WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Burley Tobacco (70VG/30PG)

(72 customer reviews)

Earthy, Nutty & Slightly Dry, Air-cured, 60mL
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Experience the earthy, nutty, and slightly dry flavor profile of Black Note’s “Burley Tobacco” E-Liquid, formerly known as “Forte”. This blend is an ideal choice for those transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping, offering a seamless shift without losing the essence of what makes tobacco enjoyable. Its earthy, nutty, and slightly dry flavor is reminiscent of renowned cigarette brands like American Spirit, Marlboro, Lucky Strikes, Camel, Parliament, Benson & Hedges, and Salem. “Burley Tobacco” stands as a testament to what a tobacco e-liquid should embody: a clean, pure, and satisfying alternative that faithfully preserves the familiar tobacco taste. It’s not just an e-liquid; it’s a homage to the roots of tobacco enjoyment, reimagined for today’s vaper.

Tailored Strengths for Every Vaper:

  • Ultra Lights (Silver label): A gentle taste available in 3mg/6mg, perfect for those who prefer a lighter touch.
  • Lights (Gold/White label): A balanced flavor profile in 12mg, ideal for a medium-intensity experience.
  • Full Flavors (Red/Black label): A robust taste in 18mg, designed for those who seek a strong, impactful experience.
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Smoky & Peppery


Fire & Sun-cured


100% Natural Extraction via Traditional Cold Maceration


Usage allows up to 6mL on a single coil


A Popular Choice for Tobacco Enthusiasts

Burley tobacco, along with Virginia and Oriental varieties, is a staple in many popular North American cigarette brands, including Marlboro, L&M, and Chesterfield. Our Burley blend captures the essence of these renowned brands, offering a familiar and satisfying experience for those transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping.

A Rich History

The story of White Burley tobacco dates back to 1864, when a farmer named Mr. Webb discovered a Kentucky seed variant with albinism. This unique green Burley tobacco, characterized by its white midrib, is primarily used in cigarette production. Introduced to Italy in 1891, Burley found its perfect home near the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, where it thrives to this day.

We Offer a Range of Strengths to Match Every Preference:

Ultra Lights (Silver label)

Gentle, classic cigarette taste, ideal for those who prefer a lighter, smoother vaping experience. Reminiscent of American Spirits Orange, Marlboro Silver, or Salem Silver. Available in 3mg or 6mg Freebase Nicotine for a gentle, yet satisfying classic cigarette taste.

Lights (Gold or White label)

Balanced throat hit and flavor, perfect for those seeking a medium-intensity vaping experience. Echoes the essence of American Spirits Yellow, Marlboro Silver, or Salem Gold. Choose our 12mg Freebase Nicotine for a balanced and satisfying classic cigarette taste.

Full Flavors (Red or Black label)

Robust taste with a powerful punch, suited for vapers who desire a strong, full-flavored experience. Reminiscent of American Spirits NAS Black or Dark Blue, or Marlboro Red. Our 18mg Freebase Nicotine mirrors the intensity of these red and black-label cigarettes, offering a robust and full-bodied vaping experience.

70/30 High VG Freebase Nicotine:

    • Well-suited for Sub-Ohm devices with Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping.
    • Coils with a resistance of equal to or less than 1.0Ω.
    • Optimal experience at medium to high wattage.
    • While 70VG/30PG e-liquids are ideal for sub-ohm vaping, they can also be used effectively with coils above 1.0Ω in devices designed to handle higher VG content.

Premium Ingredients for a Superior Vaping Journey

Our Tobacco E-Liquid is crafted with a focus on purity and quality. The natural tobacco extract we use delivers an authentic cigarette flavor, reminiscent of traditional smoking. Our freebase nicotine, extracted from tobacco leaves, not only meets but exceeds EP/USP standards, ensuring a superior and clean vaping experience. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing a healthier, more natural alternative for vapers.

