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Aspire Minican 3 Pro Pod System

Aspire Minican 3 Pro Pod System

(2 customer reviews)


Shop the Aspire Minican 3 Pro, the latest upgrade in the popular Minican series. This advanced pod system elevates your vaping experience with its improved features and exceptional performance.

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Welcome the Aspire Minican 3 Pro, an upgraded version of the popular Minican series. This advanced pod system features a 2ml refillable pod, providing a convenient and mess-free vaping experience.

The pod is easily filled from the bottom, and the replaceable 0.8Ω Mesh Minican Coil ensures rich and satisfying vapor production.

The Minican 3 Pro stands out with its optimized airflow design, delivering a smooth and enjoyable draw that caters to both mouth-to-lung and restricted direct-to-lung vaping styles.

With a wide range of compatible e-liquids, you can explore an array of flavors and nicotine strengths to suit your preferences. The Minican 3 Pro is designed to deliver superior flavor and nicotine hit, providing an immersive and satisfying vaping journey.


  • Dimensions: 100.5mm x 28.2mm x 15.7mm
  • Battery: Built-In 900mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Charging: 1A USB-C
  • Vape Style: MTL
  • Wattage: 5-25W
  • Screen: 0.69in
  • Compatible Coils: Aspire Minican Coils
  • Compatible E-Liquids: Any containing 50% VG


  • 1 x Minican 3 Pro Device
  • 1 x Minican Empty Pod
  • 1 x Minican Meshed Coil 0.8Ω
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

User Manual

Access the user manual for detailed instructions and tips. Click here to view the PDF.


What are the dimensions of the Minican 3 Pro?

  • Dimensions: 100.528.215.7 mm

What is the battery capacity of the Minican 3 Pro?

  • The Minican 3 Pro has a built-in 900mAh battery.

How do I adjust the wattage level of the Minican 3 Pro?

  • The Minican 3 Pro device can automatically detect the coil’s resistance, press the mode button to adjust optimal wattage levels according to your specific vaping requirements.

How do I fill the Minican 3 Pro pod?

  • The Minican 3 Pro Pod features an easy bottom fill system.

Does the Minican 3 Pro have an auto-draw function?

  • Yes, the Minican 3 Pro is activated by auto-draw.

What kind of charging port does the Minican 3 Pro have?

  • Charge the Minican 3 Pro through the Type-C port, with a 1A charging current.

What is the Minican 3 Pro device mainly made of?

  • The Minican 3 Pro device is made of premium quality materials.

What is the material of the Minican 3 Pro pod?

  • The Minican 3 Pro pod is made of high-quality materials.

Which coil is compatible with Minican 3 Pro?

  • The Minican 3 Pro is compatible with replaceable 0.8Ω ( 13W-15W) meshed coil ( Standard Version ) and Non-replaceable 0.8Ω (10-13W) meshed coil ( TPD / CRC Version).

How do I know the battery level of Minican 3 Pro?

  • The Minican 3 Pro features an intelligent 0.69″ OLED display that shows your output power, vaping puffs, all-round protection, battery level and so on.


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2 reviews for Aspire Minican 3 Pro Pod System


    Mike G

    I also wanted to update/add to my earlier review that you can actually buy 1.0ohm coils in 3ml pods or 1.2ohm coils in 2ml pods for this device. They can be found online and the minican 1, 2, 3, and 3 Pro all have INTERCHANGEABLE pods and coils so you will never have to go through the trouble of looking for a replacement pods and coils since they all work with this device. I also vape at 5 watts (LOWEST setting, this goes up to 20 watts!) for 50mg/ml nic salts. For me the battery lasts 3 days EASILY and there is a good battery indicator. But if you’re out with friends and they want to use your device it’ll last the whole day/night or until you’re out of juice. So in my opinion out of all the pod vaping systems this one and the Blacknote Change device are the best to buy (the Change gives you 4.5ml capacity in a pod system! But the only downside is it has a 650mah battery vs 900mah like in this one ). The other aspire products are great too but you don’t get that interchangeable pod/coil option you get with this device and the 900mah battery….
    In short, I think this device gives the best of both worlds. You get a super user friendly pod system. Like a mod, it has an adjustable wattage selector up to 20 watts and you get all of this in a very small package (this is smaller than an Elfbar or Posh Max 2.0 but is just slightly longer).
    But if you’re using 50mg/ml nic salts I doubt that you would go above 10 watts. Trust me, this device on 5 watts is PLENTY for 50mg/ml nic salts. Literally the only bad thing I can think of about this device is that when you inhale, the air holes in the pod make a SLIGHT whirring sound. Literally that’s it. I can’t think of anything else bad. I think for on the go vaping it doesn’t get any better than this. I’m still VERY happy with it. For $23 this is perfect and will last you a long time. Remember to RECYCLE your old vapes! And know this; in the long run disposables will cost you MUCH more and produce more waste!
    Happy vaping!
    -Mike G
    P.S. Make sure to let the device sit for ten minutes after you fill it up so the coil gets saturated in vape juice. I waited only about 3 minutes and got a nasty hit….be patient.

  2. Almost Perfect Vape and Very Versatile! 9.5/10

    Mike G

    Hello fellow vaper,
    I ordered this with Blacknote’s menthol nic salt vape juice blend 50mg and this device is excellent. There are 1.0ohm coils available online but the .8ohm coils work just fine because this vape has a handy adjustable wattage selector so you can easily adjust it. This means you could more or less use any pg/vg(at least I think you can) blend in this device. I wish the device had a 1000mah+ battery but 900mah is close enough and gives you plenty of usage time. I charge it every other night but not because I have to and there is a battery display. The device has this slightly rubberized coating that I LOVE its nice and grippy but some might not like this. USB C charging and having a nice display with the option to turn the device off completely makes this vape great. Like I said the battery could’ve been bigger for the 3ml capacity and I wish they had dark green in stock (mine is white and looks like an apple product lol) but that’s just me nitpicking……..
    Overall I’d give this juice and vape setup a 9.5/10 as it’s almost perfect and I can’t wait to see the improvements to the Minican 4 in the future! Also the menthol flavor is the best on the market, just saying! I really enjoy it and the only other flavor I like this much is the POSH Max 2.0 Mint Ice 14ml 5% nic salts(tastes better than the POSH Pro Mint) but those cost 15$ online 20$ in store and are disposable so it’s just a waste. Blacknote is a better value at least 2 fold (10 refills per 3ml for $25 vs about 14ml for 20$ a non refillable vape with a small battery that’s maybe <300mah?). Also remember to RECYCLE your all your disposable/old vapes!!! But overall I'm very happy with it and the free shipping Blacknote offers makes this site the BEST value/place to buy! (trust me I checked everywhere I could)
    Happy vaping!
    -Mike G

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