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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Uwell Caliburn X Pod System – 850mAh, 5-20W

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Explore the Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod System, equipped with an 850mAh battery, adjustable 5-20W range, and compatibility with Caliburn G/G2 Coils for a versatile vaping experience.

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Add Pod with integrated CRC Coils
Uwell Caliburn X Replacement Pods 1,2Ω
Uwell Caliburn X Pods
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or Add Empty X Pods + G or G2 coils
Uwell Caliburn X Replacement Pods 3mL (2-Pack)
Uwell Caliburn X Replacement Pods
$9.99Price Includes US Shipping 🚛
Uwell Caliburn G2 Coil 1.2Ω (4-Pack)
Uwell Caliburn G2 Coil
$11.99Price Includes US Shipping 🚛
Uwell Caliburn G Coil (0,8Ω UN2 Meshed-H)
Uwell Caliburn G Coil (4-Pack)
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The Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod System is a testament to vaping innovation, combining a robust 850mAh integrated battery with a versatile 5-20W output range. This device is crafted from high-quality aluminum-alloy, ensuring a durable chassis that stands up to the daily demands of vaping. The Caliburn X is designed for convenience, featuring an intuitive firing button, an OLED display screen for easy monitoring, and a top-fill system that makes refills a breeze. With a 3mL pod capacity and a juice viewing window, you’re always in control of your vaping experience. The device supports the Uwell Caliburn G/G2 Coil Series, allowing for a customizable vaping experience whether you prefer the 0.8ohm Caliburn G Coils or the 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coils.

Uwell Caliburn X Pod System Features:

  • Dimensions: A sleek and pocket-friendly design for on-the-go use.
  • Battery: A powerful 850mAh integrated battery for all-day vaping.
  • Wattage Range: An adaptable 5-20W output to suit your vaping preferences.
  • Chassis: A sturdy aluminum-alloy construction for resilience and longevity.
  • Display: An OLED screen to keep track of your settings and battery life.
  • Pod Capacity: A generous 3mL e-liquid capacity to keep you vaping longer.
  • Coil Compatibility: Use with Caliburn G/G2 Coils for a tailored vape.
  • Safety Features: Includes low power and 8s overtime protection.

Uwell Caliburn X Includes:

  • 1 Uwell Caliburn X Device
  • 1 Caliburn X Pod
  • 1 0.8ohm Caliburn G Coil
  • 1 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil
  • 1 Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Available Colors:

  • Matte Black
  • Lilac Purple
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Ink Blue
  • Lake Green
  • Ribbon Red

User Manual:

Access the user manual for detailed instructions and tips. Click here to view the PDF.

Additional information

Weight 3.58 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.18 × 1.15 in

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What type of coils does the Uwell Caliburn X use?

The Uwell Caliburn X is compatible with the Uwell Caliburn G/G2 Coil Series and includes a 0.8ohm Caliburn G Coil and a 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil.

How is the pod filled in the Uwell Caliburn X?

The pod utilizes a top-fill system. To fill, remove the mouthpiece to access the fill port and watch the juice viewing window to ensure the correct fill level.

What is the battery capacity of the Uwell Caliburn X?

The device is equipped with an integrated 850mAh battery, designed to last through multiple vaping sessions.

Are there any safety features in the Uwell Caliburn X?

Yes, the Uwell Caliburn X includes safety features such as low power protection and an 8-second cut-off to prevent overheating and potential hazards.

Can I adjust the airflow on the Uwell Caliburn X?

While the device does not have an adjustable airflow control, it is designed to provide a balanced draw suitable for both MTL and restricted DTL vaping.

Does the Uwell Caliburn X have a warranty?

Most vaping products come with a limited warranty provided by the manufacturer. Please check with the retailer or manufacturer for specific warranty information on the Uwell Caliburn X.

How do I know when to charge the Uwell Caliburn X?

The Uwell Caliburn X features an OLED display that indicates battery life. When the battery icon is low, it’s time to recharge the device.

What is the wattage range of the Uwell Caliburn X?

The Uwell Caliburn X offers a wattage range of 5-20W, allowing for customization of your vaping experience based on the coil used.

Is the Uwell Caliburn X suitable for beginners?

Yes, with its user-friendly design, including button or draw-activated firing, the Uwell Caliburn X is an excellent choice for beginners.

How long do the coils last in the Uwell Caliburn X?

Coil longevity can vary based on usage, but on average, a coil can last 1-2 weeks. It’s important to prime the coils properly and ensure the pod is kept filled to prevent dry hits and extend coil life.


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