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A Cavendish Tobacco Blend (30 ml)

Naturally sweet and bursting with robust flavors, Cavendish tobacco e-juice is produced by a specialized cutting and curing process that’s been in use for the past 400 years. Dark Virginia tobacco makes up the base of this blend, which is fire-cured and steamed to bring out a brilliant intensity. Sold in 30 ml bottles.

Contents: 30ml
VG/PG ratio: 50/50

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Originating in the 17th century, Cavendish uses a unique process of cutting and curing designed to bring out the natural sweetness of the tobacco leaf. Sonata uses only fire-cured dark Virginia tobacco, steamed and cured under pressure to allow the rich, robust flavors to fully develop.

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By Jim

Quality but Not My Speed

This juice is of excellent quality, that is abundantly clear on the first pull. But the actual blend of tobacco, which I thought sounded right up my alley, just isn't my speed. It is a very mild, light and almost green tasting tobacco. I guess I was a little hesitant to go straight for the bold flavors but after receiving Sonata and comparing it side by side with my current favorite tobacco...I realized I ordered the wrong one. I believe Quartet and Forte are going to be exactly what I'm looking for and I am ordering those now and will also be reviewing those.

So I am not going to rate this low because I think it's an excellent juice, it's exudes quality, it just isn't my kind of tobacco. I should add that I am a big fan of heavy / bold cigars and never a cigarette smoker (not really sure if that has anything to do with it because I love all kinds of tobaccos :) ).

(Posted on 1/14/2017)
By Timothy

Divine Nectar of the Gods

Nothing can be said other than that for my tastebuds this flavor takes the cake. Delicious tobacco with a subtly sweet aftertaste with an unbelievably realistic cavendish forefront. I say unbelievably realistic because it's hard to believe ALL of BlackNote's lineup is a vapable liquid and not a pipe tobacco or cigar. Either way Sonata is my go-to / can't go without. I first read about it on a forum where this is rated #1 of ALL tobacco liquids on the market. Prelude comes in at #2.

(Posted on 1/13/2017)
By Herb

Great flavor

Sonata is my favorite , very smooth satisfying flavor . Great packaging , super fast delivery .

(Posted on 1/12/2017)
By David

Favourite everyday vape

I keep coming back to this one. Everything I've tried from Black Note has been excellent but Sonata has a clean and full tobacco flavour without being overly insistent. Not too sweet or cloying; the closest thing to puffing absent-mindedly on a mild cigarette.

(Posted on 1/12/2017)
By Dave

Sonata, amazingly good!

I recently reviewed Forte and commented that Forte and Sonata are my two favorites and now after using both for about a month I still can't decide which one I love the most. Doesn't really matter they are both fantastic. After getting the sampler pack (which I highly recommend) I started on Prelude and vaped my way through all four. Sonata is smooth with a tremendous quality tobacco the best cig I've ever smoked, only better! As a former smoker I can honestly say that Black Note is so much more enjoyable than smoking. Smoking is like eating a burnt T Bone steak that has been warmed up in a microwave oven...yeah it kind of tastes like a steak but... Black Note's juice are like going to the best steak house in New York and having the finest filet mignon on the menu, no comparison between the two steaks. Black Note juices are worthy of 10 stars!
In addition to their juices their customer service is beyond compare! THANKS AGAIN Black Note!

(Posted on 1/12/2017)
By Jennifer


If you are looking for tobacco flavor this one if for you! I usually want some sweet but this just had a touch. With that said I enjoyed it without the added sweetness.

(Posted on 1/6/2017)
By Natalie

Perfect with wine

So, at first, I was not too crazy about Sonata, but I have slowly come to discover that although some liquids are not that great all the time, they can have their perfect moment, when nothing else compares to them. That's Sonata when it comes to wine- or other alcoholic beverages, for me. It has this light, slightly sweet, slightly crisp and refreshing sour note, that makes it absolutely the best and only eliquid to enjoy while or after having a drink. I love it!

