WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Safely Dispose of e-Liquids

e-Cigarettes and vape eLiquids are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, just like any other product, we must properly dispose of it once we’ve used it. If we don’t, we could damage the environment (and our health).

E-cigarettes contain eLiquids and batteries that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

“E-cigarette and e-liquid waste should not be thrown in the regular trash or flushed down a sink. Instead, these items should be taken safely to a hazardous waste facility.” – FDA.gov

Article Summary

How to Safely Dispose of eLiquids & eCigarettes

Proper disposal of eLiquids & eCigarettes is a must. It shouldn’t be stashed with household trash or flushed down the sewer line.

We can best dispose of these items by taking eCigs to hazardous waste sites. To protect the environment and yourself, follow the best practice tips below.

Read product manual

With so many devices created and reimagined, knowing their requirements and use can take time and effort. I read product manuals to learn how to take care of vape devices. Washing or rinsing vapes isn’t recommended.

Use Sealed container

Once you’re done with eCigarettes, carry the vaporizers and batteries in sealed containers to hazardous waste sites every 80-90 days.

Use Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Natural Tobacco in Black Note vape liquids is environmentally friendly as it does not contain artificial additives. Instead, we offer high-quality, all-natural vaping eLiquids that taste like real tobacco.

Isolated and packed

We encourage disposing of eLiquids in separate and well-packed containers. Keep vape batteries in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid exploding. When disposing of, seal the container and label it.

Rules and regulations

Check your local state and environmental agency rules and guidelines that govern hazardous waste disposal. Contact them for clarification on vague laws or to seek help and guidance.

How to Dispose of Liquid Nicotine

How do I dispose of vape liquid? First, never pour e-liquid onto the ground or into a body of water. eLiquids are not biodegradable; they will not break down like regular waste. They can also be toxic to animals and the environment if dumped into water bodies.

We recommend that you use all the liquid nicotine before you dispose of vape cartridges. If that’s not possible, please take it to a nearby hazardous waste facility for safe disposal.

How to Dispose of Vape Cartridges

To dispose of vape cartridges or refillable devices, turn the machine off and remove the rechargeable battery. If you do not own the device, we recommend letting the owner do so.

Put the used and old vape cartridges in a black cart container. Then, deliver the vape cartridges in a sealed container as garbage to the local hazardous waste facility.

How to Dispose of Vape Pods

Vape pods are made from different materials. Check at the bottom for recyclability. If the sign is available, disassemble the pod as each part needs recycling at different bins.

Don’t rinse vape pods to remove residue nicotine. If not recyclable, take it to hazardous waste facilities.

How to Dispose of Vape Batteries

Don’t throw vape batteries in the bin. They can easily leak or spill. Did you know batteries have harmful metals like mercury and lead? These metals can harm plants, marine life, and humans.

To safely dispose of vape batteries

  • Donate working and undamaged vape batteries for use to a friend
  • Return the vape batteries to local vape shops, who will safely dispose of the batteries

To step up environmental safety, we should recycle vape batteries. The best vape recycling near me points include:

  • Participating retail stores
  • Recycling centers
  • Municipal waste programs
  • The manufacturer

If the options listed above don’t work for you, you can safely dispose of vape batteries in the trash after allowing them to cool. The best way to do this is by submerging them in cold salt water (for 14 days). The process helps deionize the battery’s electrolyte fluid to prevent exploding.

Key Takeaways

There are several ways to dispose of your eLiquids & eCigarettes properly. Please choose one option we’ve shared in this article and give it a try.

If you have any questions about how safely dispose of your eLiquids & eCigarettes, please reference this article and other articles on similar topics here on our blog.

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