WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Vaping Alternatives for Camel Cigarette Smokers

Introduction to Camel Cigarettes

Camel cigarettes, introduced by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1913, had been a significant player in the tobacco industry for over a century. Known for their unique blend of Turkish and domestic tobaccos, Camel cigarettes revolutionized tobacco advertising and processing. The innovative marketing strategies, including the use of “Old Joe,” a camel, as the brand’s mascot, and the distribution of free cigarettes, skyrocketed Camel’s popularity. Their affordability also contributed to their widespread acceptance, offering a price advantage over competitors​​​​.

Historical Background and Popularity

Camel’s introduction was a part of the tobacco boom in North Carolina during the late 1800s. With RJR at the forefront, the brand quickly gained national recognition due to its pleasant taste and effective advertising. This included the iconic slogan “The Camels are coming!” and the unique promotional tactic of driving circus camels into towns​​.

Design and Artwork of Camel Cigarettes

The design of Camel cigarettes, crafted by Fred Otto Kleesattel in 1913, is an integral part of its identity. The original artwork featured a dromedary camel against a backdrop of pyramids and palm trees, based on a photograph from the Barnum & Bailey Circus. This design has become synonymous with the brand and is recognized globally​​.

Varieties of Camel Tobacco Cigarettes

Camel cigarettes come in a variety of types to cater to different preferences. The classic Camel Filters are known for their rich, full-bodied flavor and are considered the cornerstone of the Camel brand. For those who prefer lighter smoke, Camel Blues offers a milder taste while retaining the unique Turkish and American tobacco blend that Camel is known for.

Camel also offers a range of flavored cigarettes. Camel Crush, for example, features a built-in menthol capsule in the filter that you can click to release a burst of cool freshness. For those who enjoy exotic flavors, Camel Infused cigarettes come with hints of vanilla, cherry, or coffee, providing a unique smoking experience.


Rich Camel Flavour in Every Puff

“Burley Tobacco” stands as a testament to what a tobacco e-liquid should embody: a clean, pure, and satisfying alternative.

Black Note Burley Tobacco 60ml 50-50

Other varieties include Camel Turkish Gold, which blends Turkish and American tobaccos for an exotic allure, and Camel Turkish Jade, a menthol version introduced in 2001. The brand also has Camel Turkish Silvers, an ultralight version positioned in strength below Turkish Gold “lights” and “full flavor” Turkish Royal. Additionally, various Camel Crush and Camel Click cigarettes offer different smoking experiences with options for menthol flavor. For more detailed information about the different types of Camel cigarettes, you can visit the sources directly: Wikipedia’s page on ​​or the AP PGECET article that provides ​​a closer look at Camel cigarette varieties. 

Health Risks Associated with Cigarette Smoking

It’s crucial to understand the serious health risks of smoking. Smoking causes various diseases, including heart disease, emphysema, and various cancers. The addictive nature of nicotine in cigarettes makes quitting challenging, and there is no safe cigarette, regardless of its tar and nicotine content​​.

Resources for Quitting Smoking

Organizations like the FDA and CDC provide resources and support for individuals looking to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is a significant step toward a healthier lifestyle and has long-term health benefits.

Shift to Healthier Alternatives

Many smokers have shifted towards healthier alternatives like tobacco vaping. Black Note’s Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid is a leading choice in this area, offering a smoke-free option.

Burley 50/50 is my favorite of all juices tried over the last eight years, and it seems like I’ve tried them all in my quest to stop smoking stupid cigs. Black Note got me over the hump to quit smoking, and I feel great & smell way better. My devices run 14 to 21 watts with 50/50, smooth and rich. Thank You Black Note, Don J.

— Don Jarrett

Embracing Change for a Smoke-Free Future via Black Note

As an advocate for healthier choices, Black Note’s founder emphasizes the importance of quitting smoking or shifting to less harmful alternatives if quitting is not an option. This approach is vital for both policymakers and the public to understand the science behind smoke-free products.

Transitioning to Healthier Alternatives: Burley Tobacco E-Liquid

For those looking to quit cigarettes like Camel, Black Note offers a Natural Burley Tobacco E-Liquid as a healthier, smoke-free alternative. This e-liquid is designed to provide the authentic flavor of tobacco without harmful additives, and it has been recognized for its quality and taste in Europe.

