)

    Best filters. This store sells only the best quality of devices and filters.

  6. Love it!

    Willa McGibany (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  7. caliburn pods

    Ron (verified owner)

    very fast shipping , easy to fill, and they have lasted about 40 fills

  8. Pretty good

    Thomas Shedosky (verified owner)

    Easy to fill. Seals pretty well. Long pod life. Very fast shipping

  9. bighoward1001 (verified owner)

    Like all theses disposable pods they don’t last as long as I’d like. But these haven’t failed me yet. ( The cap comes off easier if you put the pod in the the Uwell and flip the wide side with your thumb while holding it with thumb&forefinger.

  10. caliburn pods

    R Mckibben (verified owner)

    Easy fill pods, Very fast shipping

  11. Difficult to use

    Lucia Hagen (verified owner)

    Is there some kind of trick to getting the cap off? I’ve spent up to 20 minutes or more trying to get them off and have no idea what I’ve done once they do come off.

  12. Not bad... new version is much better.

    Chuck (verified owner)

    These work. However, they do tend to leak after a couple fill ups. I dont hate it.. but the new 2.0 version just released is a huge upgrade!

  13. Worth it!

    Rachael (verified owner)

    These products are great! I really enjoy it

  14. U well caliburn replacement pods

    mrgrumbles9 (verified owner)

    The pods itself is hard to open so I had to use the sharp tweezer so I can put the juice inside it other than that it’s workable if u use ur nails ur gonna break it.

  15. NO!!

    Robert Gwynn (verified owner)

    Bought the new system. The pods that came with the battery were great BUT the 4pact pods leaked all over my hands and clothes. I’ve tried three of the four and they all leak really bad. No response from blacknote. I’ve called 6 times and texted twice. To bad, because I really like this company. Will not recommend these. I’m serious. These were really bad. One of the pods burned my tongue. Not funny.

  16. Pretty good!

    Eva Lewis (verified owner)

    Pretty good product!!! They don’t last longer than a week, but that’s not so bad! Decent price!

  17. marc (verified owner)

    The Uwell Caliburn is better than any other vape system I’ve tried and I’ve tried many. The Black Note Virginia is also the best juice I’ve ever had.

  18. SLICK !

    Welton Howell

    I’ve never had a problem with these. The secret is to keep the pod full

  19. Love the resistance

    Jessica Fuhr (verified owner)

    The 1.4ohm is the closest resistance I’ve found to the juul.

  20. Usnavyddg75

    saltydog (verified owner)

    4 stars only because I can never tell how long they last, but likely not more than a week of regular use, it is always a guessing game and you have to rely on either burned taste or weak draw. other wise they are good

  21. Usnavyddg75

    saltydog (verified owner)

    Good little pods, easy to fill with Black Note bottles of liquid.
    4 stars only because I can never tell how long they last, but likely not more than a week of regular use, it is always a guessing game and you have to rely on either burned taste or weak draw. other wise they are good

  22. Top Notch!

    Bob Berglund (verified owner)

    Easy to fill and easy to tell when it’s time to switch out to a new one.

  23. Caliburn 1.4 ohm Pod

    Roger Pecoraro (verified owner)

    I am a long-term user of Black Note’s very fine, free-base, 50/50 e-liquids, but Black Note is missing the boat in not offering the Uwell Koko 1.2 ohm pod which is compatible with the Uwell Caliburn device. I find that the 1.4 ohm pod is adequate for BN’s 50/50 blends, but (i) it does not deliver the flavor and the warm vape that I prefer and (ii) it degrades rapidly after 8-10 ml of e-liquid. I go through at least 6 ml of BN’s e-liquid per day, so a 1.4 ohm pod is done for me by day 2. On the other hand, the compatible Koko 1.2 ohm pod is delivering an acceptable vape on day 3.

    I hope the powers at BN would consider offering the Koko pod and let their customers decide for themselves.

    I also occasionally experienced the leakage issue, but I may have found the solution. First, always fill the pod SLOWLY…especially on a fresh pod. Do not jet the e-liquid…squeeze it into the pod gently above the large wick opening, wait about 60 seconds, and then continue filling. Second, let the pod cool before refilling.

    My 3 stars are not about Black Note, the world’s finest e-liquid purveyor. It’s strictly about the Caliburn 1.4 ohm pod.

  24. Tidy Little Pods

    Karen (verified owner)

    Slick little pods, easy to fill with Black Note bottles of liquid.
    They fit nicely into the battery, and I have had no problem with leaks, as long as the pod is seated properly.
    I did discover that it is not wise to fill the pod unless it is to be placed in the battery.
    I don’t know yet how long they last, but likely not more than a week of regular use.

  25. Excellent

    William Corio (verified owner)

    Best filters. This store sells only the best quality of devices and filters.

