WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Aspire OBY Pod System Device (Jet Black)

(93 customer reviews)

500mAh, 2mL
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Aspire OBY Pod System features a 500mAh battery, draw-activated firing system, and a 2mL pod capacity with integrated 1.2ohm mesh coil.

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The Aspire OBY Pod System is a masterful creation, combining sleek design with top-tier performance. The perfect companion for vapers, the OBY Kit balances both style and substance.

Aspire OBY Pod System Features:

  • Integrated 500mAh Battery
  • Constant Voltage Output: 3.7V
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • LED Battery Indicator Light
  • 2mL Pod Capacity
  • Bottom Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Integrated 1.2 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Vaping Over-Time Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Type-C Charging Port

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Aspire OBY Device
  • 1 x OBY Pod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

User Manual:

Access the user manual for detailed instructions and tips. Click here to view the PDF.


Additional information

Weight 2.14 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2.85 × 1.85 in


What is the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit?

The Aspire OBY Pod System Kit is a compact and portable vaping device featuring a 500mAh built-in battery, a constant voltage output of 3.7V, and a 2mL pod capacity. It’s designed with a zinc-alloy chassis and a draw-activated firing mechanism, making it user-friendly and durable.

What are the dimensions of the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit?

The Aspire OBY Pod System measures 93mm by 20.2mm by 14mm, making it a sleek and pocket-friendly device.

How is the battery performance of the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit?

The kit includes an integrated 500mAh battery, which provides a consistent performance and can be fully charged within an hour using a Type-C charging port.

What type of coil does the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit use?

The Aspire OBY Pod System Kit uses an integrated 1.2ohm mesh coil, which is known for delivering great flavor and is particularly effective with nicotine salt e-liquids.

How do you fill the pod in the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit?

The pod can be filled with e-liquid using a convenient bottom fill system, which is secured with a silicone stopper to prevent leaks.

What type of e-liquids are recommended for the Aspire OBY Pod System Kit?

Nicotine salt e-liquids are recommended for use with the 1.2ohm mesh coil, providing a smooth throat hit and satisfying nicotine delivery.

93 reviews for Aspire OBY Pod System Device (Jet Black)

  1. Nice

    Lynn West (verified owner)

    I really like this device. love the small pod mouth piece. wish smok made a small mouth piece! this was a great purchase.

  2. Lemin


  3. I love my aspire oby!

    crystal osteen (verified owner)

    other devices ive used made me cough. this 1 does not! its the perfect size so i never drop it or leave it in my pocket anymore. it stays charged a long time & the cartridges are big enough that i only need to refill every 24- 48 hrs. for best taste i change the cartridge after its 3rd refill.

  4. Excellent!

    Joe Kasabyan (verified owner)

    No leakage, great power.

  5. Love it

    Charlie woltz (verified owner)

    Love it

  6. Jesse c (verified owner)

    great product


    michelepergola (verified owner)

    Perfect size, it last the entire day, it never leaks! I just wish you guys kept producing it in others colors… I really wanted the green one. 😉

  8. Good stuff

    Donald David Maurer (verified owner)

    durable. long lasting

  9. Andy Dunigan

    Aspire always has quality products.

  10. Aspire OBYork pod system

    youngsoo kim (verified owner)

    Easy to use but not strong.

  11. aspire oby pod system

    Diane Carr (verified owner)

    I like this device alot. Easy to use. Charges quickly.

  12. Sturdy Device

    Karen Frick (verified owner)

    This device has performed well with no glitches, and charges fairly quickly.
    One star off because I don’t like how the pods translate the flavor of the liquid as well as other devices (Caliburn).

  13. Best pod system ever !

    John V. (verified owner)

    This device is honestly the best pod system I ever owned , I been Vaping for many years to help me kick the smoking habit , and it did ! After smoking at least 2 packs a day this system helped me kick my bad habit . Anyway the system is perfect to use with the Black soul E-liquid . I would never trust any other E-Liquids other than the Black Soul brand .