The Unique Qualities of Black Note’s Burley Tobacco E-Liquid

Rich and Authentic Flavor Profile

Black Note’s “Burley Tobacco” E-Liquid, known for its earthy, nutty and slightly dry flavor, provides a seamless transition from Camel cigarettes to vaping. This e-liquid offers a balanced and authentic tobacco experience, ideal for those moving away from conventional smoking especially camel cigarettes

Cultivation and Curing Process

The Burley tobacco used in Black Note’s e-liquid is cultivated on the foothills of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, known for its unique sun-ripening and shade-curing processes. These methods contribute to the savory flavor profile of the tobacco, offering a distinctive taste experience.

The History Behind Burley Tobacco

Origins and Discovery

Burley tobacco was first introduced in Italy in 1891, thriving in the fertile regions around Mount Vesuvius near Naples. The discovery of White Burley tobacco dates back to 1864, credited to Mr. Webb, who observed a form of albinism in Kentucky tobacco seeds. This unique trait, characterized by the white midrib in green Burley tobacco, is still a defining feature of the variety.

Use in Cigarette Production

Traditionally light and air-cured, Burley tobacco has been a predominant choice for cigarette manufacturing. Its distinct characteristics make it a popular choice among smokers and now, vapers.

Black Note’s Burley (Forte) Natural E-Liquid

Natural Extraction Process

Black Note utilizes a cold maceration process to extract the flavors from air-cured Burley tobacco leaves. This method ensures the preservation of the tobacco’s unique character and taste, offering an authentic vaping experience.

Commitment to Natural Ingredients

Black Note’s approach to producing Burley Tobacco e-liquid is grounded in natural processes. The tobacco flavor is derived directly from high-quality leaves, ensuring a pure, chemical-free product. The e-liquid is free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and harmful additives like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, embodying Black Note’s commitment to offering a clean and satisfying vaping alternative.

Handcrafted Quality

Emphasizing quality and care, Black Note’s Burley Tobacco Vaping Liquid is handcrafted in small batches. This meticulous process guarantees a high-quality product that faithfully replicates the essence of tobacco enjoyment, reimagined for the modern vaper.

Black Note’s “Burley Tobacco” E-Liquid stands out not only for its flavor but also for its commitment to natural ingredients and quality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.


Discover the Essence of Real Tobacco Vaping

Experience the purity of vaping with our Natural Tobacco E-Liquid. Watch our short video here.

Healthier Vaping Experience with Black Note

Black Note’s e-liquid is free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and synthetic nicotine, providing a pure and satisfying vaping experience. It’s a suitable option for those transitioning from smoking to vaping.

For those wondering which e-liquid tastes like Camel Cigarette, Black Note’s Burley Tobacco e-liquid is the answer you’ve been searching for. This blend, known for its earthy, nutty, and slightly dry notes, offers a vaping experience reminiscent of the rich and robust flavor profile Camel smokers appreciate.

Our Burley Tobacco e-liquid is available in two formulations to suit your vaping style: 70VG/30PG and 50VG/50PG in 60ml bottles, providing a perfect balance for those who seek a smoother throat hit with ample vapor production. For those who prefer a more intense nicotine hit, our salt nicotine version comes in 30ml bottles, ideal for satisfying those cravings with a smoother draw.

At Black Note, we’re committed to delivering an authentic tobacco experience. Our e-liquid is not just an alternative; it’s a tribute to the essence of traditional tobacco, offering a cleaner, more refined way to enjoy the flavors you love. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking Camel cigarettes or simply seeking an e-liquid that captures the spirit of your preferred blend, Black Note’s Burley Tobacco is crafted to meet your desires with unmatched quality and flavor.

Nicotine Satisfaction and Personalization

Black Note offers various nicotine strengths to cater to different smoking habits, allowing users to personalize their nicotine intake for a tailored vaping experience.

Infographic showing what makes Black Note Burley Tobacco Eliquid special

Our Burley Tobacco e-liquid is a game-changer for those looking to move away from Camel cigarettes. Why, may you ask?