  • Organic Tobacco Extract: Extracted flavors from organic tobacco leaves offer a rich and nuanced taste.
  • High-Quality Freebase Nicotine: Our nicotine, derived from tobacco leaves, is exceptionally pure and surpasses EP/USP quality standards.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): We use USP Kosher Certified and FU certified VG, guaranteeing top purity.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG): Our PG is of the highest grade, USP Kosher Certified, with a minimum purity of 99.7%.
  • Purified Water: We incorporate the purest water in our e-liquids for a pristine vaping experience.

The Artisanal Journey of Black Note’s Natural Tobacco E-Liquids

At Black Note, we infuse the essence of traditional winemaking and premium brewing into the crafting of our natural tobacco e-liquids. Our philosophy mirrors that of a master vintner or a renowned brewer, focusing on patience, passion, and the use of only the finest ingredients. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our process in developing Black Note’s authentic natural cigarette taste of our tobacco e-liquids.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Slow Food Movement, Black Note emphasizes the importance of time-honored methods and natural ingredients in producing our e-liquids. We utilize genuine, organic tobacco leaves, steering clear of synthetic additives and chemically altered substances. This method guarantees a vaping experience that’s as authentic as it is enjoyable. To discover the details of our elaborate 9-step production process, please click here.

Embracing Healthier Vaping Standards

At Black Note, health and purity are paramount. Our Burley tobacco E-Liquid is crafted without artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or synthetic nicotine. We use Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T) to maintain the purity of the flavor and ensure a safe inhalation experience. Adhering to the highest safety standards, our products are free from harmful compounds like Diacetyl and Acrolein. This e-liquid offers a refined taste, providing a genuine tobacco flavor without the harmful effects of traditional smoking.

Learn More About The Burley Tobacco

Burley Tobacco Vaping Liquid – A Tobacco Blend with a Loyal Following

Zero Percent Nicotine Products Disclaimer/Warning: While crafted with care, our zero percent nicotine e-liquids may contain trace amounts of nicotine. If advised to avoid nicotine, please consult your healthcare provider.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 1.75 × 1.25 in

72 reviews for Burley Tobacco (70VG/30PG)

  1. I love you Black Note


    Much love to you Black Note! I’m from Iran, I go from Tehran to Dubai because of your E-juices, I love you Black Note
    i love you

  2. My favorite.

    Trent Tyler (verified owner)

    In my opinion, as a long-time American Spirit smoker, this is a fantastic all-day vape. I’m using the GeekVape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) set at 42.5 watts with 0.2 ohm treble coil. The Burley 70/30 12mg has become my favorite, although they are all very good. To me, the Burley has a great tobacco flavor without being overly sweet or cloying and can be enjoyed all day. My coil has lasted almost 5000 puffs and still going strong. Great job Black Note!

  3. Burley (70VG/30PG)

    lorenlyo (verified owner)

    very smooth

  4. This is the one to buy.

    JOHN W DUBYAK (verified owner)

    Wow, I was finally able to find a great tasting tobacco juice. I have tried many of the vape stores out there and I am always disappointed. The Black Note Burley juice is really smooth and has a great tobacco flavor. I will be trying the Kentucky and Cigar flavors since they are a bit stronger than the Burley.

  5. Forrest martin (verified owner)

    it’s pretty good. I like Virginia, Kentucky , and my favorite cigar better, though.

  6. Burley

    Curtis D Levy (verified owner)

    I love good old Burley

  7. Top Shelf

    Curtis D Levy (verified owner)

    Love Burley Top Shelf !!!

  8. Eugene (verified owner)

    Black Note has lots of good flavors, Burley is my favorite

  9. My pick of all the flavors

    Charles Schmied II

    I bought the sample pack to try the Black Note flavors. Of all the flavors this was my favorite. Nice tobacco flavor with just enough sweetness to it to be smooth. Now ordering a couple of the 30ML, 18mg nicotine bottles. The 12mg nicotine I got in the sample pack was just not quite strong enough to crave my nicotine wants but was all they had available when I ordered. Quit smoking the cigs after 40 plus years using Black Note. Best tobacco taste i’ve found so far in tobacco e liquids. Quite expensive compared to other e liquids is why I only gave 4 stars instead of 5.

  10. Tina D Clark (verified owner)

    My favorite blend! Has a great robust flavor. So thankful for Black Note juices!

