WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Vaping Alternatives for American Spirit Smokers

American Spirit: The Brand and Company

American Spirit cigarettes, known for their distinctive brown paper and organic twist. These are more than just tobacco rolled in eco-friendly packaging. They’re a brand shrouded in controversy, fueled by claims of “naturalness,” and boasting a passionate following.

From Counterculture Roots to Big Tobacco

In 1982, the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, spearheaded by Joseph M. Kuenzler, sparked a counterculture wave with American Spirit. They promised tobacco in its “purest form,” free from additives and chemical casings. Their brown paper, unbleached and unprocessed, became a symbol of their commitment to “naturalness.” However, in 2009, Reynolds American Tobacco acquired the company, raising eyebrows among loyal fans wary of Big Tobacco’s involvement. (Source: Wikipedia)

The “Natural” Claim: Fact or Fiction?

The “natural” label is central to American Spirit’s image, but it’s a complex issue. While they lack additives and preservatives, burning tobacco, regardless of “naturalness,” releases harmful chemicals, putting smokers at risk. The debate on true “naturalness” continues, leaving consumers to draw their own conclusions. (Source: CDC, CDC Tobacco)

The American blend is very nice, it’s soft and mellow, and very much like what many people think of when it comes to the taste of a cigarette. It’s not my favorite, but i can see why so many people like it.

— jacenpatchwork

A Spectrum of Smokes: Flavors for Every Smoker

American Spirit’s flavor roster is as diverse as the smokers who embrace them. From the earthy Original Yellow to the smooth Mellow Orange, each blend offers a distinct experience. Their Perique blend even throws in a spicy bite for the adventurous. However, be mindful that flavored cigarettes, despite the organic twist, have faced increased regulatory scrutiny due to their potential appeal to young smokers. (Source: FDA)

Exploring Beyond Cigarettes: Roll Your Own Options

The American Spirit experience extends beyond pre-rolled cigarettes. They offer a variety of “Roll Your Own” tobaccos in tins and pouches, catering to smokers who prefer the ritual of crafting their own smokes. In the UK, these come in Blue (regular) or Yellow (light) options, while other regions have a wider selection. (Source: American Spirit)

Unpacking the Diverse Flavor Palette

American Spirit cigarettes come in packs of 20, each color-coded to denote the nicotine and tar content. The range includes Orange, Yellow, Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Gold, Turquoise, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Tan, Sky, Celadon Green, Hunter Green, Gray, Agate (Japan Only), and Brown.

Controversy Follows the Smoke

Despite their niche market, American Spirit hasn’t escaped controversy. Claims of “naturalness” have been challenged by health advocates, and concerns about marketing towards a younger demographic linger. Additionally, the price point, often higher than conventional cigarettes, has fueled accusations of preying on smokers seeking healthier alternatives, a claim the company strongly denies. (Source: UC Merced Psychology, Quora)

Beyond the Hype: Choosing Your Path

American Spirit cigarettes, whether loved or loathed, represent a distinct niche in the tobacco world. Understanding their history, the “natural” debate, and their diverse flavors gives you the power to make informed choices. Regardless of your stance, remember that smoking carries inherent health risks, regardless of packaging or perceived “naturalness.” (Source: CDC Tobacco)

Transitioning to Healthier Alternatives: Black Note’s Natural American blend E-Liquid

If you’re a long-time smoker of American Spirit and ready to quit, you might be seeking a healthier natural alternative that still offers a satisfying experience. That’s where Black Note’s Natural American Spirit Tobacco E-Liquid comes in, providing a smoke-free option that aligns with a healthier lifestyle.

Many tobacco e-liquids fail to deliver a satisfying taste, often leaving users of American Spirit cigarettes disappointed. To address this, we’ve developed our Natural American blend e-liquid offering the authentic flavor of tobacco reminiscent of American Spirit without artificial ingredients.


Discover the Essence of Real Tobacco Vaping

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Black Note’s e-liquid, which features the Natural American Blend tobacco flavor, is also referred to as vape juice, e-juice, vaping oil, or e-cig liquid is not just popular; it’s was named ‘E-Liquid of the Year” in Europe for multiple years running. It’s recognized for its outstanding quality and taste, making it the preferred choice for discerning American Spirit smokers and vapers. 

