WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Vape For Heavy Smokers

Quitting cigarettes for good after a long period of being a regular and heavy smoker is not easy. But have you wondered why more people are making this move? They’re making this move because of the increasing popularity of vapes, which have been proven less harmful than cigarettes.

Vaping can help you quit cigarettes by replacing your regular nicotine with a particular type with fewer toxins. The best part is that the transition does not take anything away from your social life. In contrast, it helps you reduce costs and makes it easier to quit smoking.

Now that you are ready to leave smoking for vaping, the all-important question is, what is the best vape for a heavy smoker? This blog will help you decide the best vape for heavy smokers to get as you start your vaping journey.

  1. Which Vaping Device Type Is Right For You?  
    1. MTL Pen Devices
    2. MTL Pod Devices
  2. How Do I Make My Vape Smoke Heavy?
  3. What Is The Best Vape For Mouth-To-Lung?
    1. Choose vapes that are optimized to use high-strength e-liquids
    2. Choose refillable vapes
    3. Choose vapes with a user-friendly design and extended battery life.
  4. Key Takeaways

Which Vaping Device Type Is Right For You?  

One of the most exciting things about vaping is the wide range of options available. There is something for everyone. For example, vapers can choose between two types of vaping devices—mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL). MTL means you inhale the vapor, hold it in your mouth (like a cigarette), and then into the lungs. DTL means direct inhalation (like an asthma inhaler)—you inhale the vapor directly into the lungs.

As someone transitioning from cigarettes to vapes, you will be more suited to mouth-to-lung devices. The close similarity these devices share with smoking can help you quit smoking faster. They mostly have discreet designs with small clouds and can deliver high nicotine amounts. In addition, mouth-to-lung vaping devices use less vape juice, helping to save costs in the long run.

All mouth-to-lung vaping devices can be classified into two groups:

  1. Pod devices
  2. Pen devices

MTL Pen Devices

These devices are known for their slim, discreet, and stylish design. They use higher nicotine levels to give you more substantial hits and a more realistic and satisfying smoking sensation. The flavor production is vital because they have smaller air flows, which create tighter draws. There are three components of pen devices: the battery, tank, and coil. You should recharge the battery and fill the tank with your favorite flavored e-liquid daily. The coil heats the e-liquid into vapor. While the batteries last a few years, you may need to replace the coils every two to four weeks.

MTL Pod Devices

Vape pods are simpler than pen devices. All you have to do is pop in a cartridge, pod, or capsule and puff away as you would do to a cigarette. You are not pushing any button or replacing the coil periodically. The impressive simplicity of these pod devices comes at a price—they are slightly more expensive. However, it is the best option for transitioning smokers who are not technically inclined. Cartridges in MTL pod devices can be pre-filled disposable or refillable cartridges. So, you either replace or refill your cartridge when it is empty.

How Do I Make My Vape Smoke Heavy?

Mouth-to-lung vaping may not satisfy your cravings if you prefer your smoke to be heavy. In this case, we recommend going for direct-to-lung vaping devices. These devices produce massive, dense, fluffy clouds with an intense and sweet flavor rush.

What Is The Best Vape For Mouth-To-Lung?

Choosing the best vape for heavy smokers can be tricky because there are many options. But not to worry, we will show you what to look out for when shopping for your next vaping device in this section.

As a smoker or recent ex-smoker looking to start vaping to quit smoking permanently, we recommend going for a mouth-to-lung vaping device like vaping pods and pens. The draw is tighter, the nicotine rush is more intense, and the overall satisfaction is similar to what you get from smoking. You also have access to a wide range of delicious authentic tobacco flavors. This answers the question, “what is the best vape that hits like a cigarette?”

Choose vapes that are optimized to use high-strength e-liquids

As a heavy smoker, your ideal vaping device should produce the vapor that meets your needs. We recommend a low-wattage device that is compatible with high-nicotine e-liquids. Having a balance in vapor production is also essential—nicotine level drops when vapor production is too low. You can identify a vaping device that checks these boxes by looking at the design—they usually have a tight airflow and a narrow mouthpiece, with a shape and size similar to that of a cigarette filter.

Choose refillable vapes

In addition to producing rich amounts of vapor that can satisfy your nicotine needs, the suitable vaping device must also be refillable to help you save costs. Instead of buying a pack of pods or several disposable vapes for daily use from convenience stores, you can refill your refillable vapes with bottled e-liquids from reputable stores. The latter is much less expensive and guarantees an improved vaping experience.

Choose vapes with a user-friendly design and extended battery life.

Your first vaping device will be your regular companion as a heavy smoker looking to quit smoking cigarettes. After that, you spend more time getting familiar with the device and how it works, so you should go for one with an extended battery backup.

You can assess the battery life by checking its rating, usually measured in milliampere-hours (mAH). The higher the mAH, the longer the device will last on a full charge. You may also opt for models with a removable battery that allows you to charge the battery with an external charger.

Asides from battery life, we also recommend that you choose a device that is simple enough to use for a vaping newbie. Feel free to replace this with more sophisticated models when you gain more experience.

Key Takeaways

Whichever you end up going for, between vaping pens and pods, you should choose the most suitable vaping device. Coming from 15-20 cigarettes a day as a heavy smoker, you need to replicate your smoking pattern with vaping to stand a chance of a successful transition. The quality of your vaping device translates to the satisfaction you get from the vaping experience. Consider the tips in this blog to choose the suitable device that delivers the best mouth-to-lung inhaling style for maximum hits.

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