  11. The best

    dbmcpeak71 (verified owner)

    This is what I go to every time I order luv blacknote!!

  12. My fav

    Dylan (verified owner)

    By far my favorite flavor yet, very happy that I discovered this company. Additive free is very important for me, as well as good smooth organic tobacco flavor.

  13. vittore9 (verified owner)

    I switched to this product and truly appreciate the bold flavor. It definitely has a tobacco taste which tastes like cigarettes. Black-note has done a great job with their e-liquids and keep them clean. I did want to try the cigar liquid, but unfortunately they were out of stock on the 3mg nicotine. Hopefully, it will be replenished soon. Thanks Black-note for your outstanding products, and the 70/30 blends.

  14. Love this one!

    dawhitcomb (verified owner)

    First ordered this when they were out of the Virginia blend. Every bit as flavorful and satisfying, but so much less susceptible to burning.

  15. The best in the market

    hadi tahanian ardestani (verified owner)

    This is awesome.

  16. Burly 70/30

    Brian Sanders (verified owner)

    I purchased the Burley 70/30 and the Virginia 70/30, both are fantastic, but here’s the trick, mix them 60/40 and you get an unforgettable tobacco flavor that’s unbelievably smooth, it’s nothing short of fantastic and nothing I’ve tried even comes close to the quality of this product.

    If you’re looking for something that tastes very much like tobacco and frankly better than what you get from cigarette manufacturers, there’s nowhere else to go to get this kind of quality.

    This product is helping me quit smoking, the only mistake I made was to not get a high enough nicotine milligram, I used 6 mg it’s not quite strong enough next time I’m going to do 12 mg.

  17. Great but…

    Tim (verified owner)

    Great authentic flavor but expensive and rough on coils

  18. Michael Shreve (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. I’d order again but am still trying out various tobacco flavors. That being said, I won’t order juice from anywhere else.

  19. Nice flavor

    Benjamin Jenkins (verified owner)

    First time using the 70/30 blend of this one, and I can safely say it tastes good and holds up well in my device. It’s not my favorite of the bunch, but it’s a fun one to throw in the mix from time to time. Worth trying if you haven’t yet!

  20. Oz Kampf (verified owner)

    Great Natural Product,If you’re looking for a tobacco flavored vape to end the cigarette habit, this is it.

  21. great product

    karl Berger (verified owner)

    Great product! Easy fast ordering!!

  22. So satisfying

    Jen Smith (verified owner)

    It is a rich, robust flavor. So glad to see y’all getting a higher VG for these blends, as I’m over sensitive to high PG content. Shipping is incredibly fast and always FREE! That’s invaluable in today’s rocky economy and being persecuted by the government.

  23. The best so far

    Karyn McQuiggan (verified owner)

    I found that Burley is the best tasting tobacco flavor I have found since the last company I ordered from went out of business. Very much like Marlboro Light

  24. Great product

    Karl Berger (verified owner)

    Great product and always quick and fast delivery!

  25. Russell Brokmeier (verified owner)

    As a 1 time 3 pack A-day smoker This works for me Also appreciate prompt delivery

  26. John (verified owner)


  27. D Lindsey

    Della Lindsey (verified owner)

    Glad I found this healthy choice for vaping.

  28. Simply great

    Jeffrey Seiler (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a tobacco flavored vape to end the cigarette habit, this is it.

  29. Jimmy z

    JAMES ZARVOS (verified owner)

    Another great Black Note product

  30. JAMES ZARVOS (verified owner)

    Great taste

  31. Eureka!

    Ali Vali (verified owner)

    I have been chasing the perfect replacement since I quit smoking Marlboro Lights and took up vaping almost 10 years ago. I discovered Black Note Virginia 50VG/50G a couple of years ago, and I thought I had found it, but then I discovered Burley. I am HOME! I recently switched to sub-ohm per one of the Black Note support team member’s recommendation, and I figured if I’m switching to 70VG/30PG, might as well try something new. I read the Burley reviews and saw a mention or two that the flavor resembled Marlboro Lights, so I went for it. Not one bit disappointed. It is possibly the most perfect tobacco flavor I have ever used, and a ringer for the Marlboro taste. The 70VG/30PG mix is really easy on coils as well. I would burn out a 1.6 Ohm coil with the 50/50 mix in 2 or at most 3 days, but with this blend, a 0.3 Ohm coil easily lasts 5-7 days. I still love Virginia, but I’ll be buying both Burley and Virginia going forward, and alternate between the two.