American Blend is a blend made from Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobacco. The Virginia tobacco’s natural sweetness, when combined with Burley and Oriental tobaccos, creates an authentic American Blend. This blend is meticulously crafted to deliver the taste of a well-known classic cigarette, capturing the essence of traditional smoking experiences while excluding smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, and burnable material. The tobacco flavor taste is exquisitely balanced, and the tobaccos are flue, air, & sun-cured. Black Note’s American Blend tobacco is naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. 

Our cold maceration extraction process unlocks the hidden flavors of real tobacco, revealing the subtle notes and unique character of the American Blend tobacco’s flavor. Finally, you taste the real deal: premium natural tobacco vaping liquid. 

Black Note actively crafts its American Blend tobacco blend without artificial concoction in a lab. This process ensures you enjoy a natural tobacco taste, fueled by sunlight and care, rather than a synthetic flavor from a mix of chemicals. Black Note extracts its American Blend tobacco vaping liquid naturally from real organic tobacco leaves, selecting only the finest leaves and the best parts of those leaves. 

The Natural American Blend eliquid is 100% FREE from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and synthetic nicotine. It offers a clean, pure, and satisfying vaping experience, appealing to both American Spirit smokers and experienced vapers. No diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein, and acetoin. 

Our Natural American blend tobacco e-liquid is a game-changer for those looking to move away from American Spirit cigarettes. Why, may you ask?

  • Authentic Tobacco Flavor: Naturally Extracted from real tobacco leaves, and crafted for those who appreciate the genuine taste of tobacco, our Natural American blend Tobacco e-liquid delivers an authentic and satisfying experience.
  • Healthier Alternative: Although no smoking or vaping product is completely without risk, vaping is broadly acknowledged as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. 100% FREE from Artificial flavors, or sweeteners, or synthetic nicotine
  • Nicotine Satisfaction: Our 30ml bottle of nic salts, available in a nicotine strength of 20mg 30mg, and 50mg is ideal for those transitioning from smoking. It offers a substantial nicotine hit to effectively satisfy cravings and allowing you to tailor the nicotine delivery to your preference and comfort level. This flexibility ensures a more personalized vaping experience, especially for those who are managing their nicotine intake.
  • The First Step of Many: Switching to our Natural American Spirit tobacco e-liquid is not the final destination.

Nicotine Strengths: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right nicotine salt strength:

Understand Nicotine Absorption Differences

The nicotine absorption from vaping is slower and less direct compared to smoking. This means you might need a higher concentration in your vape juice.

Consider Your Smoking Habits:

  • Heavy Smokers: If you’re used to smoking American Spirit original blend, Black, or similar which are considered strong cigarettes, you might want to start with a higher nicotine salt concentration. This could be in the range of 30-50 mg/mL. This higher concentration can more closely mimic the nicotine hit from these stronger cigarettes.
  • Moderate Smokers: If you’re a moderate American spirit smoker of yellow, gold, and light blue, or similar, you might find satisfaction with medium-range nicotine salt strengths, such as 20-30 mg/mL.
  • Light Smokers: For those who smoke American Spirit Orange or similar(Ultra Lights), a lower nicotine salt concentration, like 20 mg/mL, might be sufficient.
  • Adjust Based on Experience: Start with a certain strength and then adjust based on your experience. If you find yourself vaping very frequently, you might need a higher strength. Conversely, if you experience symptoms of too much nicotine (like dizziness or nausea), you should try a lower strength.

Device Type Matters:

The type of vaping device you use can also influence the ideal nicotine strength. Pod systems like the Aspire OBY and Vilter S, commonly used with nicotine salts, efficiently deliver nicotine. 

The Black Note Natural American Spirit Tobacco eliquid or ejuice is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, using Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based Systems. It’s an excellent option for a smooth transition from smoking. 

We recommend not exceeding 15 watts and coils with a resistance of 0.8 ohms or higher will give you the best results.

