WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Tips For First Time Vapers

tips for first time vapers

When you are first time vapers, the technology, language, products, and methods associated with it can seem incredibly daunting. For individuals who wish to completely stop smoking and switch to vaping for a healthy lifestyle, it’s frequently the first significant barrier to entry. We understand it! There is a lot to get used to when selecting e-liquids and devices, learning how to maintain the device, and the various vaping techniques.

We’ve put together a list of a few things you should be aware of to help with your transition and get started vaping as soon as possible. Use these tips for first time vapers to reduce your chances of having a negative vaping experience.

You can prevent the “vaper’s tongue” by trying a new flavor and keeping yourself hydrated.

What you’ll discover after reading this article:

What do you do the first time you vape?

To help you get started, here are the “Dos” of vaping for first-timers.

Find the Right Vaping Device

You should first take your time to learn about the many kinds of vaping equipment that are available. Your decision will be based on your routines and comfort preferences out of the many different designs, types, patterns, and styles available. Do you require a smaller, more transportable item? A vape pen might be ideal for you in such a case. Do you desire a lot of taste, power, and clouds? Consider looking into bigger, more potent box mods.

Choose Your E-liquid

Investing some money to buy high-quality e-liquid is well worth it. Juices of lower grade frequently include contaminants and additives that humans shouldn’t consume. Pure, food-grade ingredients, medical-grade nicotine, and excellent reputations are all characteristics of high-quality e-juices. Additionally, a big component of the vaping experience is flavor! Learn which flavors you enjoy and dislike.

When vaping, keep in mind the end outcome you desire. While juices with greater PG ratios offer better throat hits but smaller clouds, those with higher VG ratios generate thicker vapor and smoother hits. Consider your allergies, and opt for juices with greater VG ratios.

Proper Maintenance

This is the most important guideline for a better first-time vaping experience, as is obvious. The quality and flavor of your e-liquids may be impacted by the residue in your tank.

Typically, whenever you replace your e-liquid, you should clean your tank. At least once a month, empty it and properly clean it by soaking it in warm water.

Additionally, shake the e-juice bottles thoroughly before each usage. This makes it possible for the PG/VG and nicotine to be distributed evenly, giving you the finest hit every time. Additionally, store your bottles in cold, dark areas like cabinets.

Try to choose different Flavors Once in A While

The “vaper’s tongue” is among the most typical issues that e-cigarette users experience. It might happen when you lose the ability to taste your vape juice. Your smell glands and taste buds need a rest at this time.

When your e-juice no longer tastes the same, there is typically nothing to be alarmed about. Vaper’s tongue is short-lived and only affects the flavor of your e-juice, not real foods. Furthermore, if you want to keep vaping, choose a different flavor. You can prevent the “vaper’s tongue” by trying a new flavor and keeping yourself hydrated.

Reduce Nicotine Level Gradually If You Want to Stop Smoking

Many people use vaping as a substitute for smoking. A heavy nicotine e-juice can be used initially, but if you want to stop smoking, you should gradually reduce it.

You can keep enjoying vape pods, but you should slowly transition to box mods or other vaping tools that let you use e-liquids with less nicotine.

Does vaping hurt the first time?

Because your body is accustomed to the toxins in cigarettes, it’s usual to experience headaches, nausea, and dizziness when you first start vaping. A dry tongue or throat could be another adverse effect. This could be because cigarettes and nicotine are both very addictive substances.

Will I cough the first time I vape?

Many people who just started vaping usually experience coughing. Here are some reasons why you might start coughing when you start vaping for the first time:

The Vaping Technique

Dr. Jacques Le Houzec, a nicotine expert, claims that many smokers are quite wary when they use an e-cigarette for the first time.

As a result, they take in a lot of air along with the vapor for a brief period. The vapor is not inhaled with the air by seasoned vapers. Inhales are also slower and longer.

This difference may explain why novice vapers occasionally cough but not seasoned ones.

The Ingredients in Vapour

Most vapers will likely tell you that propylene glycol causes us to cough (PG).