  32. robert stauffer (verified owner)

    works for me

  33. Love how it works in my sub-ohm Pico

    Ron Benvenisti (verified owner)

    Aside from the purity, great smoothness and flavor this turned my tanker into the most enjoyable vape yet!

  34. So Much Better....

    Victor Ponder (verified owner)

    …than anything else I’ve tried! And really, that’s an understatement. The quality, taste, and in the end, sheer satisfaction I get from this product is far superior to all the many, many others I’ve tried. There really is no comparison between Black Note and other companies’ products. I can’t decide between Burley and Cavendish as my favorite, so I alternate at will between the two!

  35. Still awesome!

    Colleen Bailey (verified owner)

    The hubby really really likes this one!! This is his go to flavor. Very pleased with the 70/30 mix too! Works fabulous! Tastes fabulous!

  36. Burley

    creightonmonte (verified owner)

    Very nice tastes with a little nutty flavor on the end.Tastes like a Marlboro light.Keep up the good work.

  37. Excellent product

    Cody Buckley (verified owner)

    The folks at Black Note know there stuff when it comes to tobacco. Typically these flavored tobaccos from other brands are too sweet and filled with excess low quality crap that is harmful for you. I haven’t had one issue with this stuff and highly recommend it. Burley is by far the best flavor. Perfectly balanced smoke.

  38. Best tobacco flavor Eliquid on the market hands down.


    You won’t find many other Tobaccos, that have the authentic Tobacco flavor, Burley tobacco has always been one of my favorite Tobaccos, its Earthy/Nutty rich flavor is almost perfectly crafted. Definitely recommend to everyone who appreciates that pure tobacco flavor eliquid they’ve been looking for.

  39. The best tobacco flavored e-liquids

    Joshua Ari Rosenberg (verified owner)

    I’ve found through trial and error over the years that my favorite flavors are tobacco flavors. Well, I think there have been supply issues coming from overseas on some of the tobacco flavors. All of my old favorites from the big vapor websites have been sub-par lately. Furthermore, due to stricter regulations on flavored e-liquids (probably from big tobacco lobbying to u.s. polititions) all of the smaller suppliers have been shut down, like open-source vapors, and alien visions with their boba’s bounty. So a quick google search for tobacco e-liquids lead me to blue note. No minimum purchase to get free shipping, no advertised liquids that are out of stock. You pay a slight premium, but they are better e-liquids and they ship right away. I think I’ve found my new supplier, and I they have found a new customer.

  40. Tom Savoy (verified owner)

    Like the 70/30 for sub ohm use.

  41. Tom Savoy (verified owner)

    Excellentt as always

  42. Satisfied customer!

    al2to2ru1 (verified owner)

    Tastes like Marlboro regular cigarettes. Will buy again.

  43. Love the taste!

    R. Jones (verified owner)

    Tastes like the real thing. Definitely my number one choice.

  44. Definetely in my top 3

    Rodrigo Lopez-Quiroga (verified owner)

    Wonderful taste. It’s a refined mellow and lightly sweet goodness.

  45. Definately in my top 3

    Rodrigo Lopez-Quiroga (verified owner)

    THE Smoothest Best tasting juice on the market!

  46. A+ flavor!!! I alternate between Burley and Cigar at very low nicotine

    Rick S. (verified owner)

    After 2+ years off combustible tobacco, Black Note vape juice is the only brand that doesn’t make me cough.
    I alternate between Burley and Cigar at very low nicotine. The 70/30 mix runs much better in my Smok Nord IV on .4 or .6 ohm coils at 5W.

  47. scatches that itch

    michael l vengrowsky (verified owner)

    This is my favorite and go to tobacco alternative. Def scratched the itch for me.