  • Authentic Tobacco Flavor: Naturally Extracted from real tobacco leaves, and crafted for those who appreciate the genuine taste of tobacco, our Natural Burley Tobacco e-liquid delivers an authentic and satisfying experience.
  • Healthier Alternative: While no smoking or vaping product is entirely risk-free, vaping is widely recognized as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. 100% FREE from Artificial flavors, or sweeteners, or synthetic nicotine
  • Nicotine Satisfaction: Our 30ml bottle of nic salts, available in a nicotine strength of 20mg 30mg, and 50mg is ideal for those transitioning from smoking, offering a substantial nicotine hit to effectively satisfy cravings and allowing you to tailor the nicotine delivery to your preference and comfort level. This flexibility ensures a more personalized vaping experience, especially for those who are managing their nicotine intake.

The First Step of Many: Switching to our Natural Camel tobacco e-liquid is not the final destination; it’s the first step on your journey to quitting Camel cigarettes entirely.

Nicotine Strengths: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right nicotine salt strength:

Understand Nicotine Absorption Differences:

The nicotine absorption from vaping is slower and less direct compared to smoking. This means you might need a higher concentration in your vape juice to match the satisfaction you get from a cigarette.

Consider Your Smoking Habits:

  • Heavy Smokers: If you’re used to smoking Camel original blend, Red, Non-Filters, or similar which are considered strong cigarettes, you might want to start with a higher nicotine salt concentration. This could be in the range of 30-50 mg/mL. This higher concentration can more closely mimic the nicotine hit from these stronger cigarettes.
  • Moderate Smokers: If you’re a moderate Camel smoker of yellow, gold, and light 99s, or similar, you might find satisfaction with medium-range nicotine salt strengths, such as 20-30 mg/mL.
  • Light Smokers: For those who smoke Camel Ultra Lights, a lower nicotine salt concentration, like 20 mg/mL, might be sufficient.
  • Adjust Based on Experience: Start with a certain strength and then adjust based on your experience. If you find yourself vaping very frequently, you might need a higher strength. Conversely, if you experience symptoms of too much nicotine (like dizziness or nausea), you should try a lower strength.

Device Type Matters:

The type of vaping device you use can also influence the ideal nicotine strength. Pod systems such as the Aspire OBY and Vilter S, which are often used with nicotine salts, are efficient in nicotine delivery. 

The Black Note Natural Camel Tobacco eliquid or ejuice is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, using Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based Systems. It’s an excellent option for a smooth transition from smoking. 

We recommend not exceeding 15 watts and coils with a resistance of 0.8 ohms or higher will give you the best results.

Personal Preference and Goals

Consider your goals. Are you trying to replicate your smoking experience as closely as possible, or are you trying to reduce your nicotine intake? Your personal preference and goals will play a significant role in choosing the right strength.


New to Vaping or Black Note?

Whether you're transitioning from smoking to vaping or seeking an upgrade to natural tobacco e-liquids, Black Note has you covered. Our quick, 15-second quiz and comprehensive guide are tailored to help both smokers and current vapers discover their ideal natural vaping alternatives.

Towards a Smoke-Free Future: The Importance of Informed Choices

The journey to a smoke-free future involves overcoming resistance from certain groups. Black Note stands as an advocate for better alternatives, offering products that align with the mission of providing better options for smokers. Discover more about Black Note and their commitment to a healthier, smoke-free future at Black Note’s website.


What Makes Black Note’s Burley Tobacco E-Liquid a Healthier Alternative for Camel Cigarette Smokers?

Black Note’s Burley Tobacco E-Liquid is crafted as a healthier (less harmful) alternative for those looking to transition away from Camel cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, our e-liquid is free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and harmful additives like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. It’s made using a natural extraction process from high-quality tobacco leaves, ensuring a pure, clean vaping experience without synthetic nicotine. This commitment to natural ingredients and the absence of harmful chemicals makes it a preferred choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a less harmful tobacco experience.

How Does Black Note Ensure the Authentic Tobacco Flavor in Its E-Liquids?

