WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Menthol Vaping: Separating Myths from Facts

Described as crisp, fresh and invigorating, it’s no wonder menthol e liquid remains one of the most popular vaping flavors across the board. Mint and menthol vaping liquids are among the top four most sought-after e liquid flavors, according to the FDA, securing a seat right behind fruit and sweet treats like candy or desserts. 

Although the description of menthol vaping liquids may proclaim they are refreshing and clean, debates have raged that claim quite the opposite. Some say menthol is more addictive than other flavors. Others note that certain menthol vaping liquids may contain the carcinogen pulegone. 

Massachusetts has even gone so far as to enact a menthol e liquid ban, restricting sales of menthol and other flavored tobacco products throughout the entire state. Flavored tobacco products are only allowed to be consumed on-site at adult smoking bars. 

While such extreme measures may seem like a solid way to stop people from smoking or vaping menthol-flavored products, Black Note takes a more balanced stance. While quitting smoking or vaping may be the ultimate goal, we also recognize that not everyone can quit cold turkey – and that trying to force people to quit by making it impossible to get menthol vaping liquids or cigarettes may actually backfire and lead to an overall increase in smoking

We’re here to explore both sides of the menthol vaping debate, giving you the necessary information to decide for yourself if menthol e liquid is choice you want to make. 

What Makes Menthol E-liquids Appealing to Vapers?

Menthol has long been added to tobacco products to attract new customers, even before the fruit, candy and sweet flavoring started rolling in. The mint flavoring can be especially alluring due to its ability to increase the sensory pleasure while decreasing the irritation of both vaping and smoking.

To Know More About Why Menthol Cigarettes Are So Irresistable, Read Our Blog Ultimate Alternative to Menthol Cigarettes 

Sensory Pleasure and Smoking Cessation

As a chemical compound found naturally in spearmint and peppermint plants, menthol has long been hailed for its cooling properties and ability to reduce sensitivity to pain. Tobacco companies have been adding synthetic menthol to their products since the 1920s, and a menthol smoking habit has been shown to be one of the toughest habits to quit. 

While menthol may make it harder to quit smoking, a Boston University article points out it can also make it easier to start smoking. The minty additive makes the draw less harsh, letting smokers take longer draws with deeper inhalations – resulting in a stronger addiction to both nicotine and the sensory pleasure that comes with the habit.

Is Menthol Vaping a Safer Alternative to Traditional Smoking?

Those who switch from menthol cigarettes to menthol e liquids do not have to give up the sensory pleasure. They can retain the pleasure with the added bonus of being able to gradually reduce their consumption of nicotine. And while cigarette and some e-liquid companies may use synthetic ingredients to color or flavor their products, Black Note uses only natural ingredients. 

Black Note’s dedication to offering a healthier alternative shines through in its meticulous production process. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are laden with thousands of harmful chemicals, Black Note’s Special Blend Menthol e-liquid are devoid of tar, carbon monoxide, and other toxic substances found in smoke.

— Black Note

Does Black Note’s Menthol E-liquid Contain Synthetic Flavors or Colors?

Our menthol e-liquid contains no synthetic flavors or colors. It’s crafted from organic Oriental tobacco that’s been sun-cured and enriched with a menthol extract from organic peppermint leaves. It not only delivers a naturally crisp, smooth and refreshing sensation, but it does not contain pulegone.

Pulegone is a part of the oil extract that comes from peppermint, spearmint and other mint plants. It’s also a carcinogen. The FDA banned synthetic pulegone for use as a food additive in 2018, and tobacco companies have reduced their pulegone use in combustible cigarettes. 

Because federal regulations do not automatically apply to the vaping space, pulegone remains a component in certain mint and menthol e liquids. 

In fact, an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that daily pulegone exposure from vaping was up to 1608 times higher than exposure from menthol cigarettes. Pulegone levels in certain vaping liquids were higher than the FDA deems acceptable for synthetic pulegone in food items as well as levels from combustible menthol cigarettes. 

Not with Black Note. The lack of pulegone, along with the ability to choose your preferred strength and nicotine levels, makes our menthol vaping liquid a versatile choice for making the switch from menthol cigarettes to menthol e-juice – or even from a questionable menthol vaping liquid to a trusted one. 

Our menthol vaping experience is comparable to classic menthol cigarette brands such as Newport, Kool, Camel Crush, Pall Mall, Salem, Marlboro and American Spirit.

Concerns and Risks Associated with Menthol Vaping

Pulegone isn’t the only concern when it comes to menthol vaping. The addition of menthol to vaping liquids and tobacco products has been shown to impact addiction, the rate of nicotine metabolism, and even the overall functioning of the lungs. 

Can Menthol in E-liquids Lead to Increased Addiction?

We already touched on menthol’s ability to increase sensory pleasure while decreasing the irritation of smoking or vaping, a phenomenon that can make it easier to start and harder to quit smoking. But that’s not the only thing going on. 