  14. Best pod system ever !

    John V. (verified owner)

    This device is honestly the best pod system I ever owned , I been Vaping for many years to help me kick the smoking habit , and it did ! After smoking at least 2 packs a day this system helped me kick my bad habit . Anyway the system is perfect to use with the Black soul E-liquid . I would never trust any other E-Liquids other than the Black Soul brand .

  15. Best pod system ever !

    John V. (verified owner)

    This device is honestly the best pod system I ever owned , I been Vaping for many years to help me kick the smoking habit , and it did ! After smoking at least 2 packs a day this system helped me kick my bad habit . Anyway the system is perfect to use with the Black soul E-liquid . I would never trust any other E-Liquids other than the Black Soul brand .

  16. My go to!

    Amy Chace (verified owner)

    This is my go to device!

  17. Great Battery System

    Robert C. Eisman

    Great battery, lasts a long time, especially if you follow the Black Note charging suggestions

  18. Aspire OBY Pod System...

    Jonathan M Waddell (verified owner)

    This is a great system, especially for the price. Just make sure to not overfill it.

  19. Not crazy about this system

    Terry Montunnas

    loose pod. noisy when inhaling. it’s good for a while, but pods burn out fast. tank not holding charge very long, if at all.

  20. Nice small device

    Dan Bentov (verified owner)

    Small, convenient, doesn’t leak, produces very good flavor, I only wish it had a battery level indicator. Overall great device.

  21. Great product

    Carl Baumeister (verified owner)

    Awesome product comfortable to use and plenty of power.

  22. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I love it

  23. GR

    glrcon (verified owner)

    Great Product!!

  24. Duane Haugen (verified owner)

    Great vape. No issues, and battery charge holds well. Easy to keep in my pocket

  25. I Love it.....But....

    Doran Whisman (verified owner)

    I do love this thing…..but, yes but….. I kill the battery fast and burn the pod in no time. I ride an MC and my best guess is the wind at 70 to 75 mph is actually activating it. So I can’t use it. It’s a very short hit or draw and you can get a rather huge cloud. Love it but I’ll probably have to stick with the Uwell…I lost the last one yep while riding. Love the look on peoples faces while I vape on my bike.

  26. Excellent System!

    Selina Raines (verified owner)

    Love this system! I have tried MANY and this particular pod system is definitely the best out there. The refillable pods fit perfectly and stay in without any slippage. The battery in the actual device stays charged for a really long time as well. I always keep two devices charged, just be sure, but I’ve never had one go dead. Just like anything else that charges- it’s best to charge it when you can and on a regular basis. Either way the charge lasts much longer than any other device I’ve tried. Like everything Blacknote sells, that I’ve tried, I give the pods and the device 5 stars- and would give more stars if I could! I’m so glad I found this company!

  27. I use to smoke cigarettes.

    Robert K Woodrow (verified owner)

    As close as you can get to the real thing.

  28. Excellent

    Sydney Smith (verified owner)

    I’m giving a 4 but need to qualify that I am mostly a direct to lung type vapor so cig type devices aren’t my favorite; but if I can find salts or whatever string enough to give me a decent draw the Aspire works fine. You have to be aware of keeping the pod fresh and topped off for best effects, but it’s easy and convenient. I particularly like Blacknote because they give me what I want through the mail. A simple nicotine delivery system that works and isn’t a lot of problems to deal with. Quality merchandise and occasional bonus for points etc.

  29. meh

    Bob Oreilly (verified owner)

    The battery stopped holding its charge rather quickly (only used it for a couple of weeks) and the pod would be better if it was magnetic or clipped in as it would easily fall out and make it hard to draw from

  30. glrcon (verified owner)

    Great pod system. Easy to refill and lasts long.

  31. Aspire oby

    Pete Ellson (verified owner)

    Great trouble free device. Love it doesn’t use a ton of e-juice to get a satisfying vape.

  32. Pete Ellson (verified owner)

    This is a great little device. After years of sub ohm mod vaping. I decided to give Black Note a try and and use this pod system Could not be more pleased. This gives a great trouble free vape. Love it. And doesn’t use a ton of e-juice to get a satisfying vape experience.

  33. Eli Angele (verified owner)

    I love it!

