WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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5 Benefits of Natural Tobacco E-Liquid

Looking for an authentic tobacco vape experience? Avoid synthetic tobacco flavorings and opt for natural tobacco e-liquid instead.  

Anyone who has transitioned from smoking to vaping knows that man-made tobacco flavorings are lackluster at best. These dull, lifeless e-liquids just can’t capture the taste of traditional tobacco. 

Vapers who want to avoid synthetic, ashy inhales are turning to naturally extracted tobacco. 

What Is Naturally Extracted Tobacco?


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Whether you're transitioning from smoking to vaping or seeking an upgrade to natural tobacco e-liquids, Black Note has you covered. Our quick, 15-second quiz and comprehensive guide are tailored to help both smokers and current vapers discover their ideal natural vaping alternatives.

Naturally extracted tobacco flavors are a labor of love. It takes months to make a bottle of authentic tobacco e-liquid, much longer than the synthetic alternative. As the name suggests, this type of tobacco comes directly from tobacco plants.

What Are Artificial Tobacco Flavorings?

Synthetic tobacco flavorings are nothing new. Much like man-made strawberry flavors, artificial tobacco flavorings have never hit the mark. 

Some manufacturers use natural herbs, beans, and artificial flavors to recreate that traditional tobacco taste. Others use man-made methods to capture the rustic, sweet, and nutty essence of tobacco.  

No matter the method, artificial tobacco flavorings can never compare to an authentic tobacco vape experience. 

Natural Tobacco Vapes Strike the Perfect Cord

A violin shares a lot of the same characteristics as Black Note e-liquids.

  • Structural balance – The ratio of VG, PG, nicotine, and flavorings complement one another. 
  • Precise craftsmanship – We have perfected our nine-step tobacco extraction process over decades. 
  • Unique tone – Nothing tastes quite like Black Note e-liquids. 
  • Stand-alone perfection – We add no artificial sweeteners or flavorings to our tobacco. 
  • Remarkable performance – Our e-liquids are recognized as the best, most authentic vape experience on the market. 
  • Natural materials – All the tobacco flavorings in our e-liquids are organic. 

When you combine all these elements, you get a finely tuned end product. This is why our e-liquids have alternative names. Virginia is better known as Prelude, Burley as Forte, Cavendish as Sonata, Menthol as Solo, and so on. 

We use complex, precise processes to curate the natural tobacco notes and create beautiful melodies. For Virginia Tobacco e-liquid, we control the natural ebb and flow of flavors until the leaf produces a sweet, satisfying experience.

5 Benefits of Authentic Tobacco Vape Juice

So, why does N.E.T. make the best tobacco e-liquid? 

Let’s look at the top five reasons why naturally extracted tobacco is better for farmers, the environment, and your tastebuds. 

The Slow Food Movement

We follow the philosophy of the Slow Food Movement, which celebrates the time-old tradition of cultivating crops and watching them mature. Our tobacco plants have ample time to create mature, full-bodied flavors. 

This principle rings true throughout every stage of the process. The very first step starts a year before we plant the seeds. We select non-GMO seeds and cross-breed them to create the healthiest varieties possible. We do this to ensure that each tobacco plant produces a range of flavors, creating the best tobacco e-liquid possible. 

When you purchase our naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids, you are joining a growing number of vapers who appreciate the unique benefits of time, patience, and care.

Naturally extracted tobacco flavors are a labor of love, taking months to create a bottle of authentic tobacco e-liquid, far longer than the synthetic alternative.

— Black Note

All Natural

To create a genetically modified plant, scientists introduce an antibiotic-resistant marker to the mix. This common practice has faced backlash from scientists who worry that GM plants may cause antibiotic resistance in humans. 

The tobacco flavorings in our N.E.T. e-liquids are entirely natural. We only ever use GMO seeds, so there is absolutely no genetically modified material in our tobacco flavorings. 

Supports Tobacco Farmers

As you can imagine, artificial flavorings require fewer resources and people. There is no need for a physical tobacco plant, which eliminates 99% of the materials and labor. Farmers across the world have been hit hard by this technological advancement. 
In the pursuit of an authentic tobacco vape experience, vapers are supporting farmers. Instead of investing in tasteless, synthetic e-liquid, they are championing an industry that keeps farmers in business.

Supports Soil Biodiversity

To make the most money possible, most tobacco farmers use a method called monocropping. In essence, monocropping happens when farmers plant a single crop in the same spot for years and years.

When monocropping is paired with genetically modified plants, it can have a devastating impact on soil diversity. There is a reduction in the amount of bacteria and microorganisms that increase soil fertility, leaving land that can only handle one type of crop. 

On top of that, most genetically modified plants are engineered to generate pesticides. This might be a short-term positive, but it has the potential to cause long-term damage. Pesticides can be difficult to wash away, meaning they stay in the soil long after the intended timeframe. 

Natural tobacco e-liquid does not cause any of these problems, making it a less harmful alternative to synthetic tobacco. 

No Bitterness

If you have tried artificial tobacco products, you know that each inhale has harsh, bitter undertones. This is the edge that comes with synthetic flavorings. 

Natural tobacco vape juice is free from these unwanted byproducts. Our tobacco leaves are constantly supervised; so we catch them when they are ripe and ready. The rustic, nutty flavors have grown to maturity, allowing the smooth flavor profile to express itself completely. 

How Is Naturally Extracted Tobacco Made?

There are a few ways to create N.E.T. e-liquid. Some manufacturers soak tobacco in propylene glycol (PG) until the natural flavors inside the tobacco are drawn out. Ether and petroleum ether are other popular solvents. 

Everyone does it differently, but few are as thorough as us. We have crafted a nine-step process to create the best tobacco e-liquid possible. 

Here it is at a glance. 

  1. Selecting seeds. One year before we plant our crops, we cross-breed the best tobacco seeds.
  2. Growing tobacco. We choose the best soil and locations for our tobacco plants and only harvest them when they are ripe and ready. 
  3. Curing tobacco leaves. Our farmers supervise the sun-curing, air-curing, flue-curing, and fire-curing processes. 
  4. Moistening and stripping. Once the leaves are out of the moistening chamber, we strip and sort them based on quality, color, and size. Only the top 50% go to the next stage. 
  5. Conditioning and aging. The leaves are conditioned for flavor and then left to age. 
  6. Blending flavors. We combine the best leaves from different locations to create unique blends. 
  7. Extracting. We use a tobacco maceration process to get the best flavor possible. 
  8. Filtering. Our in-house chemists oversee the purification process to remove contaminants and debris. 
  9. Packaging. The finished naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid is bottled up and ready to go! 

Black Note E-Liquids

Authentic tobacco vape juice is hard to come by, but not at Black Note. 

We have put time, patience, and years of experience into nine natural tobacco e-liquid flavors. Our e-liquid range is small but mighty. Each bottle is bursting full of traditional tobacco sensations. 

Here are a few of our most popular N.E.T. e-liquids. 

You can order our sample pack to try the entire collection. 

By choosing natural tobacco e-liquids, vapers are not only enjoying an authentic taste but also supporting farmers and promoting soil biodiversity.

— Black Note

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5 Benefits of Natural Tobacco E-Liquid

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