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Vaping360 Reviews NET E-Liquids by Black Note

Cowboy tobacco leaves NET E-Liquids

If this is your first time visiting Blacknote.com after searching for “Best Naturally Extracted Tobacco” or NET E-Liquid, you are probably wondering if we really are the best. We’ve been extracting tobacco juices to create the world’s highest quality vape juices for many years. But we’re biased and it might be difficult to just take our word when we say how good our E-Liquids are compared to the rest of the market.

Thankfully, there are credible review sites like Vaping360 who take the time to write objective reviews of vape juices and devices by companies like ours (even though Black Note is unlike any other vaping company). In this post, I’m going to summarize the key points from Vaping360’s recent review of our line of naturally extracted tobacco (NET) vape juices. You can read their full review here.

Find Out Why Black Note Vape Juice is the “Black Sheep” of E-Liquid

“The fact that they are transparent in their manufacturing and don’t add any synthetic flavors, dyes, or chemical additives to their e-juices makes them a bonafide natural tobacco vendor with no funny business.” – Vaping360.com

Article Sections

What Makes Black Note Unique

There are three important things you should know about Black Note and I’m going to list them down below. If, however, we had to choose just one thing that makes us stand out, it’s that we don’t do anything artificial. No artificial flavors. No sweeteners. And no synthetic nicotine. So, if you like artificial tobacco flavorings, you won’t find it on Blacknote.com. 

If you were to ask any long-time customer to describe us, we believe they’d say the following: 

  • Black Note extracts the flavor directly from real tobacco leaves. And this is one of the oldest approaches to producing E-Liquids. It’s more labor intensive and more expensive. But, it produces the highest quality vape juice without compromising flavor or exposing our customers to unnecessary ingredients.
  • Our naturally extracted tobacco E-Liquids actually taste like real tobacco! This might seem like it should be standard for all NET vape juices, but it’s not according to most vapers. There’s an obvious difference between artificial and naturally extracted tobacco. When you’ve tried both, there’s no denying naturally extracted is the better experience – if you’re someone seeking “true tobacco flavor in ejuice”.
  • We offer a variety of tobacco flavors. We offer freebase nicotine juices in 50VG/50PG and 70VG/30PG. We also offer Salt Nicotine E-Liquids. And we just released our coil-friendly distillate called Special Blend, which helps prevent coil gunk.

“People don’t enjoy tobacco e-liquids that taste artificial and that don’t taste like real tobacco. That is why we created Black Note.”

Summary of each Black Note’s NET E-Liquids

Vaping360 does an amazing job of highlighting the tobacco flavors in our vape juice product line. Again, you can read their full review by clicking here. Below, I’ll highlight what the blend, what it tastes like and the highlight of their review. 

American Blend

  • Tastes like the Classic Cigarette
  • Made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco leaves
  • The taste is reminiscent of a “red” tobacco cigarette

Special Blend (Coil-Friendly)

  • Tastes like the Classic Cigarette
  • Made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco leaves
  • This is our first coil-friendly vape juice (designed to reduce vape coil gunk) 

Menthol Blend

  • Tastes fresh, crisp, and ultra-smooth
  • Made from Turkish small leaf tobacco overlaid with a menthol extract derived from genuine peppermint leaves
  • “This is perhaps the nicest, most refreshing mint/menthol flavor that I’ve tried (and I’ve tested many). If you like menthol vapes then this is definitely a must try e-juice for you!”

Virginia Blend

  • Tastes light, bright and naturally sweet
  • Made from Virginia tobacco leaves
  • “Despite me not normally liking tobacco flavors that much, I would vape this e-liquid as my all day vape for sure!”

Cavendish Blend

  • Tastes aromatic and naturally sweet
  • Made from Virginia tobacco leaves
  • “It’s a mild tobacco flavor, suitable for those that want the taste without the hard edge of tobacco.”

Kentucky Blend

  • Tastes earthy and nutty
  • Made from Kentucky tobacco leaves
  • “It has a woody flavor on the inhale with a legit smokiness on the exhale. This is probably best suited for those that want more than a straight tobacco taste because of the multi-layered flavor profile.”

Burley Blend

  • Tastes rich and smooth
  • Made from Burley tobacco leaves
  • “…overall taste is very clean and smooth. Of all the flavors from Black Note’s regular line, this one is easily the most straightforward.”

Latakia Blend

  • Has a rich, intense smoky-peppery taste
  • Made from Latakia tobacco leaves
  • It offers “the most complex and true tobacco taste from Black Note. This is for the hardcore among us! …it should impress smokers or ex-smokers. Out of all Black Note liquids, this one tastes the closest to smoking… but much better.”

If you’re eager to try just one of these flavors instead of sampling all eight flavors through our sample pack (see below for details), please visit our E-Liquid shop page

“None of the flavors were really harsh, sour, or bitter like you can get from a traditional tobacco juice.” – Vaping360.com

Vaping360’s Conclusion About Black Note

It was nice reading the words ‘they surprised us’ in their review. It was even nicer that it turned out to be a good thing. They concluded that our sweet tasting E-Liquids were subtly sweet. And we love reading that they consider our natural tobacco vape juices “some of the best-tasting natural tobacco e-juices we’ve ever tried”. With the recent passing of Proposition 31 here in California, it’s encouraging to know they believe anyone can find a flavor they like – even those who aren’t big fans of tobacco flavors. 

How to Try Black Note (for New Customers)

New to vaping or first time customer of Black Note? For those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes and wanting to use vaping to make this change, please review our vaping guide for cigarette smokers

If you’re new to Black Note, and you’re unsure of which flavor to try first, we recommend trying all of them. The best way to do this is to order our sample pack. Please keep in mind, our sample pack comes with eight different tobacco flavors in 10ML bottles. You’ll need to order enough pods to have the best experience when trying each tobacco flavor. Don’t reuse the same pod when switching flavors. When different flavors are mixed in the same pod, the taste is completely different (and not very good according to our current customers).

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure to read Vaping360’s full review of Black Note by clicking here.

For any new customers ready to experience our naturally extracted tobacco (NET) vape juices, please consider starting with our sample pack. Order additional pods so you can try all eight natural tobacco flavors.

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