WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Lookah Turtle 510 Battery

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Shop the Lookah Turtle 510 Battery, equipped with a 400mAh integrated battery, three voltage settings, and compatibility with 2 gram 510-threaded cartridges for a versatile vaping experience.

Compatibile With: Hemp Cartridges

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Discover the refined Lookah Turtle 510 Battery, tailored for the modern vaper. This compact device integrates a 400mAh battery and offers three adjustable voltage levels, ensuring optimal performance with a variety of 2 gram 510-threaded cartridges. Crafted from robust zinc-alloy, the Lookah Turtle Battery not only boasts a durable design but also features a sleek, transparent magnetic top that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The Lookah Turtle Battery is designed for convenience and discretion. Its coiled guide spring carefully secures and conceals the cartridge, providing a seamless look and added protection. Ideal for those who value privacy and style, this battery supports a wide range of cartridges with its universal 510-thread connection and offers easy operation with its draw-activated mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Battery Life: 400mAh capacity
  • Voltage Levels: Three power settings for tailored vapor output
  • Material: High-quality zinc alloy chassis
  • Visibility: Clear magnetic top with LED indicator lights
  • Usage: Simple draw-activated operation
  • Charging: Efficient Type-C port
  • Compatibility: Fits up to 2 gram cartridges

Package Includes:

  • 1 Lookah Turtle 510 Battery
  • 1 Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Available Colors:

Black, Blue, Gray, Neon Green, Orange, Purple

Safety Instructions:

  • Avoid overcharging and over-discharging to preserve battery longevity.
  • Prevent short circuits by ensuring that the battery does not come into contact with metal objects.
  • Avoid exposure to fire to prevent battery damage and potential hazards.
  • Regularly inspect the battery for signs of wear and properly dispose of if damaged.
  • Follow local regulations for battery disposal to ensure environmental safety.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

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What makes the Lookah Turtle 510 Battery suitable for modern vapers?

The Lookah Turtle 510 Battery is designed to meet the needs of contemporary vapers through its compact design, robust build, and adjustable voltage settings. Featuring a 400mAh battery housed in a durable zinc-alloy chassis, this device offers three voltage levels tailored for various vaping preferences and is compatible with up to 2 gram 510-threaded cartridges, making it versatile for both casual and heavy users.

How does the design of the Lookah Turtle Battery enhance user experience?

The Lookah Turtle Battery is crafted with a sleek, transparent magnetic top that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also allows users to view the cartridge and LED indicators easily. This design feature adds a level of style and practical functionality, making it easy to monitor the battery’s status and the cartridge’s position.

What are the adjustable voltage settings on the Lookah Turtle Battery and how do they impact vaping?

The Lookah Turtle Battery offers three adjustable voltage settings to accommodate different vaping needs: low, medium, and high. These settings allow users to control the intensity of the vapor output, making it easier to achieve a personalized vaping experience, whether they prefer a smoother hit or a more robust flavor profile.

Is the Lookah Turtle Battery compatible with different types of cartridges?

Yes, the Lookah Turtle Battery is compatible with a broad range of cartridges thanks to its universal 510-thread connection. This feature makes it ideal for users who like to switch between different oil types or flavors, as it can fit up to 2 gram cartridges, offering flexibility and convenience.

What are the key safety features of the Lookah Turtle Battery?

The Lookah Turtle Battery includes several safety features to ensure reliable use. It has a coiled guide spring that not only secures the cartridge in place but also conceals it for added protection and discretion. Additionally, the device is equipped with a draw-activated mechanism which minimizes the risk of accidental activation. Users are advised to avoid overcharging, exposure to fire, and contact with metal objects to prevent short circuits and preserve battery longevity.

How should the Lookah Turtle Battery be charged?

The Lookah Turtle Battery should be charged using the included Type-C charging cable. This modern charging standard offers efficient power replenishment and is widely used for its convenience. Users should monitor the charging process and disconnect the battery once fully charged to maintain optimal battery health.

What colors are available for the Lookah Turtle Battery, and how can it be customized?

The Lookah Turtle Battery is available in several colors, including Black, Blue, Gray, Neon Green, Orange, and Purple. This variety allows users to choose a device that best suits their style preferences, making it both a functional and fashionable accessory.


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