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If you’re already a vaper or you’ve been shopping around for vaping devices for a while, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed something: there are tons of e-cigarette brands in the industry. There are so many that even counting them would be a herculean task, and that means that choosing a device from one e-cigarette brand over all of the other options is hardly simple. So what are you supposed to do to when you’re looking for the best e-cig kits? Where do you even start? Even

Quitting smoking is hard. About 93 % smokers who try to quit “cold turkey” – meaning without any form of support – will ultimately fail. So getting some support is important. However, many smokers don’t want to use medicine, and patches and gums often don’t quite do the trick. That’s why more smokers are making the decision to quit smoking with vape pen style e-cigarettes: they offer a similar experience to smoking but help you kick the deadly, combustible element of the habit. But

One of the most contentious issues in the public debate about vaping is whether “second hand” or “passive” vaping is something to worry about. The risks of second-hand smoke has led to widespread bans on indoor smoking, but large parts of the U.S. and many countries around the world are currently in limbo when it comes to whether you’re allowed to vape indoors. Thanks to the huge difference in risk between vaping and smoking, many places technically permit vaping in “no smoking” areas, but

Although vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, it isn’t free from side effects. If you’re interested in starting vaping, or you’ve recently switched and are wondering if what you’re experiencing is normal, finding out about the common side effects of vaping can help to set your mind at ease. Thankfully, all of the vaping side effects identified in research so far are very minor, and usually clear up over time. However, finding out how to minimize them and how to make sure you’re

If you’re just starting vaping or you’re interested in regulating the amount you vape, finding out how much nicotine is in a cigarette can serve as a useful guide. It’s not as easy as you might hope to translate this directly to an amount you should vape, but once you learn how many mg of nicotine is in a cigarette, you can make rough estimates of how much you’ll need to vape, and it can help you choose the right nicotine strength for your

Is vaping safer than smoking? This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to, and although the lack of long-term evidence makes it a little difficult to be absolutely certain, there is a lot of evidence building up to support the conclusions of Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, who both looked at the evidence and said vaping is vastly safer than smoking. But what are the key facts about vaping vs. smoking? If you’re a smoker, will starting

Regardless of which liquid you choose, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the two main things you’ll be vaping. As well as finding out what the two ingredients – called PG and VG for short – actually are, there is another crucial issue for vapers: finding the right PG/VG ratio to suit your vaping preferences. The good news is that both PG and VG are widely used chemicals that are generally considered to be safe, and finding the right ratio for your preferences is

The world of vaping devices is diverse. This may give smokers tons of options for switching to the safer alternative, but at the same time the variety of devices on the market can be overwhelming to a new user. How do you go about finding the right e-cigarette for your needs? Do you want a mod or an eGo-style e-cigarette? Are there any advantages to cigalike e-cigarettes? This infographic presents the key characteristics of the three main types of e-cigarette on the market: “cigalikes,” eGo-style e-cigarettes and “mods.” But

Those opposed to vaping like to concoct doomsday scenarios. When you have limited evidence on which to base your pre-determined opposition to the technology, grasping at straws is part of the game. One of the key rallying calls of the opposition to vaping is that “there’s no evidence they’re effective for quitting!” This is a pretty insidious strategy, because – even though even most of those opposed to e-cigs will ultimately admit that vaping is much safer than smoking – it’s no good if vapers

Six months, or 180 days. That’s how long manufacturers and importers of liquid nicotine refill containers have to comply with the new law – or answer to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Known as the “Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act,” the new law was signed Jan. 28, mandating child-resistant packaging for certain liquid nicotine products. The CPSC is the same entity behind the enforcement of child-resistant packaging on prescription drugs, select over-the-counter medications, cleaning chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances found around the

Although the facts on diacetyl in vape juice are debatable, the evidence still paints a consistent picture: it probably isn’t something you should be inhaling. That’s the plain and simple truth. But the issue for vapers themselves is even less clear. Even if the amounts detected in vapor do pose a risk, the amounts in cigarette smoke are much higher, so switching to vaping is still the safer option. Additionally, we do many things – drinking alcohol, for example – which aren’t completely safe, because

Diacetyl in E-Juice It’s hard to have missed the recent furor about diacetyl in e-liquid. The media whipped up a typically exaggerated storm of concern about the buttery flavoring, and familiar battle-lines were drawn among the vaping community: should we be concerned about diacetyl? Should we be putting more pressure on mixers to remove it from their juices? Or is the whole issue being blown out of proportion? The answers are hard to come by. But it’s an important issue, so in an attempt to get

It’s tough to put a price on perfection, and that’s certainly the case with Syrian Latakia. The deep, rich, smoky, peppery blend is considered perfect by those who enjoy a memorable experience from one of the rarest tobaccos you can find.Its scarcity is just one of the factors that make Syrian Latakia so unique and pricey. Other include the intricate creation process, the extensive aging process, and the limited quantities available.So Rare, It’s Nearly ExtinctSyrian Latakia hasn’t been available for more than a decade

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