Menthol flavoring has been shown to increase nicotine dependence, with brain-mapping studies showing how menthol cigarette smokers have increased levels of nicotinic receptors. 

While nicotine is busy binding to these receptors in the brain, menthol is actually creating higher numbers of them. This not only makes the brain even more dependent on nicotine, but it also increases its dependence on menthol. 

As noted in a report shared by psychiatry instructor Guillaume Poirier, PhD, “Adding menthol to nicotine increased the communication between a brain area in the reward pathway and one involved in memory already known to be involved in nicotine addiction and withdrawal.”

Transitioning to Black Note signifies a shift towards a more enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience and aligns with a conscious choice for better health and well-being. With carefully selected devices and nicotine strengths, smokers can find a fulfilling and less harmful alternative to menthol cigarettes, backed by the quality and integrity of Black Note’s offerings.

— Black Note

Are There Any Biological or Health Risks Associated with Menthol Vaping?

Increased levels of nicotinic receptors in the brain are just one of the biological effects of menthol. A report published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine outlines three additional distinct biological effects.

Menthol can: 

  • Decrease the initial distaste and aversion toward smoking or vaping.
  • Serve as a significant sensory cue, especially when coupled with nicotine, to more deeply entrench the habit of smoking or vaping.
  • Change nicotine metabolism, increasing the amount of nicotine that’s available to the body.

Although menthol has been shown to slow down nicotine metabolism, which would typically result in greater ease with quitting, menthol vaping or smoking is generally a tougher habit to quit than smoking or vaping with other flavors or no added flavor at all.

Menthol’s Impact on Lung Function

Menthol’s effect on the pulmonary surfactant is another concern. Pulmonary surfactant is a complex material found in the fluid that lines the alveolar surface of the lungs. The lung’s alveolar surface covers an estimated 1000 to 1300 square feet, and it’s where the tiny alveoli live. The alveoli are the masters of the respiratory system’s gas exchange, responsible for absorbing the oxygen inhaled and releasing the carbon dioxide exhaled. 

Although no reports yet exist chronicling the long-term effect of e-cigarette aerosols on the human lung’s pulmonary surfactant, lab researchers have been able to study the effect of different e-liquid ingredients on a clinical surfactant preparation derived from cows. Their findings were outlined in an article published in the American Journal of Physiology.

Researchers found that e-liquid flavorings, especially menthol, have a detrimental impact on surfactant functioning. In fact, of the three e liquid flavor ingredients studied, menthol had the most detrimental impact of all. 

That impact included altering the biophysical functioning of the surfactant by increasing the surface tension, increasing the compressibility, and reducing the size of phospholipid domains throughout the surfactant. In short, it impaired the way the surfactant typically works, which could eventually make it harder for the lungs to function properly. 


Light Crisp Menthol Flavor

Say goodbye to gunky coils and hello to a pristine, enduringly fresh, balanced, and crisp menthol tobacco experience with our “Special Blend Menthol” E-Liquid.

Special Blend Menthol 60ml 50vg-50pg

Black Note’s Perspective and Commitment to Safety

When it comes to avoiding the potentially detrimental effects of menthol, altogether quitting smoking or vaping is clearly the most beneficial route to take. But quitting cold turkey can be a bear, and it’s not always a feasible alternative for everyone. 

Black Note serves as a stepping stone in the right direction, with the ability to gradually decrease your nicotine intake while maintaining the sensory pleasure of menthol – without the risk of pulegone or other harmful additives.

Black Note: Committed to safety, guiding you to a smoke- and vape-free life.

Best Menthol E-liquid Contains Natural Ingredients

Rather than try to synthetically mimic the flavor of natural tobacco and menthol in our vaping liquids, we wholly honor it. Our menthol vaping liquids’ flavoring comes from naturally extracted tobacco leaves and natural extract from the peppermint plant.

The meticulous nine-step process we use creating our menthol e liquid ensures you experience the natural taste of high-quality tobacco and mint – without the hindrance of synthetic flavorings, harmful additives or artificial anything. 

Addressing Health Concerns

We won’t deny that menthol vaping may pose potential risks, but we’re not just sitting back and accepting them as part of the vaping experience, either. We’re addressing those risks by crafting a menthol e-liquid designed to deliver a less harmful menthol vaping experience.

While studies show menthol flavoring may increase nicotine dependence, we give you the option of gradually reducing that dependence with a variety of menthol e-liquid strengths and formulations. 

Our different menthol strengths include:

  • Ultra Lights Menthol delivers a gentle mintiness for a lighter, subtler menthol experience. It’s available with nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg freebase or 20mg salt nicotine. 
  • Lights Menthol provides a balanced menthol flavor for a medium-intensity menthol sensation. It comes in 12mg freebase or 30mg salt nicotine.
  • Full Flavor Menthol features a robust menthol taste for an intense menthol kick. You can get this one in 18mg freebase or 50mg salt nicotine. 