  34. Vassiliki Flenga (verified owner)

    I like it, easy to carry and nice taste

  35. It’s the best!

    Gail (verified owner)

    I also love this pod system and wish the pods lasted longer, I get about a month out of one pod.

  36. James

    jaibot30 (verified owner)

    I love this pod system!

  37. Nice device

    Karen Griffin (verified owner)

    Great device, perfect to fit into your pocket for on the go

  38. jchiaverini (verified owner)

    Love this one! Better flavor and nice draw compared to the more expensive Uwell.
    I would recommend!

  39. Aspire

    Shirley Bolar (verified owner)

    Great little product. Only wish the pods lasted longer. Overall, excellent.

  40. Highly recommended!

    Craig S. (verified owner)

    These are incredible. Love them. Even washed one in the laundry on accident. Left it alone to dry out for a couple of days and when I tried it the thing worked as good as new. The same cannot be said about another brand. I washed it on accident and it would not turn off afterwards. Plus, these are so much more comfortable in the hand. The other had lots of 90 degree angles around the tube and was not easy to grasp.

  41. Aspire OBY Pod System

    Bassman (verified owner)

    Works Good and Battery Last Long Time for pod system.

  42. Pretty good, but wish it tasted better longer

    Trey Bornmann (verified owner)

    The device is nice, actually cute. The colors are also great. The draw is good. My major complaint is that when using Prelude juice it only tastes good for one fill and then it starts tasting burnt. Really wish these coils lasted longer since they are only disposable.

  43. Any suggestions on cleaning?

    Deborah Bennett (verified owner)

    I like the product but have had trouble with cleaning the inside to get a better draw. Would like a suggestion as to how to clean without purchasing a whole new system.

  44. ❤❤

    Karen Shiels (verified owner)

    I just love the idea of no more coils and the ease of this product. Blacknote is my go to for all of my vaping needs. The Kentucky vape liquid is the best ever!

  45. Aspire OBY

    Douglas Puckett (verified owner)

    Best one I have used. Love the draw activated system. Battery lasts a long time and gives a lot of smoke and good throat hit.

  46. SohumT

    Teresa Mckenna (verified owner)

    Super easy to setup and use. Slim and small enough to fit in to any pocket, wristlet etc. And for ladies who prefer to be discreet and/or not obviously vaping in public, this is a good choice.

  47. Perfect for a newbie

    AdoraB (verified owner)

    I’m new to vaping & I recently purchased this along with the 3 refills & it works great & I have never run out of juice, but apparently I’m a light vaper. Good starter product!

  48. Good But Flawed

    reyerbrandt (verified owner)

    Compact, nice flavorful hits, and easy to fill. However it lacks a tight draw, and the replacement pods are only good for three, sometimes four refills at best. At $9.99 for a 3-pack of refillable pods that may not last even a week, you’ll be much better off getting either the Uwell Caliburn or the GeekVape Wenax K1. Not only are they more economical, you’ll also spend less time recharging the battery too. Especially if you’re a heavy vaper. But the biggest deal breaker for me is that it’s impossible to keep your mouth from making contact with the metal housing. Not only is it uncomfortable on the lips, it also leaves an awful, hard to clean residue on the device from the moisture, unless you constantly wipe it. Too bad, cause I really wanted to like this thing and it does produce decent flavor. If it wasn’t for the pods short lifespan and the not so “lip-friendly” design, it could be a real winner.

  49. Nice item

    Tiffany Stamper (verified owner)

    I reviewed it online and it seems to pull very good better than.l the regular cigarettes. Will update after receipt on operation

  50. Great purse device

    Ona Watkins (verified owner)

    Love this product. The battery life is long and travels well in my purse. Pods last about a week for me and has a smooth hit every time.

  51. Get this one! No more leaks

    Diane Meade (verified owner)

    Nice smooth draw. lasts longer than the others I’ve used. Doesn’t leak!!

  52. Garbage

    Thomas Maurice (verified owner)

    I don’t know what’s going on with this unit I received, but it will work on a pod for a short time, then the pod stops working. Check, fully charged, try another pod, works for 5-10 inhales, then that pod quits working. I’ve gone through 4 pods, and none of them work now and I’ve had the unit for ONE DAY. Absolute garbage, waste of money.