  48. Love this flavor!

    Eric Chen (verified owner)

    One of the best flavors I ever had. Black Note does not disappoint. Give it a try, you will see what I am talking about 🙂

  49. Nice flavor notes

    Eric Chen (verified owner)

    The best tobacco flavor juice you can buy! Black Note does not disappoint. I am a big fan of Black Note ever since I tried their Virginia flavor. Burley flavor has got to be one of my favorites. I always keep this in stock.

  50. Amazing flavor

    focusfactor22 (verified owner)

    I found my favorite tobacco flavor vape juice and it is the Burley flavor by Black Note. When I switch from cigarettes to vaping, I had a hard time finding one that suits me. That is until I found Black Note! I have tried every flavor and they are all amazing but I find this one the best for me. Give it a try! I am sure you will like it.

  51. My regular goto

    Elliot Tong (verified owner)

    the best flavour amongst all!

  52. Burley Tobacco is Great!

    George Weston (verified owner)

    Burley tobacco flavor is one of my favorites. I must admit though that I like ALL of the flavors which is great as I can choose the flavor to fit my mood. Burley is kind of mellow and I like the flavor it generates. I’m not sure I notice the nuttiness but it is definitely mellow. I will keep purchasing it and I hope you try it too.

  53. Burley

    David Van Etten (verified owner)

    When I found Black Note naturally extracted tobacco vaping juice I never turned back to the others..No other e-juice comes close to Black Note!.. Burley tobacco is a damn good juice and a must have….

  54. Amazing 70/30

    Kenn Richards

    I have loved Blacknote for a long time. The 70/30 is mindblowing. If I could give it ten stars, I would.

  55. Burley tobacco blend is really good

    James Elbon (verified owner)

    I am new to Black Note and very happy I found them. I really like the flavor of the burley.

  56. Burley tobacco blend is really good

    James Elbon (verified owner)

    I am new to Black Note and very happy I found them. I really like the flavor of the burley.

  57. Still awesome

    Colleen G Bailey (verified owner)

    Still one of the husband’s favorites!!

  58. Burley Best

    Mark3M (verified owner)

    I’ve always enjoyed the bold, tobacco flavor of Burley 50/50. But Black Note has outdone themselves now with the new Burley 70/30, which I smoke from a sub-ohm device. I will continue to be regular customer.

  59. Simple the Best NET E-Juices available!!

    Matthew Rubano (verified owner)

    I have tried nearly every naturally extracted tobacco (NET) manufacturer available in the USA and Black Note is the #1;
    I have always enjoyed Black Notes’ Burley ejuice, even when only 50/50 was available, but I was very happy when Black Note started selling 70/30 e-juices.
    My all-time favorite is Black Notes Latakia ejuice but, to date, Latakia is not available in 70/30.
    I currently blend 50% Latakia (50/50 VG/PG and 50% Burley (70/30 VG/PG) to get the added flavors that Latakia adds in my ejuice with an end result of a 60/40 VG/PG blend….. just amazing!!
    There are other NET manufacturers, but the quality, flavor consistency, and value just don’t compare to Black Note at all.
    Hopefully we will see Latakia in a 70/30 blend soon!!

    So, if anybody reading this review is new to vaping, (especially cigarette NET e-juices) , or just new to Black Note, …. don’t waste your time trying to find a better tasting NET ejuice, just stick with Black Note. Learn through my mistakes, wasted money, and frustration by attempting to locate a cigarette flavored ejuice that costs less…. you will only be wasting your money, again, …just stick with Black Note!!!

  60. Burly Tobacco

    John LoGuirato (verified owner)

    Excellent vape liquid. To me, this is a great tasting bolder flavor that I like blending with a milder Virginia to get just what I’m looking for.

  61. Rae S. (verified owner)

    Another great juice from the best in the world.

  62. Excellent Blend


    I’ve been vaping for more than 12 years now and over that time I’ve tried hundreds of e-juices, searching for a true tobacco taste. I happened upon Black Note about 2 years ago and have been a regular customer ever since. I blend the slightly nutty flavor of Black Note’s Burley with their Virginiaand Kentucky for a satisfying all-day vape, Thank you Black Note for producing truly exceptional e-juices.