  26. Caliburn Review

    Richard Atkins

    Great product!

  27. Pod review

    Richard Atkins

    These pods are great! I have had no issues and the deliveries are always quick and on time.
    I am very happy with my purchase.

  28. Deborah (verified owner)

    Leak and very difficult to remove cap when filling

  29. good quality, but too expensive

    Shannon Jefferson (verified owner)

    i like the pods and device, but the price is too high for what you get.

  30. Pods

    Laurene (verified owner)

    I love these pods. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that they don’t last very long and are expensive.

  31. Leaky

    Elaine Adams Lutz (verified owner)

    Over-all, I like the UWELL CALIBURN system…handy size, fast re-charge, good flavor. What makes me batty, however, is these leaky little pods! Some things I’ve found that help are to not fill anywhere near the top of the “chimney”. Or – let it get even a little past the min fill line. Both those things can make the pod badly leak out of the bottom…especially after use when it’s warmed up. Bat-shoot-crazy-making #2 is the leaking from the top. Especially when it’s a new pod. They spit up hot vape liquid – but worse is when I take a puff and get a mouth full of liquid. Seriously maddening and gross. And that’s with only using the activation button, not the manual “pull”. *I only use 50/50 liquids (I buy all my liquids here) because I know thinner liquids leak*
    Anyway – apart from all that – they’re ok. ;o)

  32. everyday

    XxstelxX (verified owner)

    life only con

  33. XxstelxX (verified owner)

    great vapor just wish they lasted longer

  34. Overall good experience

    Matt W (verified owner)

    Each of these is lasting me 4-5 days with moderate use. After that the flavor goes downhill quickly. You have to be careful to hit it on empty to avoid ruining the pod with a persistent burnt flavor. Overall, this is a good system and relatively affordable. The super fast shipping is highly appreciated when I realize I’m on my last one.

  35. Great pods

    Linda (verified owner)

    Great little pods. Love the free shipping. Will definately but again. Price is good.

  36. Great pods

    Linda (verified owner)

    Great little pods. Love the free shipping.

  37. Sleek

    Kathie Van Wickler (verified owner)

    Way EASY to fill and know that you have a days worth of vaping.

  38. Cynthia Soutsos (verified owner)

    I love all the products I use from Blacknote,
    I use Virginia 50/50 blend and the Unwell Caliburn pods. Best device if used yet.

  39. Cynthia Soutsos (verified owner)

    I love all the products I use from Blacknote,
    I use Virginia 50/50 blend and the Unwell Caliburn pods. Best device if used yet.

  40. Good pods

    nolatarot (verified owner)

    I average about 1 to 2 weeks per pod which I consider pretty good. I do have some difficulty removing caps for refills. After a few refills they do loosen up. But first couple of refills, the caps are very tight and hard for me to remove. Could just be my old fingers.


    Lorraine Hope Townsend (verified owner)

    Easy to feel and convenient to use.

  42. Best Ever

    Ronald Schumacher (verified owner)

    Probably the best pod I have used. I was sad to read the company will not produce after December…..True?

  43. satisfaction

    stan ferraro (verified owner)

    A very “satisfying” product, it works well with Black Note liquids and other brands.

  44. James E Clarke II (verified owner)

    Always good to have replacement coils, in this case pods. I currently have one filled with 50/50 Virginia and another with Menthol. I just swap the pod depending on my mood.

  45. Nice little pod

    Stephen Babb (verified owner)

    This pod works quite nicely and will last for about 5 to 6 days, but I only use it in the evening, while my other vape device is charging. Gives a nice throat hit without being harsh. Currently using with Black Note Virginia 50/50 blend.

  46. Great flavor

    John Hogan (verified owner)

    The flavor is incredible!! As a chain caper, I wish they lasted a little longer

  47. Michael

    mw.taylor (verified owner)

    Very good pods and work well with the Black Note products. Highly recommend!

  48. Great little pods

    Neal Thornton (verified owner)

    Really like these pods. Super easy to use.

  49. Perfect

    Jason (verified owner)

    Great price, quality, and exceptional customer service from Black Note. I always wish things would last longer in life… bit these pods last more than long enough compared to their price.

  50. Caliburn pod device

    Diane Carr (verified owner)

    Love these pods – so easy to fill!

  51. Amy (verified owner)

    Long lasting and no leaking

  52. Great

    peacexxl2004 (verified owner)

    Would like more flavor

  53. Excellent

    kdg454 (verified owner)


  54. Great product and price


    I like these cartridges-they last much longer than the ones I used to buy (vaporesso xros 1.2 ohm) + they are cheaper!

  55. Ardalan (verified owner)

    That’s what I’m looking for

  56. Scott

    Scott (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and fantastic customer service

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