  53. Great bang for your buck!

    Chuck (verified owner)

    For the most part, this is a pretty nice device. For the cost the battery life is nice, USB-C is nice, hits are good, and it is not bad looking. The pods do not last as long as some but, acceptable. Definitely works very well with Black Note juice.

  54. Not a bad vape

    skier150 (verified owner)

    For the most part, this is a pretty nice device. It can leak a little from time to time, but no more than any other device. Battery life is nice, USB-C is nice, hits are good, and it is not bad looking. The pods do not last as long as some others, but nonetheless acceptable. I would buy again.

  55. Good replacement for Juul using Nic Salt

    saltydog (verified owner)

    Juul Prices went up the roof lately and i have been searching for months to find something that i can replace it with! my prayers have been answered…. i tried this first with the Virginia tobacco 30mg nic salt and it was satisfying but i read just about every review on here and i decided to try the Burly nic salt and it is just amazingly satisfying to replace Juul, highly recommend it if you are like me and were looking for it!

  56. Perfect for me

    Rachel (verified owner)

    I bought this and the caliburn. Between the two, I prefer this pen for ease and flavor. I found that blowing back into it after a few hits helps clear it since I’m waiting on new pods to arrive and I think I’ve puffed the original pod out already.


    tgw75077 (verified owner)

    I truly have given or thrown all other devices away. This satisifies all my needs. It is perfect for Black Note and the value is amazing. SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND MONEY AND ORDER A FEW TODAY.

  58. Denis (verified owner)

    The only con IMO is that you can’t really see how much juice you have left in the pod. Aside from that minor imperfection, this low wattage device meets all of my expectations: simple, easy to use , long lasting battery. This is the closest I have ever come to finding comparable replacement for my JUUL. This is now my primary vape, while Vaporesso XRos is on reserve for a rainy day.

  59. Just right for nic salt

    Amanda Braun (verified owner)

    I love the size and ease of use I’m used to using the bigger mods and wasn’t sure it would be as good as the higher wattage devices and it was my first time using the salt nic but it was perfect for a few quick hits during work or in a non smoking area, I will be staying with the salts and the device for sure thanks black note as usual another perfect liquid and your website is the cheapest place I’ve found that device!

  60. My favorite!

    Carol Weaver (verified owner)

    My favorite e-cig by far. I have several so I have one that’s charged all the time.

  61. Great Buy for the price!!

    Allen Knepper (verified owner)

    I looked over the reviews and I have not had any issues with this unit. This is actually the best I have had to date. The battery has a pretty good lasting charge, and bought a few so I have one on hand if needed. I have had a few and like these the best. I have not had any leaking issues whether it’s standing or laying down. When the battery starts to need to be recharged there is a slight gurgle in the puff, but no juice in my mouth as others do. I change it out, and back to normal. Good Stuff and suggest this one.

  62. Krystal Adair (verified owner)

    not impressed with the charge it holds. but decent enough for the price.

  63. Inconsistent flow and a bit leaky

    dawhitcomb (verified owner)

    Overall, not a bad device. However, I find that the flow is very dependent on battery charge and amount of liquid in pod. This leads to inconsistent flow. Additionally, I will often find it leaking whether I have had it standing up or laying down. Good, but not great.

  64. Great starter

    Lance Farler (verified owner)

    In my opinion its a great starter! Only issue I had was the battery life but I also started at a lower mg nicotine level then I should have so I was puffing on it quite a bit. Great product and you can absolutely not beat the price!!

  65. Review

    aerohead1976 (verified owner)

    The throat hit is my favorite and I have a lot of vapes. The battery isn’t great, but u can hit it while it’s charging. 6/10.

  66. Very happy

    Melissa (verified owner)

    I’ve had this device for a few days and love it! It’s a nice smooth hit and just enough vapor smoke. It makes my black note Latakia taste delicious! It keeps a long charge and no leaking so far. I just bought another one for my girlfriend

  67. Jovanah Dawson (verified owner)

    No leaking and good draw.