Nicotine formulations for our menthol e-liquid include:

  • 50vg/50pg: Ideal for mouth-to-lung devices ≥0.8Ω. Max power: ≤18 watts. 50/50 refers to the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, two common ingredients in vaping liquid. 
Special Blend Menthol 60ml 50vg-50pg
  • 70vg/30pg: Suitable for sub-ohm, direct-to-lung devices with coils ≤1.0Ω. Optimal at medium-high wattage. Also effective with coils >1Ω in high VG-compatible devices.
Special Blend Menthol 60ml 70vg-30pg
  • Salt Nicotine: The choice for intense nicotine delivery in ultra-low wattage and pod systems. 
Special Blend Menthol 60ml Salt Nicotine

While we cannot change the effects menthol has on the brain or pulmonary surfactant, we can – and do – ensure only naturally derived, pulegone-free menthol flavoring is used in our vaping liquids.

When it comes to menthol’s reported ability to attract new or underage smokers or vapors, we have that risk covered, too. Our products are designed for and marketed to adults only. We steer clear of appealing to minors in our designs, product names, designs and packaging. 

We don’t encourage non-smokers of any age to start vaping. Rather, we are here to help those transitioning away from smoking. The transition can start with higher strengths and levels of nicotine, gradually moving to the lower levels. As dependency on nicotine decreases, it may become easier to vape less frequently – and eventually flat-out quit.

Thanks to our newest tobacco extraction technology, you can finally say goodbye to gunky coils. Our new purification method is a cutting-edge protocol that eliminates the elements that lead to gunky coils: waxes, sugars, and heavy oils.

— Black Note


Why is menthol vaping considered more addictive than non-menthol flavors?

Menthol enhances the smoking and vaping experience by providing a cooling sensation and reducing irritation, which can make it easier for users to start and continue using nicotine products. Studies suggest that menthol can increase nicotine dependence by affecting how nicotine binds to receptors in the brain, potentially increasing the number of nicotinic receptors and making the brain more dependent on nicotine and menthol.

Are there any harmful substances in menthol e-liquids I should be aware of?

Concerns have been raised about the presence of pulegone, a carcinogen found in some mint plants, in menthol e-liquids. However, Black Note’s menthol e-liquids are crafted without synthetic flavors or colors, using only natural extracts from organic peppermint leaves, ensuring a pulegone-free experience.

How can switching from menthol cigarettes to menthol e-liquids reduce my health risks?

Switching to menthol e-liquids from traditional menthol cigarettes allows users to enjoy the sensory pleasure of menthol without the harmful effects of tobacco combustion. E-liquids generally contain fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes, and users can also control their nicotine intake more precisely, potentially reducing their overall nicotine dependency over time.

How does Black Note ensure the safety and quality of its menthol e-liquid?

We prioritize safety and quality by using only the finest natural ingredients, including organic tobacco and menthol extracts. Our meticulous nine-step process guarantees that our menthol e-liquid delivers the authentic taste of high-quality tobacco and mint. Additionally, we offer various nicotine strengths to help users manage their nicotine intake and gradually reduce their dependency on both nicotine and menthol.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Menthol E-liquid?

You have a lot to consider when it comes to menthol vaping. You’ve discovered that the sensory appeal of menthol can be particularly alluring to new smokers and vapors, making it both easier to start and harder to quit.

You’ve explored the various concerns related to menthol vaping, ranging from the inclusion of pulegone to the impact menthol can have on addiction, behavior, the brain’s nicotinic receptors and the pulmonary surfactant in the lungs. 

You’ve clearly seen that the risks associated with menthol vaping are not a myth. But neither is Black Note’s ability to decrease those risks by offering the best menthol e liquid on the market. 


New to Vaping? Find Your Perfect Vaping Setup

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In our opinion, the best menthol e liquid is one that uses natural ingredients, provides a variety of strengths and formulations to gradually decrease dependency on nicotine as well as menthol, and tops the charts in menthol e liquid reviews. 

Armed with this information, you’re able to make a responsible choice that best aligns with your preferences and overall goal. If your goal is for a natural, less harmful menthol alternative to smoking, we encourage you to include Black Note in your list of options. 

You can review our menthol e-liquids in greater detail to get an even better feel for what we offer as an alternative to menthol cigarettes. We also invite you to explore more about our other products, which are crafted with the same precision, quality ingredients and commitment to authenticity.


The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. This information is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer, or company, including Black Note and its affiliates. The author, who is not a medical professional, writes this blog post without intending to offer medical advice or replace advice or treatment from a personal physician.

This blog post discusses tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and related substances, intended solely for adult use and potentially harmful to health. We advise all readers/users of this content to quit smoking and/or vaping, or to consult a doctor before starting or continuing to smoke and/or vape.

The author, the blog, Black Note, and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any actions or inaction a reader takes based on the information presented in this blog. We do not intend this content to promote smoking or vaping, and readers should interpret it accordingly.

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