Black Note stands out for its commitment to authenticity and quality. Our Burley Tobacco E-Liquid, for example, is made using a cold maceration process to extract the flavors from air-cured Burley tobacco leaves. This method preserves the tobacco’s unique character and taste, offering an authentic vaping experience reminiscent of Camel cigarettes but without the harmful effects of smoking. By focusing on natural processes and high-quality leaves, Black Note delivers an unmatched real tobacco vaping experience.

What Nicotine Strengths Are Available in Black Note’s E-Liquids, and How Do I Choose the Right One?

Black Note offers various nicotine strengths to cater to different smoking habits, allowing users to personalize their nicotine intake for a tailored vaping experience. For those transitioning from Camel cigarettes, we provide nicotine strengths ranging from low to high concentrations. Choosing the right strength depends on your smoking habits:

  • Heavy smokers might prefer higher nicotine concentrations to mimic the nicotine hit from strong cigarettes.
  • Moderate smokers may find satisfaction with medium-range nicotine strengths.
  • Light smokers could opt for lower nicotine concentrations. It’s advisable to start with a certain strength and adjust based on your experience to find the perfect balance for your needs.

How Does Vaping Black Note’s E-Liquid Compare to Smoking Camel Cigarettes?

Vaping Black Note’s e-liquid offers a cleaner and less harmful experience compared to smoking Camel cigarettes. Our e-liquids are designed to provide the rich and authentic flavor of tobacco without the combustion, tar, and harmful chemicals associated with traditional smoking. While the tactile sensations and nicotine delivery may differ, many users find vaping a satisfying alternative that closely mimics the experience of smoking, with the added benefits of reduced health risks and no unpleasant smoke odor.

Which E-Liquid Tastes Similar to Camel Cigarettes?

For those seeking an e-liquid that closely resembles the taste of Camel cigarettes, Black Note’s Burley Tobacco E-Liquid is the ideal choice. Our Burley Tobacco E-Liquid is crafted to capture the authentic, rich, and nuanced flavor profile that Camel smokers appreciate. This similarity is achieved through our natural extraction process, which preserves the earthy, nutty, and slightly dry notes characteristic of high-quality Burley tobacco.

By focusing on natural ingredients and avoiding artificial flavors and additives, Black Note ensures a vaping experience that not only mirrors the taste of Camel cigarettes but does so in a cleaner and less harmful manner. Whether you’re a long-time Camel smoker or someone looking for a tobacco-rich vaping alternative, our Burley Tobacco E-Liquid stands out as the best match for your preferences.

Do Tobacco E-Liquids Taste Like Cigarettes?

Yes, certain tobacco e-liquids are specifically designed to mimic the taste of cigarettes, offering a familiar flavor profile for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. For example, Black Note’s Burley Tobacco E-Liquid, tastes similar to Camel cigarettes. This similarity is achieved through a meticulous natural extraction process, where the flavors are derived directly from high-quality, air-cured Burley tobacco leaves.

I’ve been vaping Burley for years and for me it has the perfect flavor. I’ll stick with it because There’s no reason to change.

— Preston W.

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This article, including all content, information, and views expressed, is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended to promote smoking or the use of combustible tobacco products. The article does not constitute medical advice, nor does it endorse or encourage the use of tobacco products.

“Camel” is a registered trademark of Reynolds American Inc., is a distinct entity. Camel is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the United States and by Japan Tobacco outside the U.S. 

Black Note and its affiliates have no association, affiliation, or partnership with Reynolds American Inc., Japan Tobacco Company, or any of their subsidiaries. All references to these entities and their products within this article are purely for informational comparison and discussion.

Black Note’s products are independent and distinct offerings in the market. The mention of other brands or products is for contextual and informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement, partnership, or comparison of quality or efficacy.

Readers are advised that smoking and the use of nicotine-containing products carry inherent health risks. Black Note does not claim that its products are safe as an absolute term but posits them as an alternative option for existing smokers. Users should make choices regarding smoking and vaping in consultation with health professionals and based on their personal health needs and goals.

Black Note explicitly disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects arising from the use of or reliance on information contained in this article. The company and its affiliates will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of access to, use of, or inability to use this information, nor any errors or omissions in the content thereof.

This article is for informational purposes and does not endorse smoking or vaping. Smoking and vaping involve health risks.

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