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What is RBA Vaping? Everything You Need to Know

Vapers generally begin using disposable vapes before switching to pod mods. The next step is for them to use refillable tanks with plug-and-play coil systems. Many vapers eventually choose to switch to tanks with more customizability choices. Therefore, they begin using vape RBA vaping tanks.

These atomizers represent the pinnacle of vaping. They are well worth purchasing and using, especially for individuals sick of pod mods and refillable tanks.

Article Summary

What is RBA Vaping?

Advanced vapers frequently become bored of using pre-made, conventional vapes and want to try creating their own. RBAs, or rebuildable atomizers, are sophisticated devices with decks that let users design and install their own wicks and coils, or “builds,” for use in vaping. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, and Genesis are the four types of RBAs. The name RBA can also apply to any atomizer with a build deck.

RBA heads work with clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks, replacing pre-made coil heads and giving vapers control over their setups. Since most tanks don’t have an RBA head, they must be used with particular tanks. However, they are detachable and replaceable like regular coil heads. RBA-equipped tanks are an excellent starting point for bespoke setups, enabling vapers to advance their building expertise. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, often known as RDAs, RTAs, or Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, are the two main categories of RBAs.

What does RBA mean on my vape?

Restrictions imposed by smart mode are overridden by RBA mode. Instead of the resistances predetermined by smart mode, it enables you to utilize various values for each coil. Rebuildable atomizers, or RBAs, allow you complete control over your device.

What is the difference between RBA, RTA, RDA, and RDTA?

Are you striving to understand the variations among the various vape products? The four factors you hear about most frequently are RBA, RDA, RTA, and RDTA. Do you want to learn how to use these 4 different devices? Rebuildable Atomizers, often known as RBAs, are thought to be among the best atomizers for vaping.

RTA and RDA are two additional atomizer subtypes under RBA. The tank system is referred to as RTA, while the dripper is referred to as RDA. If you are new to vaping, these items may be utterly unfamiliar to you. We have done our best to explain how these differ from one another.

A summarized explanation of RBA, RTA, RDA, and RDTA

RBA Vaping

Rebuildable atomizers, or RBAs, are a common choice for DIY vaping. In 2021, this was not as extensively used as it is today due to the internet. A sophisticated vape that allows customers to insert their own coils and wicks is the BP MODS Pioneer Dot RBA. Rebuildable atomizers have become the most popular type of removable deck, for which this phrase is most frequently used. A build deck-equipped atomizer is referred known as an RBA vape. With this guide, you will know how to select the best atomizer for your need.

RDA Vaping

When using an RDA, the user must manually add e-liquid to the coil and wick rather than pass the liquid through the tank, as with other types of commercially available devices. The e-liquid is kept in a well at the base of the build deck of RDAs, and the wick tails are inserted there to absorb the liquid. The wells don’t contain as much as conventional tanks, so you’ll have to fill them up more frequently to keep the wicks from getting dry and burning. Except when used with a squonk mod, which enables e-liquid to be fed through a small opening in the mod, RDAs are not as convenient as most tanks due to their manual nature and greater need for refills.

RTA Vaping

RTA vaping, which technically encompasses all types of rebuildable tanks, has remained true to a specific construction system despite the development of new ones. RTAs feature a deck that is either in the middle of the tank or underneath it, and they have a chimney and bell system that extends all the way to the drip tip. The RTA construction is distinguished from others by its distinctive chimney and bell systems. The deck is encircled and enclosed by the bell, which isolates it from the juice and creates a vacuum inside the tank that supplies the wick with fuel. For greater power vaping, this results in a far more effective wicking mechanism, and the chimney produces a concentrated vapor stream, which improves vape flavor.

RDTA Vaping

Despite being a relatively recent innovation, the RDTA is dominating the vaping industry. The abbreviation RDTA refers to a rebuildable drip tank atomizer. It has been regarded as the greatest option because it combines an RDA’s functionality with an RTA’s capacity, and shows how an RDA’s deck was constructed. It has moved on to become one of the most in-demand tanks because of its various storage capacity, ability to produce clouds, and flavorful experience.

In a normal Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, you might be able to see an RTA perched on top of an RDA if you look closely. An RDTA basically makes use of its deck to drip liquid on the wicking material after storing the e-liquid in a tank (thus the capacity of an RTA) (hence the working features of an RDA).

Pros of RDTA Vaping

  • It has a tank for e-liquid storage.
  • Brings about the best clouds.
  • The e-flavors liquids are enhanced similarly to an RDA.
  • Coils can be adjusted.

How to Choose the Correct RBA, RDA, or RDTA

  • The RDTA has a tank, but the RDA does not, and this is the primary difference between the two atomizers.
  • There isn’t really much of a distinction between them other than that.
  • Both of them produce a ton of vapor and let users create their own coils.

The best option relies entirely on the user’s preferences. The RDTA is for vapers who like a tank, while the RDA is for those who don’t mind pouring juice directly into the coils.

The device and the quality of its construction play a large role in choosing the best atomizer. There are some RDAs and RDTAs that are superior to others. To choose the best, make sure to read reviews of various items.

How Long Does RBA Coil Last?

If coils are properly cared for, they can last a very long period. Remove the coil (or coils) from the tank, take out the old wicking, and give it a good cleaning once a week or as often as you vape.

  • The easiest way to do this is by soaking it for at least 30 minutes in warm water.
  • With this, you will be able to remove all of the burned juice and wicking from the wire.
  • Then, use an isopropyl alcohol solution with a little steel brush to clean it.
  • Brush it until all traces of the previous juice are eliminated.
  • After you have brushed the coil, wash it under warm running water to get rid of all alcohol residue.
  • The coil should then be laid out on a towel or piece of paper to air dry.

Immediately after it dries, put the coil on the deck and then dry fire it. The purpose of dry firing is to ensure an equal burn and the absence of machine oils. Dry firing is the process of igniting the vape without any juice or wicking in the tank.

When the coil has cooled, prime it with liquid and rewick it. Do this by pouring juice into the RBA’s juice well, which is where the juice accumulates and allows the wicking to absorb it. Wicking is the substance that absorbs and holds onto liquid. It is often comprised of cotton. Before using the device, let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

Although it may seem boring and time-consuming to go through these tasks, regular cleaning and rewicking maintain cloud production and flavor consistency while extending the life of the wires.

Key Takeaways

One of the wisest moves a seasoned vaper can make is to purchase an RBA vape. These atomizers raise the bar for vaping because of their exceptional cloud quality and adaptability. RBAs come in a variety of types so that vapers can discover exactly what they’re searching for. Just remember that purchasing an atomizer necessitates a basic understanding of electrical and that creating a coil might be difficult.

To learn more about vaping, please do well to read more articles on our website and also subscribe to our email newsletter.

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