(Posted on 1/4/2017)
By John

Surprisingly good

I am using nicotine vaping to quit smoking cigs. I tried two types of ejuice from the vape shop and while not good tasting, they at least helped me stop smoking. Web research helped me find Black Nore and I bought 30ml of sonata. This is much higher quality the the first two I tried. Smooth and slightly sweet taste. I can't yet compare it to other Black Note varieties but it's the best e-juice I've found so far.

(Posted on 1/3/2017)
By Darren

Left a Harsh Taste in my Mouth

so far I have tried 2 out of the 4 in the Sample Pack this one being the Second and although I thoroughly enjoyed the first ( Legato ) I found this one to leave a Harsh After Taste at the end of the Pull. I tried several different temps and air flow positions on my Unit but nothing seemed to mask that after Taste. This one will definitely not be on my Keep in Stock list. If you enjoy a Really Over the Top Rich Pull then I recommend this one to you BUT if you enjoy a flavorful tasty pull then this one is Not for you.

(Posted on 12/30/2016)
By Brian


After my favorite tobacco vape was discontinued I was on the search for a new tobacco juice. Everything I stumbled upon was sweet, smelled like maple syrup, and had an odd tobacco flavor to it. After reading tons of reviews I decided to try Black Note Sonata. Awesome packaging? Yes. High end price point? Yes. Awesome reviews? Yes.
I needed to try it and see.
I loaded a new coil into my vaporizer and filled it up. Pure tobacco flavor, great vape cloud, minimal sweetness and a truly natural flavor. I'm actually happy that my favorite juice was discontinued. I may have never tried Black Note Sonata. Now that I have I am hooked. Time to order more.

(Posted on 12/29/2016)
By Laurence

Well Crafted

Sonata was the first Black Note e-liquid I tried, which I came across at a local vape shop. While I now favor Prelude and Quartet, after one tank of Sonata I knew Black Note was special and worth further investigation. If you like a Cavendish blend, try Sonata!

(Posted on 12/29/2016)
By Evan

As part of the notebook

The first flavor I've loaded up after getting the notebook, and the third flavor I've tried overall. I decided to start with a high note, and this is very pleasant.
Even though I'm a fan of the lower notes, I quite enjoy this one, a very nice vape.

(Posted on 12/28/2016)
By Jared

Clean Crisp Taste

Sonata has a clean tobacco taste that I really enjoyed. This e-liquid doesn't give me much phlegm like a lot of other liquids. Thus is my go to vape day to day.

(Posted on 12/28/2016)
By Gary


I have The Ultimate Tobacco E-Juice Sample Box. This is my second favorite blend. It taste like A Camel light cigarette. This is the lightest tobacco flavor of all that's in the sample box.

(Posted on 12/25/2016)
By Mark Nagle


After trying all the e liquid flavours this is definitely my favourite. This liquid has a very pleasant aftertaste and does not have that earthy back taste.I found that 1.2 was the best to use as an all day vape. If you haven't tried yet this is a must.

(Posted on 12/21/2016)
By Michael

Good stuff!

Smooth and clean, I life this stuff.

(Posted on 12/19/2016)
By Harald


A very good sweet tobacco taste. Bought this as apart of their Notebook. I will be buying more of this in the future. One of my favorite from Black Note`s line

(Posted on 12/16/2016)
By Andrew


Best Black Note liquid. Perfect balance between aged and sweet tobacco. Vapes all day without losing any flavor whatsoever.

(Posted on 12/16/2016)
By Livia

Excellent flavor

Smooth excellent flavor. Tried it and love ❤️ it. Customer service is great. Thank you!

(Posted on 12/16/2016)
By Rachelle

The best one in my humble opinion ;)

I just keep coming back for sonata.
It's the perfect balance of smoothness and throat hit!
I honestly don't know what I'd do if this one was discontinued!

(Posted on 12/10/2016)

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WARNING: Black Note products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Black Note products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking age (21 or older in California), and not by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Black Note products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For immediate advice, contact poison control center: (800) 222-1222