WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Full concert of nicotine levels

The ultimate goal of the Black Note experience is to embrace the serene stillness that comes from silence – or a purely nicotine-free vaping liquid. That stillness, however, may not happen overnight.


Black Note offers a series of different nicotine levels that let you play the precise note that suits your existing needs. We matched up our nicotine levels with different voice types in the vocal range, from the highest-pitched soprano to the lower tones of the tenor and bass. The lower you go down the vocal scale, the lower the amount of nicotine in our Black Note blends.

Enjoy the full Black Note concert, and you may taper an aggressive staccato to a smooth and soothing legato that eventually results in savoring the bass.


1.8% (18 mg) nicotine

Altos provide a deep, full and rich voice, not necessarily the stars of the show but certainly a notable player with a strong contribution. Black Note hits alto with the blends containing 18 mg nicotine, or 1.8 percent. Altos provide a more soothing sound, ideal for former smokers that have been vaping for a bit of time and are ready to tone it down a bit.


1.2% (12 mg) nicotine

The lowest female voice of contralto produces a warm, smooth and beautiful sound, a perfect designation for a mid-level nicotine blend. Black Note contralto blends contain 12 mg nicotine, or 1.2 percent, enough to keep you soothed without startling you out of a quieter mood. Former smokers head to contralto blends when they’re ready for a calmer experience than the higher notes bring.


0.6% (6 mg) nicotine

The highest male voice of tenor traditionally goes the gentleman who wins the girl by the end of the show. And what a gentleman he is. His strong voice has a distinctive ring – not too high, not too low – that makes former smokers swoon. With 6 mg nicotine, or 0.6 percent, Black Note tenor-level blends provide a tastefully tame experience.


0.3% (3 mg) nicotine

The sweet spot between the tameness of tenor and the purity of bass is the baritone, a male voice known for its versatility of height and depth. This in-between zone is found with Black Note blends that contain 3 mg nicotine, or 0.3 percent, ideal for former smokers on the cusp of going completely nicotine-free.


0.0% (0 mg) nicotine

Savoring the bass is savoring the silence, something that can only be done once the music is over and the mind unwinds in perfect stillness. Black Note bass-level blends provide this by containing absolutely no nicotine. This point of purity and perfection is the end note for former smokers who want to abandon the nicotine yet retain the true tobacco taste of an exceptional vaping experience.

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