  68. Handy little vape

    Benjamin Jenkins (verified owner)

    I like the design and functionality of this little guy. No leaking or spills, no weird clogging or other undesirable things to deal with. Perfect for on-the-go use and very discreet. There’s a trade-off, as always, in size vs. battery life, but for what it is it works perfectly.

  69. Great little vape

    Brandon (verified owner)

    Just got this vape yesterday –seems to be working good so far–using Blacknote menthol juice and does taste good –my biggest problem is my palette is used to other juices and the Blacknote flavor is purer so tastes “funny” lol will hopefully improve with time–other than that I think this is a winner

  70. Decent Vape

    Shannon Bendzunas (verified owner)

    This vape is a decent one. I use it as a back up to my Xros Vaperesso. The cartridge lasts a very long time compared to others I’ve tried. The hit could be a little harder, but still not bad.

  71. Aspire pod system with Blacknote NET liquid

    M (verified owner)

    This pod system does bring out the subtle character, and nuanced flavor profile of blacknote NET liquids. The device itself feels a bit delicate, and as per instructions the time between draws is significant. Overall, this is a good, cost effective option for enjoying Blacknote. Pods should be refilled before the liquid passes below the wick.

  72. good

    tim (verified owner)

    works good

  73. Lightweight - convenient no hasle mod.

    karen (verified owner)

    Hard to read the juice level. It is a handy mod to take for a few hours out and about. Don’t expect a high performance mod with a tight draw, there are better ones out there right now. The flavor is there at the start of use but dissipates the longer you use it if constantly drawing on it as it tends to get too warm. This mod is good for a few quick draws but it’s gonna get too hot to draw on repetitively. For the price and convenience and vapor production it is a fair deal. Pop a pod in and you are on the road again. No hassle mod. Grateful the product available where I find the high quality products here at Blacknote.

  74. Aspire low profile OBY POD is a perfect Vape system!

    Harris (verified owner)

    A Small good looking device with a discrete profile and great functionality.
    Ideal for moderate smokers and with a tank large enough for 1-2 days for moderate use. A stylish device with a good battery perfect replacement for the heavy fat and tacky looking Vape systems.!

  75. Works great!

    Terry (verified owner)

    works great, I have two, so I always have one charged and full;

  76. Stay dry and stop making a mess

    EL (verified owner)

    Not since the SMOK V8 X-Baby have I had a leak-free vape experience until I impulse-bought the Aspire Oby. The little pods have integrated coils and seem to last about as long as my giant battery’s V8 X-Baby or Thallo coils.

    But seriously. It hasn’t leaked once. And since it isn’t sub-ohm you can use your favorite Black Note and spike it with a salted juice. I’m a former menthol smoker (Nat Sherman Classic Mint which they don’t even make anymore) and I fill 2/3rds with Black Note and then a splash of whatever menthol salt juice I’m testing and tada nice action on-draw and battery life is not winning awards so I bought two and have one plugged in and one out.

    But for me the best thing about this is that it’s compact, well-suited for the car or travel in general. AND IT HAS NEVER RUINED A SHIRT OR POCKET OR FREAKED ME OUT FOR LEAKING JUICE ALL OVER ME. On that alone I’d go all-in.

  77. Amazing Product

    Ron Benvenisti (verified owner)

    What can I say. Replaced my big fat mods. No fiddling around and adjustments. No worries about cracked glass. Coil price is comparable,

  78. It's okay.

    Carol Weaver (verified owner)

    Good feel in the hand, easy fill pod, great smoke effect but no pull. With a little practice can make it work better.

  79. Great vape

    Taryn (verified owner)

    This is a mouth to lung vape. Not a direct to lung, so with that said I say 5 stars. Its a great travel vape, light weight, good battery, hits just right!!

  80. Aspire Oby

    aerohead1976 (verified owner)

    Good battery life. Easy to fill pods. Perfect size.

