WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Mouth-to-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung Vaping

Are you new to vaping and looking for different vaping techniques? What vaping style will suit you better? This blog will guide you regarding the different vaping types smokers use.

The introduction of new vape products in the market has also introduced many new vaping styles. Your vaping style is how you draw or inhale your product and can be classified as direct vaping or mouth-to-lung vaping.

You need to understand these two vaping styles for efficient use of your device and to make the most of the product you have invested in.

  4. This vaping style is best for the beginners
  5. Mostly preferred for experienced users
  6. There is an improved coil, battery life, and e-liquid longevity.
  7. Best with e-liquids with a high PG level

What is Mouth-to-Lung Vaping?

If you try out mouth-to-lung vaping, you must know what it is. Smokers mostly use the mouth-to-lung vaping style as the process is just like smoking cigarettes. However, while doing the mouth-to-lung vaping style, the smoker inhales the vapors into the mouth, collects them there, and then fully breathes them into the lungs.

Since mouth-to-lung vaping is an easier and more comfortable experience, this is newbies’ most widely used method.

Coming from a majority of the people who use the vaping technique of mouth-to-lung, the flavor and throat impact are thought to have improved. Moreover, the lifespan of your e-liquid and battery capacity is also extended. These results mainly from the lesser electrical charge needed to ignite a high-resistance coil.

What is the Best Mouth-to-Lung Vape Option?

Suppose you are looking for the most reliable device to start your vaping journey. In that case, you should know that the finest mouth-to-lung vaporizer is portable and power-efficient. Moreover, most mouth-to-lung vape kits are compatible with nicotine levels up to 20mg, which is the standard.

We advise all new users to start with an MTL kit because of its adaptability, simplicity of use, compatibility with all nicotine levels, and resemblance to a cigarette pull.

What is the best e-Liquid for Mouth-to-Lung Vaping?

Moving on to the next step of knowing about the best e-liquid for you, we know that Different e-liquids can be used for mouth-to-lung vaping. But for getting the best results, it’s frequently advised to use high PG e-liquids, particularly those with a concentration of 50% PG or above, while employing the Mouth to Lung method.

The Benefits of Mouth-to-Lung

There are also visible perks of trying the mouth-to-lung method. The benefits include less visible vapor and insignificant smell. Another advantage is that your devices will be smaller, and there will be less juice consumption overall. So it’s a win-win situation.

The Disadvantages of Mouth-to-Lung

All things have their pros and cons. Just like that, there are also cons to MTL. A few major ones are that the nicotine won’t be enough to satisfy your need for that pump. Moreover, you might experience that vape fluids with greater nicotine concentrations are uncomfortable on your throat and may feel harsh.

What is Direct-to-Lung Vaping?

Direct-to-lung vaping, also called straight-lung vaping, is like normal air breathing. However, in direct-to-lung vaping, the smoker sucks the vapors direct into the lungs and does not collect them in the mouth. This is the reason that direct-to-lung vaping is intense as well as satisfying.

Direct to the lung is not a very common vaping style. Though recently, it has become more common because of the recent popularity of cloud chasing and hobby vaping. Direct-to-lung vaping has to be either nicotine free or should have a low nicotine amount. In direct-to-lung vaping, the nicotine hit will be more substantial. That means high levels of nicotine or PG (propylene glycol) may give you an unpleasant feeling.

What is the best Direct-to-Lung Vape?

While traveling the road that leads to the best direct-to-lung vaping, you need to know which vape suits your vaping style the most. E-liquid having a high VG level and less PG level is preferred.

A kit with airflow control is also great for direct-to-lung vaping, as you can adjust airflow to satisfy your needs.

A great direct-to-lung vape device should have a large mouthpiece, a good battery, and a sub-ohm coil. These devices should also have a looser airflow to create more vapors.

The sub-ohm coil is essential, too, as it allows you to produce more vapors without the device getting too hot. However, these coils require more power than the coils found in mouth-to-lung vape devices. As a result, direct-to-lung vaping tends to be more significant with bigger batteries which are much needed so they can come up to the expectations of its user.

What is the best Direct-to-Lung Vape Liquid?

Low nicotine concentrations are always ideal for direct-to-lung vaping. This is the reason for the prolonged use of vaporizers by many sub-ohm vapers, who then moved to DTL vaping after progressively reducing their nicotine dosage. An excellent place to start is 3mg; you can increase this if you find this isn’t strong enough. Your nicotine intensity increases with throat impact and nicotine hit, especially when using a sub-ohm device.

The Main Benefits of Direct-to-Lung


Direct to Lung gives you a unique feeling of warmth.

Visual aspect

If you are a cloud chaser, then the best thing is the more enormous clouds. Many vapers need to see a nice exhale of vape.


Many juices have been designed for this style of vaping and give the best vaping experience.

The Main Disadvantage of Direct-to-Lung

What can be a hurdle to your run? The main disadvantage of direct-to-lung vaping is that it requires more commitment, with bulkier hardware and more liquid consumed overall. Therefore, it is known to be high maintenance.

Direct-to-Lung Vaping

  • Just like smoking a cigarette
  • Just similar to smoking a shisha pipe
  • There is a reduced coil, battery life, and e-liquid longevity.
  • Best used with e-liquids having high VG levels and no more than 6mg of nicotine

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