Personal Preference and Goals

Consider your goals. Are you trying to replicate your smoking experience as closely as possible, or are you trying to reduce your nicotine intake? Your personal preference and goals will play a significant role in choosing the right strength.

Towards a Smoke-Free Future: The Case for Informed Choices

We all understand that not starting to smoke is the best choice for our health. However, the harsh reality is that more than 90% of smokers don’t quit each year, and these individuals deserve better. They deserve to know about the smoke-free alternatives that science and technology have made possible – options that are significantly better than continuing to smoke.

Ironically, the journey to a smoke-free future faces resistance from a well-funded coalition of special-interest groups. These factions are impeding progress by opposing better choices for adults who are not ready to quit. Rather than encouraging our purpose and welcoming our achievements, they are doing all they can to prevent adults from transitioning away from traditional smoking to better nicotine-containing products.

WOW, Black Note has been a game-changer in my vaping journey, especially transitioning from smoking. As a former smoker, fruity and dessert e-liquids never appealed to me, but the American Blend from Black Note hit the spot, significantly aiding my effort to quit smoking with its authentic flavor. Although I loved it, the wear on cotton and coils was a downside. Then I tried the Special Blend – it’s a revelation. The flavor is perfect for my MTL RTA setup, and it’s impressively coil-friendly, even after 30mls. Black Note not only enhanced my vaping experience but also played a crucial role in my smoking cessation journey. A big thanks for this outstanding product!

— Colby Pearson

Discover the Black Note difference at blacknote.com

At Black Note, we are proud to offer a product that aligns with the mission of providing a better alternative: Natural Tobacco E-Liquid, 100% Extracted from Organic Tobacco Leaves, free from artificial flavors, chemicals, and synthetic nicotine. Black Note stands as the second-best alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes.

While many of our customers consider us the best tobacco vaping liquid company on earth. Our goal isn’t to encourage non-smokers to start vaping or to increase vaping among current users. Our ultimate aim isn’t to have people vape indefinitely.

We support quitting ‘cold turkey’ if that is more effective for you, without becoming reliant on Black Note or any vaping products to quit smoking cigarettes. We commit to a future where informed choices pave the way for healthier lifestyles.

In reinforcing our message with data, we refer to the Surgeon General’s report which states that smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, resulting in 480,000 deaths annually. (Source: CDC). The report also mentions that while the majority of smokers wish to quit, successful quit attempts are not as frequent as one would hope.

Furthermore, the FDA notes that cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. (Source: FDA). Despite the desire to quit, only a small percentage of smokers successfully quit each year. This highlights the addictive nature of nicotine and the need for support in quitting smoking.

With every attempt to quit smoking, we move closer to a smoke-free future. It’s important to provide credible, science-backed alternatives to those who seek them and to ensure that the path to quitting is as accessible and informed as possible. Discover the Black Note difference at blacknote.com.


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This article, including all content, information, and views expressed, is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended to promote smoking or the use of combustible tobacco products. The article does not constitute medical advice, nor does it endorse or encourage the use of tobacco products.

“American Spirit” is a registered trademark of Reynolds American Inc., and “Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company” is a distinct entity. Black Note and its affiliates have no association, affiliation, or partnership with Reynolds American Inc., Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, or any of their subsidiaries. All references to these entities and their products within this article are purely for informational comparison and discussion.

Black Note’s products are independent and distinct offerings in the market. The mention of other brands or products is for contextual and informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement, partnership, or comparison of quality or efficacy.

Readers are advised that smoking and the use of nicotine-containing products carry inherent health risks. Black Note does not claim that its products are safe as an absolute term but posits them as an alternative option for existing smokers. Users should make choices regarding smoking and vaping in consultation with health professionals and based on their personal health needs and goals.

Black Note explicitly disclaims any responsibility for any adverse effects arising from the use of or reliance on information contained in this article. The company and its affiliates will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of access to, use of, or inability to use this information, nor any errors or omissions in the content thereof.

This article is for informational purposes and does not endorse smoking or vaping. Smoking and vaping involve health risks.

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