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Why is my Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back?

 Is your vape spitting back pops, crackles, and spits? Don’t worry; there are no defects. Have you ever noticed how heated water pops and bubbles? Your vape device may respond similarly when a liquid is heated and turned into vapor.

Your enjoyment of vaping may be ruined by excessive popping noise. It might also be a sign that there is a problem with your liquid or device. Any device can make a popping noise when it is operating.

In most cases, the reason a vape is spitting is the e-liquid is collecting on the coil and it’s being cooked rather than vaporised. This causes it to heat up and eventually it’ll spit, much like water when it sits on an exceptionally hot surface.” – vapoholic.co.uk

Article Summary

What is popping and spitting?

Spitting, also known as spitback, is the term for the sporadic, extremely hot e-liquid droplets that appear in your mouth while vaping. It’s occasionally possible to observe the coil of an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) firing, which is typically accompanied by popping noises. However, if you’re unfortunate, some of the drops may start going up into the device’s mouthpiece. The droplets puke in all directions.

Vape spitting after refill

Spitback is caused by e-liquid pooling up on the coil, where it is “cooked” rather than vaporized. The volume of e-liquid in such a situation overwhelms the coil, and the heat is unable to completely vaporize the e-liquid that is present. Similar to how boiling water spits, you could actually catch a droplet by vaporizing from the tip. 

Why does my vape pop and spit?

There are many reasons why your vaping liquid could pool up on the coil. Some of them are:

Extremely low Wattage level

Inspect your wattage level if you utilize a sub-ohm device. You may have a low voltage or wattage. Low wattage indicates that your device can’t sufficiently heat the e-juice into vapor. Spitback and popping sounds occur as a result of the e-liquid overflowing the tank.

If you are using an RTA that has loose airflow, the issue will get worse. This pushes air into the apparatus.

Increase the wattage by a maximum of 10 watts if it is too low. When the popping lessens, you’ll be able to identify the issue. You might also try limiting your airflow changes. To reduce the air pressure, move the tank’s collar. For optimal vaping, try using a kit with airflow and wattage adjustments.

A narrow chimney

Another setup that might be problematic is one with a small chimney or drip tip. Condensation frequently forms behind the chimney due to vapor. This transforms into water, which prevents airflow from your device.

A tank that has a wider chimney is a simple fix for this problem. Utilizing an RDA setup is another option. The chimneys on these kits are larger.

The chimney is clogged

A buildup of e-juice in the chimney from a long period of use may result in severe spitback. Here, the answer is straightforward. Take off the drip tip. To absorb the extra water, roll up a piece of tissue paper and place it inside the tank. Keeping your chimney clean will always help you prevent this issue.

The e-liquid is thin

Your coil could be flooded, leading to spitback and device crackling, if your e-liquid is too thin. Due to the higher operating temperatures of sub-ohm tanks, this is particularly likely to occur.

Propylene glycol (PG)-rich e-liquids are typically thinner. You probably like high-PG liquids because they taste great, but if you frequently pop, look for a thicker liquid. Vegetable glycerin (VG)-rich e-liquids are typically thicker.

Lower temperatures are used when using a small device, such as a pod mod. Such a small device will operate better with a thinner e-liquid that heats up quickly at low temperatures. Consider switching to an e-juice with some VG if you’re experiencing popping issues.

A braided or twisted coil

A braided coil’s flavor may be to your liking, but the braids may leave gaps in the coil. E-liquid can leak through the coils or braids when you add it. The hissing and popping noises will let you know that it’s happening.

Try tightening the coil if you braided it yourself. You might have to put up with the popping if you purchased it braided. Going forward, stick to standard coils 

How do I stop my vape from popping and spitting?

Now that you know what causes popping and spitting, you may be wondering how to stop your vape from experiencing these issues. The following are the ways you may employ to stop your device from popping and spitting.

Don’t prime your coil excessively

When you manually drip e-juice onto the wicking material before using your coil for the first time, you are “priming” it. Too much vape liquid in the chamber could easily lead to flooding problems and spitback. Don’t go overboard. Giving the wick time to saturate is preferable to hastening the process.

Decrease the airflow

When you vape, overly forceful inhalation promotes flooding by yanking more e-liquid into the chamber. It’s simple to fix this: inhale more slowly and let the coil and wick work for you. If the problem persists, try lowering your airflow setting. Nevertheless, when you minimize the airflow, be extremely cautious not to compensate by inhaling too forcefully, because doing so might only make the problem worse.

Push the fire button once

Simply press the fire button a few times before inhaling if you dipped or primed too much. The buzzing of vaporization should remain after the popping noises have subsided. You can now puff without worrying about spitting back.

Employ thicker e-liquid.

Compared to VG, PG has a thinner consistency. This implies that high-PG e-liquids are highly likely compared to the high-VG ones to flood your atomizer. By slowing down the wicking, switching to a high-VG e-liquid can solve your spitback problems.

Clean your device’s chimney

Flooding is the most frequent cause of spitback, but e-juice accumulation in the chimney, which eventually travels back down to the coil, can exacerbate the issue. Get some tissue paper that has been rolled up, remove your drip tip, and insert it into your tank’s chimney to fix this quickly. This absorbs extra e-liquid, lowering the possibility of spitting as well as popping.

Increase the wattage

You may not be vaporizing e-juice as fast as your wick is delivering it if your device’s wattage is just too low. If you are using a variable wattage mod, try increasing the power by 5 to 10 watts.

Do not use exotic coils

This primarily applies to rebuildables. Due to their construction, multi-strand coils frequently pop and spit. This is especially true of twisted coils, though clapton coils might suffer from the same problem. It can be challenging to totally stop popping on these types of coils because of how easy it is for e-juice to pool on your coil because of their structure. If you have to avoid spitback, the best recommendation is to use plain round wire.

Try a different drip tip

Try using an anti-spitback drip tip if you own a 510 drip tip. E-juice finds it more difficult to spill all the way into the mouth when the designs are angled. The problem can also be resolved by using longer drip tips, particularly if they have a bend in them or are curved. Another option is to try attaching a screen to the drip tip’s bottom or finding one made for this purpose.

Work on your wicks

You may want to re-wick your device’s coils if spitback is an issue when using an RTA. The objective is to line the pathways leading from your tank to the chamber with densely packed wick without totally blocking them, which may require some experimenting. You’ll need to utilize more wick than normal if flooding and spitting are a problem. However, you should avoid using too much.

Key Takeaways

For a smooth experience, troubleshooting may occasionally be required. Leaking, hot pops, and spitback can occur for a variety of reasons, but they are largely preventable. First try the straightforward fixes, and if those don’t work, try more drastic action. If everything else fails, you could perhaps require a completely different device or tank. 

It’s encouraging to know that vaping device manufacturers are becoming aware of these widespread issues. We might be entering a brand new phase of vaping as anti-leaking and anti-spitback measures spread more widely. These issues might disappear in the future if technology develops as expected. Don’t allow these inconveniences to stop you from using a much better substitute for cigarettes in the interim.

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