  81. kiss of fire

    CR (verified owner)

    bought with blacknote’s menthol liquid. hits are way too hot; especially if I want to take a bigger draw. have practically burned my lips on several occasions. not sure if I received a defective unit or if other Aspire customers like the feeling of *extremely* hot lips but it’s definitely not for me

  82. Pod from Heaven

    Jon Zehnder (verified owner)

    This pod system is a game-changer for me. I have been vaping for years with a larger battery and tank. Great vaping to be sure. But, on a whim, I decided to spend the $17.99 just to see what it was like. Exceptional! It’s much like smoking a cigarette but the flavor is top-notch. This is simply the best vaping experience I have had in about 15 years. You can’t go wrong with this pod.

  83. Falls short when compared to other units.

    Bob (verified owner)

    Good concept but missed opportunity of something great.
    Airflow is lacking for a lung hit device.
    Tank too small.
    Tank becomes loose in mod after a few refills.
    This shouldn’t be your primary unit.
    This is a good emergency vape when your primary vape craps out.

  84. Highly recommended

    Johann Winkler (verified owner)

    I got this just to check it out and I love it. No more bulky vape devices. This is it for me. Got a second one on order for, you know, when the battery runs out after a whole day of vaping.
    ‘nough said, you should get one, it’s very affordable, too.

  85. Great product

    Dennis L Doolin (verified owner)

    Nice small device with a Big Bang. It’s a lot more convenient than the larger heavier vape. Love it

  86. Clean Vaping

    Lori Thomas (verified owner)

    I love the vaping liquid. As a former 40 year smoker, the Sonata vaping liquid is the closest to smoking a real cigarette. The taste of the liquid is clean. It is the only brand I use. I just bought the new vape pod pen. It gives a good hit for a longtime smoker. I like the size of also. Not big and bulky like my others were.

  87. Aspire OBY Pod System

    Colin (verified owner)

    First, I’ve tried more than few vaping devices several years ago, both sub-ohm DTL and a couple MTL setups. They were, bluntly, very disappointing. Back then, too, I had tried a few of Black Note’s juices and found them to be quite pleasant but the hassle and failure of the devices sent me back to smoking cigarettes. However, I remained on Black Note’s mailing list and a few weeks ago received a note that they were now selling a couple of pod devices. After a couple weeks “thinking” about it, I logged into Black Note and decided to give the Aspire OBY a chance, paired with the Burley juice after some discussion with a customer service rep. It’s been just a little over a week now and I’m pretty pleased with both the device and the juice. In fact, I had been pleased enough in the first 3-4 days that I ordered another OBY which just arrived today. The pod is easy to fill, it draws very easily and smoothly and the battery, so far, lasts me at least a day and a half. Though honestly, I haven’t fully stopped cigarettes but have cut my consumption in them by more than half. Having charged the battery 2 or 3 times, I’ve found it only takes a little over an hour. I did see a drop or 2 of leakage once when I left the system on its side, laying down, for several hours. But that was easily and quickly remedied with a Q-tip and have had no subsequent leakage. For the price, convenience and effectiveness, I’m pretty happy.

  88. Great hits! Great Value!

    Julie (verified owner)

    Love this small unit. Works great with the Black Note Virginia. No leaking and great hits. Easy to use. Not a fan of disposable battery/coil due to most are likely going to landfill when they are hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly. I like the Vapresso better because the coils are part of the pod and the base/battery life is dependent on battery life.

  89. TFox (verified owner)

    I have tried a lot of e-cig products and this one is by far the best! Super smooth drag, great taste, no leaking, and long battery life. Well done Black Note!

  90. Great little device

    Bryan Jasper (verified owner)

    Great little device and has great flavor.

  91. Best all around pod system

    Michael Paskoff (verified owner)

    Ever since prefilled carts were banned from Mail order I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement system. Tried many. Some were good flavor in use but messy to fill. Some were easy to fill but not great flavor. Some too heavy a battery. This system is everything I’ve been looking for. A perfect match of easy fill, weight, and flavor. In a short time has become my go to favorite.

  92. RLong (verified owner)

    I really like them, small, convenient, last a long time, tremendous amount of vapor and flavor for such a smaller device

  93. Pleasant experience

    dianwen chen (verified owner)

    As the first review of this product, I am very happy. From the purchase to the first experience, it is a great feeling, no matter the delivery to the experience of the product, it is a great feeling. But now I have to wait for the quality verification with a little patience.

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