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Description: High-quality cigar tobacco delivers flavor notes that range from slightly sweet to mildly spicy, all harmonized with rich and subtle smoky undertones. It grows best in a moist, tropical climate.

History: When Columbus reached Cuba in 1492, he found the locals engaged in their longstanding practice of “drinking smoke” from something that looked vaguely like the modern-day cigar. The tobacco came from a plant the original inhabitants called “cohiba.” In certain areas of Cuba, the plant is still grown today using old-fashioned farming methods.

Cuban tobacco is a wide mixture of different cultivars, since all seeds are collected and harvested using a blanket method without selection. They’re also mixed indiscriminately from various regions by the producers of the seedlings.

Additional Information:

  • Naturally Extracted from real tobacco leaves, using only the best leaves and the best part of the leaves
  • No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or additives
  • No Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Acrolein and Acetoin
  • Small Batch

Please Note:

Black Note 50VG/50PG Ratio, Freebase Nicotine Products

  • Not For Sub-Ohm Use: Not For use in devices that reach sub-ohm resistance.
  • Device Recommendation: Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based Systems (Mouth-To-Lung Devices).
  • Coil: MTL coil with a resistance of 1.0 ohms or higher.
  • Recommended Power Level: Do not exceed 18 watts.
Weight 3.7 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.5 in

300 reviews for Cigar (Concerto)

  1. Paul Garbutt (verified owner)

    Adagio was my favorite till it was dropped from the line. Now this may be my new favorite.

  2. David Williams (verified owner)

    The taste is sweeter then any cigar I’ve had. It is still very smooth, robust but not as rich. I will be sticking to the Latakia and the Virginia menthol.

  3. Eric Christianson (verified owner)

    First my equipment: Vaporesso Armour Pro with baby cascade tank at 35 watts. .18 mesh coil that had naked 100 polar breeze in it befor I filled tank with Cuban cigar blend 6 mg. Very mild taste, even lacking in taste but stronger throat hit than most 3 mg. it was absolutely clean and clear tobacco with no muddy aftertaste even at 6 mg. A bit of throat hit (would be less for 3 mg). Very nice taste. I enjoy solo about the same but have not tried the Cuban absolutely clean. Meaning I have not tried the Cuban with a new coil by itself. I would venture to say that you should get the 3 mg version just because the lower nic is usually more flavorful.
    All in all this is a very nice tobacco vape!
    I can’t say if it matches the Cuban experience since I have no experience with premium Cubans. This is a good tobaccocigar Vape!

  4. Mitchell Staggs (verified owner)

    They knocked it outta the park on this one! This is my new favorite!

  5. Diane Carr (verified owner)

    Black Note is wonderful. Love this flavor, not to strong and very pleasant.
    Very high end e liquids.

  6. George E Palmer III (verified owner)

    Taste is a bit too delicate for a 40 pack/year cigarette smoker who quit two years ago. Blacknote products are the only liquids I use because they taste clean.

  7. Dennis York (verified owner)

    I think you hit a home run. For those who like to change up a little and have a nice different taste this is the one. Great job Blacknote

  8. Maria Crewe (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the 3mg Blacknote Cigar. Rich flavor with a smooth realistic hit! Very impressed I’m never disappointed with your tobacco flavors!!!!!

  9. Victor Barboza

    Very good product, excellent service and professional appearance thank you blacknote

  10. Jerry Mandel (verified owner)

    Great flavor. It has been years since I indulged in a good cigar – Concerto filled the gap. Mild, but tasty. I use Legato during the day and now switch to Concerto in the afternoon finishing up with Quartet (and a little scotch) in the evening.

    Nice addition – thank you.

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