  63. Burley is outstanding

    Richard Smith (verified owner)

    I’m pretty sure I have tried every tobacco vape juice ever made, or come close to it, and nothing comes even a distant second to Black Note Burley, except possibly Black Note Kentucky. Simply an outstanding product and worth every cent.

  64. Greatest

    Dennis (verified owner)

    One of the greatest products in the Black Note line

  65. Charles Fotopoulos (verified owner)

    Its has taste and is very smooth.

  66. Burley on z coils

    Robin Amano (verified owner)

    I tried a Blacknote sampler pack way back, must have been more than a few years ago. I was just not a fan. After watching a few NetVaper videos I decided to try again. I also tried 70/30 which I believe they didn’t have before. I can really appreciate the tobacco flavor now. This is really clean, and smooth. Now I only hope they will be able to continue to ship their products.

  67. Big hit

    Rae A. Simms

    Another big hit from the best tobacco juice makers in the world!

  68. Excellent!

    Jeffrey Creeden (verified owner)

    I’ve tried every regular tobacco flavored juice there is on the planet and NOTHING compares to Black Note! Closest thing to a real cigarette I’ve had so far!

  69. The closes I've come to my cigarette taste!

    richppaul (verified owner)

    I thought that the Virginia Tobacco flavor was where I would stop my search for a taste and texture as close to my cigarette flavor that I could get. However, for some reason I decided to buy the Burley 70/30 the last time I visited Black Note.

    Maybe it was name “Burley” or maybe the color of the label… It was probably both, but whatever the reason, I added it to the shopping cart along with my Virginia Tobacco and I didn’t regret it!

    I use a .2 Ohm coil and I typically run the watts between 51 and 55. I’m 65 and started smoking cigarettes when I was 8 or 9 years old. Throughout the entire time I smoked cigarettes, from about 1965 to about 2015, I never went a day w/o a cigarette.

    Even when I was training in the Army, I would smoke a cigarette every chance, though there were times when I barely could get 4 cigarettes in a single day during some of those training periods.

    I tried a vapor ‘eCig’ one day in 2015. I had no intention of quitting tobacco cigarettes but I was contracted to write user manuals. About every 15 minutes, I would step outside to smoke. The constant interruptions to my train of thought was beginning to bother me.

    I figured if these eCigs could hold me down for 30 or 45 minutes between cigarettes, I’d keep them around. Well, long story short, two weeks later, (and after I bought a small mod, tank, & coil system), I completely switched to vapor.

    It made a lot of sense and didn’t include the harmful chemicals in the papers. Most of all, I didn’t have to go outside! That was 2015, 6 years ago, and I never looked back. The key for me was to get the same flavor and texture (some call it a ‘throat-hit’), that I got from the cigarettes.

    I can’t say that I’ve found that exact flavor feel, and I probably never will. That’s because some of the cigarette’s taste came from the burning paper and other variables. But I can say that the Burley 70/30 has become my number one selection because it comes awful close, and I can only hope that Black Note continues to supply it.

    Depending on the coil resistance that you select, the wattage you set the mod to, and even what brand mod you use, it can all have a bearing on the taste. However, for me, this is it. I use a dual-battery (18650), VooPoo Drag 3 mod loaded with a .2-Ohm coil, and set between 51 & 55 watts.

    I give the Burley 70/30 5 stars and recommend it for those who want to capture the taste of a quality cigarette.

  70. 70/30 Burley

    Randy (verified owner)

    My coils last much longer with the 70/30 and the flavor is on point!

  71. Love the 70/30 blend

    Michael Leone (verified owner)

    The 70/30 blend works much better with the sub-ohm vape coils. Taste is much more distinct and flavorful!

  72. New Favorite!!

    Andrew Mueller (verified owner)

    I use Mig Vapor pens and Mig Vapor Clear Fusion clearomizers (1.8ohm). Burley was already in my top-2 but this new 70/30 blend RULES. Seems to stay flavorful for the full 24hrs i use a cart (i vape pretty heavily now that i work from home everyday). Much less often are the dry hits or burn tastes. Love, love, LOVE this new blend.

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