WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Latakia Natural Tobacco Vaping Liquid

We Craft Our Natural Tobacco Vaping Liquids With The Mentality of a Fine Winemaker

This is Black Note’s motto: patience, passion, and high-quality ingredients. We craft Black Note Natural tobacco vaping liquid with the same mentality taken to produce high-quality fine wine or brew premium beer.

Our team utilizes technology and science to give you the world’s best tobacco vaping experience. Unlike synthetic or chemically treated vaping liquids, Black Note contains natural flavor extracts from real tobacco leaves.

We launched Black Note many years ago for one reason – to give you a superior alternative to cigarettes. When you vape Black Note e-Liquids, you’ll taste the difference.

If you want to enhance your vaping experience with Black Note, then take two minutes to read our story. Knowing what inspired our journey will help you enjoy your vaping experience with our blends.

Latakia is a rich, intense smoky-peppery tobacco that provides a powerfully distinct delight for the senses.

What you’ll discover after reading this article:

What Makes Latakia Tobacco Unique

Latakia is a rich, intense smoky-peppery tobacco that gives the senses a powerfully distinct delight.

The blend uses the Syrian Latakia process of sun-curing tobacco, then smoke-curing it over controlled fires of fragrant wood and indigenous aromatic herbs.

The History Behind Latakia Tobacco

At the time of the Ottoman Empire, Oriental tobacco farmers in Northern Syria had to store excess tobacco at home before selling it the following year. During the cold winter, these farmers cooked and heated their homes with open fires fueled by aromatic lumber bundles.

The stored tobacco absorbed the smoky fumes, giving it a distinctly rich, heavy taste and smoky aroma. Since these farmers were in the Latakia area of Syria, they called the creation Latakia tobacco. 

Latakia tobacco produces a vibrant, heavy taste with a smoky aroma. After this new creation was embraced, farmers were required to make and sell Latakia tobacco annually

The Aging Process of Latakia Tobacco

It takes an average of five years to age Latakia tobacco before it’s made available to the market. However, true lovers of Latakia’s rich, peppery taste know the experience is worth the wait.

Why Does Aging Take So Long?

Even if some Latakia tobacco isn’t aged for five years, high-quality Latakia undergoes an extensive aging process. Like wine, tobacco can become more flavorful and complex with age.

This particularly holds true with Latakia, which goes through a double-curing process to attain its characteristic flavor.

The Double-Curing Method

The double-curing process starts with sun-curing, which requires placing the tobacco in sealed barns to eliminate moisture. The next step is smoke-curing the tobacco with controlled fires fueled by aromatic herbs and wood.

The Origin of the Double-Curing Method

Tobacco farmers in Northern Syria accidentally came up with the double-curing process. During the Ottoman Empire, tobacco farmers with bumper crops had to store their extra tobacco at home over the winter as they waited to sell it the following year.

They used open fires in their homes for cooking and heating all winter. Those fires were fueled by aromatic Mediterranean lumber.

The tobacco stored in their homes picked up the smoky fumes, giving it a distinctly rich, heavy taste and smoky aroma. When the tobacco was taken to the market in the spring, it was a hit. And because of its success, the Latakia process or double-curing method was born.

Latakia Tobacco Extraction Process


Black Note Extraction Process


Black Note’s Latakia (aka Quartet) tobacco is naturally extracted from sun-cured tobacco leaves. During our cold maceration extraction process, the hidden flavors of real tobacco are unlocked, uncovering the subtle tobacco notes of Latakia’s unique character and flavor. Finally, you taste the real deal: premium natural tobacco vaping liquid. 
Black Note’s Latakia tobacco blend is not artificially made in a lab. As a result, you get a natural tobacco taste produced by sunlight and care, not a synthetic flavor from chemicals.

Black Note’s Latakia Blend tobacco vaping liquid is:

  • It is naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves, using only the best leaves and the best part of the leaves.
  • 100% FREE from artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • No diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein, and acetoin
  • Handcrafted in small batches

The Story Behind Our Journey


Real farmer carrying a basket full of ruffled tobacco leaves.


Our journey to create the most authentic-tasting tobacco e-liquid started when we realized tobacco e-liquids on the market didn’t taste like real tobacco. As a result, we were inspired to do things better by crafting real tobacco vaping liquid without sweeteners and flavors.

Naturally extracting tobacco flavor in small batches was the only way to preserve the signature flavor of our tobacco blends.

Thanks to our cold maceration extraction process, the hidden flavors of real tobacco are unlocked. Our commitment to this approach uncovers the subtle notes of each Black Note tobacco blend, giving them a unique character and preserving their natural flavor.

When you try one of our real tobacco vaping liquid blends, you’ll immediately taste the difference between Black Note and everyone else. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Second Best Alternative to Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Our mission at Black Note is to be the second-best alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes. Not smoking anything is the number one alternative.

Although we are the best tobacco vaping liquid company on earth (according to many of our customers), we don’t want non-smokers to start vaping, we won’t encourage vapers to vape more, and we DON’T want you to vape forever.

We encourage people to QUIT cold turkey if that works better, without putting Black Note into the mix and relying on vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

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