Around 10% of our population is sensitive to propylene glycol, according to a preliminary estimate (created by Chris Price of ECigarette Politics based on an examination of forum entries). (A considerably smaller percentage of people are allergic to it.)

We cannot rule out the possibility that additional unidentified substances, pollutants, or by-products in the e-vapor are also having similar irritating effects, says a professor.

However, this begs the question:

Why do novice vapers cough when they use e-cigarettes for the first time but not after using them frequently?

Nobody now seems to know the solution, but one theory is your body becoming accustomed to these toxins.

Nicotine Strength and Throat Hit

If you have tried zero nicotine vape juice and are an experienced vaper, you’ve probably noticed a diminished throat hit.

A harsher vape and a greater likelihood of coughing appear to be associated with higher nicotine levels. However, some people can effectively switch to e-cigarettes but require a high nicotine dosage.

Device used

Coughing can also be caused by the equipment you’re using. In fact, many consumers cough when they start with a sub-ohm device for the first time.

So, if coughing is a problem for you, it might be recommended to use a simpler device first. Once more, you must consider studies that indicate smokers are more likely to switch successfully to e-cigarettes if their devices are more sophisticated.


Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) both attract water, which aids in the formation of the vapor clouds you observe while exhaling.

Dehydration and occasionally a dry or sore throat, which may cause coughing, are minor side effects.

How do you vape for the first time without coughing?

Change Techniques

You’ll need some perseverance and willpower if you want to try vaping as a quitting method. Sadly, some individuals who cough when they use a vape kit for the first time may give up and never try again. They subsequently make the error of turning back to smoking. You might need to alter your vaping technique because it differs slightly from smoking.

If using your e-cigarette causes you to cough, try inhaling more slowly and lightly at first until you get comfortable with the vapor it produces.

Change PG/VG Ratio

Your coughing and throat irritation may be brought on by a higher PG ratio in your e-juice if you use a sub-ohm vape kit or a larger vape mod. It might be easier on your throat to switch to a higher VG and lower PG ratio. However, you should be aware that vape liquids with higher VG tend to have lower nicotine levels, which means you can wind up feeling unfulfilled and still craving cigarettes. So, to meet your needs, select the ideal ratio of PG, VG, and nicotine strength.  

Stay Hydrated

It’s relatively common medical advice to consume up to eight cups of water each day. Some of us who smoke or are new to vaping might not be getting enough water.

A dry mouth and coughing are two side effects of propylene glycol, which binds to the salivary water. Drinking more water would be a pretty quick treatment. All of your physical functions will benefit from this, and your cough may go away.

Lower the Wattage 

You might discover that you are collecting too much vapor by using a bigger vape mod that allows you to modify the power output and wattage. Your coughing may very well be caused by this, no doubt about it. So reduce the wattage to the lowest and give it another shot. You could discover that reducing the battery level is sufficient to soothe your throat irritation and put an end to your coughing when vaping.

Stop Chain Vaping

You may be coughing a lot if you vape frequently or in chains. Your body will alert you if you are doing too much, just like when you smoke cigarettes continuously. So take it slow, inhale a few times, and then put the vape away.

Change the Coil

A replaceable coil is typically available when using a sub-ohm vape mod or larger vape kit. The coil is the tiny heating element that helps to vaporize the e-juice to produce the vapor that you breathe in, which resembles smoke. When using a larger vape mod, change the coil if you are coughing or have a sore throat. The coils may deteriorate or accumulate residue over time, which could make vaping uncomfortable. As a result, you should either change your coil, hunt for one with greater resistance, or try a vape kit that has an in-built coil in its pods or refills. 

Key Takeaways

A first-timer who wants to attempt vaping could find it a little intimidating. However, whether you just started vaping or have been vaping for a while, we hope this guide will help you have a better vaping experience. In conclusion, you must ensure you use the appropriate vaping equipment, maintain your equipment, and ultimately show consideration for others.To learn more about vaping, please do well to read more articles on our website and also subscribe to our email newsletter.

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