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An amendment to a government funding bill that could have saved the vaping industry from it’s imminent destruction was shot down by democrat leaders last week. The Cole-Bishop amendment would have changed the all-important “predicate date” on the FDA e-cig regulations, and in the process, would have meant all vaping devices on the market as of August 8th 2016 would have been “grandfathered” in and allowed to remain on the market. The death of the amendment is bad news for the industry, but there

In this age of 150 W box mods and sub ohm tanks, it’s hard to vape without drawing attention to yourself. Most devices are capable of putting out some serious clouds, and that isn’t for everybody, or every situation. Do you really want to be blowing clouds in an intimate little café? Do you want to fog up your office and get noticed every time you want to have some nicotine? If you need to vape more discreetly, for whatever reason, you need stealth

New Zealand has moved to legalize e-cigarettes with nicotine, pushing aside anti-vaping talking points and putting smokers first. With the new plan to regulate nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, the government is showing its willingness to follow the evidence and help smokers who can’t quit nicotine have full access to reduced harm alternatives. For vapers and smokers in New Zealand, the move is a glimmer of hope in a long-fought battle, and for Australians, it’s an important reminder of the compelling argument for ditching the illogical ban

As a smoker, all you have to do is slide a cigarette out of the pack, grip it between your lips, light up the end and inhale. There isn’t much that can go wrong. But when you switch to vaping, things start to change. While cigarettes taste basically the same from the tip right down to the filter, when you vape, the otherwise-delicious flavor of your e-juice sometimes takes on an unpleasant turn. This is most commonly referred to as a “burnt taste,” and

In the first part of this post, I covered the state of the scientific evidence on a gateway effect in some detail. If you missed it, the CliffNotes version is that there’s no good evidence for a gateway effect, and while we can make a strong case against the claims, there is no evidence that can thoroughly refute it either.   Basically everything about teen vaping is blown out of proportion at every turn. We’re spun a tale of epidemics, gateways and “a new generation hooked

The issue of teen vaping is controversial, to say the least. It seems like every other week a story claims that vaping is addicting teens who’ve never smoked, and that those teens are more likely to progress to smoking cigarettes in the future.   Youth smoking is something that basically everybody – vaping advocates and detractors alike – wants to stop, and so gateway claims are used to justify placing restrictions on e-cigarettes. Even if vaping isn’t that bad, the argument goes, if it leads to

YA bill is poised to crush the vaping industry in New Jersey. The democrat-backed A3704/S298  intends to ban flavored e-liquid or cartridges that use a “characterizing flavor” other than tobacco, menthol and clove, all under the familiar guise of “protecting the children” from the supposedly evil vaping industry.   But there are a few huge, glaring problems with the proposal:   1) It probably won’t have a noticeable effect on youth vaping. 2) It will seriously impact hundreds of small businesses across the state and lead to many jobs lost. 3)

Exploding e-cigarettes are big news. It seems like hardly a week goes by without a news story telling us about the latest vaper’s battery to explode, usually with pictures of the aftermath or a grainy CCTV video to drive home just how scary it is.   This is concerning for new vapers in particular, who might be worried that their shiny new mod is going to go off like a firework. The good news is that this is very unlikely to happen, especially if you take

Black Note is already known for going to extraordinary lengths to produce the best real tobacco vaping liquid in the world, and we’ve likewise gone to great lengths to ensure the world can continue to enjoy it. Black Note is proud to announce we’ve met TPD compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive  for five of our tobacco blends, and we’ve notified 15 European Union member countries accordingly. While TPD regulations are strict, time-consuming, costly, and are likely to push some of the smaller e-liquid

To the uninitiated, vaping culture is anything from bizarre to outright douche-y. Blowing huge “clouds,” clad in baggy board shorts, sporting huge beards and freaky flesh-tunnels, the stereotypical vaper isn’t easy to empathize with for most people. The community at large is very much tarred with the same brush – e-cigs are referred to as “mouth fedoras” and there is an implicit assumption is that most vapers are show-off losers competing to blow the biggest clouds. Most vapers take issue with ideas like this. Of

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The existence of vaping competitions might come as a bit of a surprise to you. Surely it’s just about something to replace smoking, not winning some sort of vaping contest? How does competitive vaping even work? Firstly, being surprised about the existence – and popularity – of vaping competitions is completely understandable. The key point to realize is that after you’ve successfully quit smoking, vaping becomes a hobby in its own right, and like any hobby, it attracts everyone from the casual types –

Smoke rings are a staple for cigarette, pipe and cigar smokers. While most are happy to simply puff out bursts of smoke without showboating, there has always been a subset of smokers who can barely light up without pushing out a ring or two. The vaping community has taken this further – a lot further. The catalogue of vaping tricks for you to try out is growing rapidly, from the basic rings and multi-ring tricks through to more complex, outlandish feats of vaping expertise.

If you’re in the market for a new device but don’t want anything too complicated, finding the best vape pen batteries is a big part of getting the most satisfying option. Vape pens batteries don’t usually offer features like variable voltage/wattage or temperature control, so one of the most important considerations is how long the battery will last between charges. However, if you’re just getting into vaping, you may be looking specifically for a vape pen battery you can pick up for pretty cheap.

Finding the best vape pen isn’t easy. The vaping industry is inundated with high-quality devices ranging from cigarette-like in size to big and boxy, and vape pens sit right in the middle of these two extremes. Boasting fairly long-lasting batteries, simple operation and solid vapor production, they strike a balance between portability and performance that’s just what many newer vapers are looking for. As well as e-liquid, some vape pens are designed for wax and loose leaf, so there’s more to the style of

One of the big benefits of switching to vaping is that it’s much cheaper than smoking. While the Royal College of Physicians in the UK puts the risk of vaping as over 95 % less than that of smoking, for many smokers, the amount of money you can save by making the switch is a big motivating factor. So if you’re considering making the switch to vaping but you’re left wondering, “how much are vape pens?” here is everything you need to know to

If you’ve got an old bottle of e-liquid gathering dust at the back of a cupboard somewhere, you may be wondering if it’s still alright to vape. Like foods and drinks do, e-juice could spoil if you leave it for long enough, and trying to vape it could be a pretty unpleasant experience. So is it true? Does e-liquid go bad? E-Juice Will Eventually Go Bad The short answer is “yes,” e-juice will eventually go bad. By “go bad,” we don’t mean that it will get

With so many alternative forms of smoking on the market, knowing the difference between them all can be a little difficult. Vaping is one of the newest alternatives to smoking to hit the market, and with the rapidly-evolving terminology, phases like hookah pen and vape pen have become apparently interchangeable, and a lot of confusion has been created in the process. So what is a hookah? What’s the difference between hookah and vaping? And how do hookah pens come into this? Here’s a run-down of

Cutting down on smoking or quitting using e-cigarettes is why most vapers get started, but accomplishing it isn’t easy. Smoking is very addictive, and even though vaping offers you the nicotine you’re looking for, it is still a challenge for most vapers to successfully quit smoking. Vaping is a fantastic tool, but it isn’t a “magic bullet” solution to your smoking addiction. You’ll still need willpower, and you’ll still need to plan your approach carefully to give yourself the best chance of success, from

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