WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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7 Ingredients to Avoid in Vape Juice

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Vaping has been a major talk of the town in recent years, especially for the controversies surrounding its use and inquiries about the vape juice ingredients to avoid. While many vapers would swear to only vape because they are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, many would admit to loving vaping for what it is.

Health-wise, a lot of people assume there seems not to be a thick line between vaping and smoking, but we think that is not true. One significant advantage of vaping over smoking is being the chief director of the vape juice ingredients you smoke. What that means is that you can filter out ingredients you would rather not have in your vape juice.

If you are new to vaping, then you should be careful when choosing your vaporizer liquids. The manufacturers mix artificial flavors, low-cost nicotine with high PG concentration, a petroleum-based fluid. With such ingredients, it is not healthy to inhale the vapor.

— beerconnoisseur.com

If there are warnings about vape juice ingredients to avoid flying around, it’s worth asking, “does vape juice have harmful chemicals?” The straight and short answer is yes. If you are just trying out vaping, you should be mindful of the kind of vape juices you purchase. It will do no harm if you are also mindful of your supplier. This is because manufacturers have developed the habit of mixing artificial flavors and harmful chemicals with your vape juice.

Some manufacturers also add low-quality, harmful, propylene glycol-dense nicotine. With this caliber of harmful ingredients in vape juices, there’s no way its vapor can be healthy to inhale into your lungs. So, what are the 7 harmful ingredients in vapes to avoid? They are:

  • Caffeine
  • Mint or Menthol
  • Cinnamon
  • Diketones
  • Vanilla
  • Fragrance oils
  • Banana and Strawberry flavors

Now, let’s discuss them in detail.


Caffeine is a substance capable of increasing your heart rate, causing stomach upset and jitteriness, disrupt good sleep, to mention a few. This makes caffeine one of the major vape juice ingredients to avoid. Therefore, avoiding caffeine in your vape juice would be a better practice if you react badly to caffeine. Even if you don’t react badly to it, it is still better to avoid it or, in the worst-case scenario, limit the amount present in your vape juice.

While the government can regulate caffeine in carbonated drinks, it is usually your responsibility as a vaper to regulate the amount of caffeine in your vape.


We would never advise you to buy vape juice with mint or menthol. A 2019 study by the CDC revealed that mint and menthol flavors in vape juice are rich in carcinogenic elements like pulegone, and the oral administration of pulegone is heavily linked with pulmonary metaplasia, hepatic carcinomas, etc.

In fact, the FDA, in 2018, banned the use of synthetic pulegone as a food additive. Furthermore, manufacturers of tobacco products have cut down the level of mint and menthol flavors because of how toxic they are. For substances that raise so many eyebrows like this, you are better off without them. Having said all these, mint/menthol is part of the vape juice ingredients to avoid.

Black Note’s Take on Menthol

Despite the valid concerns raised about mint and menthol flavors in vape juices, Black Note’s Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid stands apart as a beacon of safety and quality in an industry facing scrutiny. The apprehensions regarding carcinogenic elements such as pulegone, highlighted by the 2019 CDC study, are indeed alarming.

However, Black Note has meticulously crafted its menthol tobacco blend to defy these concerns, ensuring a product that not only avoids the use of synthetic pulegone but also steers clear of any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or synthetic nicotine.

Their commitment to natural quality and safety is unparalleled; by exclusively using real organic tobacco leaves and genuine organic peppermint leaves for menthol extraction, Black Note guarantees an e-liquid free from harmful compounds like Pulegone, Diacetyl, and others.


This dedication to natural ingredients and adherence to high safety standards makes Black Note’s Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid not just an exception in the vape industry but a testament to how meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to natural, quality ingredients can result in a cleaner, healthier vaping experience.

For those cautious about the potential health risks associated with mint and menthol vape juices, Black Note offers a compelling alternative that does not compromise on flavor or safety, making it a product worth considering for a pure and authentic vaping experience.


While cinnamon is a good choice in most food recipes and even wildly used for its medicinal properties, it is surprisingly a part of the vape juice ingredients to avoid. Adding cinnamon as a spice to your food or using it for its medicinal properties is harmless. The problem with adding cinnamon to your e-juice is its harmful nicotine reaction.

These two substances, when compounded, can be highly toxic to your body and detrimental to your overall well-being. The vapor from the mixture of cinnamon and nicotine is carcinogenic and can wreak much havoc on leukocytes. It can also disrupt mucus production in your lungs, severe sores in the mouth, and gum. In a worst-case scenario, it can lead to impaired breathing and seizures. No doubt, this is an ingredient to do away with. It is not worth the try.


In recent years, more and more flavoring companies have been ditching diketone as an ingredient in their flavors for health reasons. More so, many vape companies have already joined the trend of producing diketones-free vape juice flavors. Diketones are made of acetyl, propionyl, diacetyl, and acetoin. Diacetyl happens to be the culprit here.

Around the 1990s, it was discovered that workers in a popcorn factory who inhaled a high amount of diacetyl contracted bronchiolitis as a result. Bronchiolitis is also known as popcorn lung, a name inspired by the popcorn factory event. Before this “revelation” event, it was never known that inhaling a large amount of diacetyl over a long period could cause serious health hazards. In food, diketones are not known to cause any harm, but they remain vape juice ingredients to avoid.


One of the constituting compounds of vanilla is vanillin, a highly toxic substance if inhaled. According to experts’ opinions, it can lead to health complications such as blood cell dysfunction, heart complications, skin irritation, and eye irritations. If inhaled for a prolonged time, vanilla-flavored vape juice can predispose you to severe health conditions. Including it in your list of vape juice ingredients to avoid is simply better.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are best enjoyed in household items, and in moderation, of course. In vape juice, fragrance oils are nothing short of pure toxins. They can severely damage your respiratory system, leaving you with breathing issues. Fragrance oils are definitely one of the vape juice ingredients to avoid by all means.

Banana and Strawberry Flavors

Bananas and strawberries are great for food flavoring, but only in that regard. Inhaling them can be fatal to your heart’s health because of the isoamyl acetate and dimethyl pyrazine present in bananas and strawberries. Both isoamyl acetate and dimethyl pyrazine are known to cause severe cell damage. Add them to your list of vape juice ingredients to avoid at all costs.


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Now that you know 7 vape juice ingredients to avoid, would you not ask what vape liquid is the safest? The answer is simple. The safest vape liquid is the one that does not contain any of the substances we mentioned above and every other substance that you may react to badly.

Looking for the safest vape liquids? Look no further! We supply and deliver healthy and safe vape liquids that give you a tobacco-like experience. Safely extracted from high-quality and natural tobacco plants, your safety is assured with us at Black Note. We maintain the best health standards in our vaping liquids and vaping devices. Place your order now and join the league of elite vapers.

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