WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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It would be easy to say we simply pulled the Black Note name out of a hat and called it a day. But, as anyone familiar with our vaping liquid knows, we’re not about doing things quickly, easily or randomly. We put a lot of time, effort, thought and passion into everything we do – and choosing our name was no different.

The Black Note name was chosen based on the way it relates to our company’s overall personality, which is one of authenticity, patience and the best of both the Italian and American worlds. Oh yeah, and we’ve also always been interested in music.

Love of Music

While none of us might grace the stage at Carnegie Hall, we can say our team members all share the love of and interest in music. Music is magical for its ability to establish a mood, transform a thought, activate a reaction and soothe a soul. It also inspires creation.

Music has been an inspiration to all of us throughout our lives, with the power to produce an amazing experience that starts with, yet goes far beyond, the auditory. A brilliant piece of music can stir up all the senses, making them fully present and alive. We set out with the mission and hope that our naturally extracted tobacco (NET) vaping liquid could do the same.


Ever tried mimicking saxophone or cello’s rich tones with a synthesizer? Then you know it doesn’t work out all that well. The authentic sound of a quality instrument can never be successfully replicated through artificial means.

The same holds true for Black Note flavors. Not only does each blend contain unique flavor notes that cannot be duplicated through artificial means, but all are extracted from authentic, natural tobacco with no artificial flavoring. Instead of relying on chemical additives, we rely on the rich, flavorful notes of real tobacco leaves – authentic all the way.


Musicians don’t just land on-stage at Carnegie Hall. They develop their talent and skills through slow and steady practice. Black Note does the same, using a slow and steady 9-step creation process to naturally extract tobacco for use in our vaping liquids.
Our cold maceration process takes six to eight weeks, which is much longer than heat-based extraction processes – but still much shorter than the time it takes to get to Carnegie Hall.

Cold maceration is just one step in our entire nine-step process, one that starts with selecting the tobacco and ends with bottling and packaging our final product. Our entire process takes two to three years (which still beats the time it takes to get to Carnegie Hall).

Best of Italian and American Worlds

With teams in the US and Italy, Black Note embodies the best of both the American and Italian worlds. That means we get the highly successful American flair for branding and marketing our products. And we enjoy the Italian flair for design and the fine arts, with an emphasis on music.

Most musical terms are in Italian, a romance language as melodic as the notes themselves. You bet we jumped on the chance to use music terminology, especially when the word “note” relates to the specific pitch of a sound in music as well as the individual flavor and taste notes in our vaping liquids. You’ll find musical terms accenting our story, our descriptions and our product names; they’re a natural choice for a company named Black Note.

Black is Black

You might wonder why ‘Black Note’ and not ‘Red Note, ‘Orange Note’, or any other color. There are several reasons behind this choice. One is the sheer power, purity and elegance of black. No color is richer or deeper than black. It’s the ultimate hue that can’t be topped.

Black is as profound as you can get, and it has no variations. Mixing it with white, for instance, doesn’t give you a “light black.” You instead get dark grey. And a company called “Dark Grey Note” just sounds wrong.

Black has also been the color of ink historically used on music sheets, giving it another layer of meaning. And as musicians know, black notes are technically the black keys of the piano, or equivalent in other instruments, which produce sharps and flats.

Sharps and flats stand out from the standard range of musical notes, the same way we intended our vaping liquids to stand out from the standard range of other liquids.

One Final Note

Observant readers might notice our logo’s black note has its flag and stem on the left, not the right. The flag and stem on the left makes the note appear similar to the lowercase letter “b.” Pretty clever, no?

The b is for Black Note, of course, and flipping the musical note in the opposite direction gives us one more way to illustrate how we stand out from the crowd of other vaping liquids.

Thank you to violinist and Black Note customer Erika Mang who asked about our name via Facebook, thus inspiring us to write this article.

Join the Conversation!

We’ve shared the story behind our name, and now we’d love to hear from you. What does “Black Note” mean to you? Do you have any other questions about our brand, products, or values? Drop a comment below or reach out to us on our social media channels. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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