WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How to use Vaping to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

You’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes but there’s a problem – you don’t know what to do next. Or worse, you know what you want to do, but you can’t figure out where to start. And further still, even when you have answers to the first two challenges, you find yourself getting stuck at not really knowing what to buy.

Well my friend, you’re not alone. Millions of smokers here in the US and around the world are ready to quit smoking but they find themself confused by too many options – especially when it comes to vaping. You need a guide and we’d love to be that guide.

Although vaping is much less harmful than smoking, it’s not harmless. So you should plan to eventually quit vaping too, but only when you know you won’t go back to smoking. Vaping Facts

Article Summary

How to Transition From Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping

Cigarette broken in half

If you’re ready to use vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, you’re going to need help. A great first step is finding a vaping expert – either online or in-person at a local vape shop. They’ll know what it’s been like for others in your position. So they’ll be a reliable source for you to begin your journey. Once you find someone you trust, continue to reach out to them anytime you have questions or concerns.

The ideal starting point will be a vape liquid that offers a high nicotine strength. You’ll also want a device that’s discreet and designed to help you make this transition. Ask the expert you consult with for their recommendations when it comes to vaping for beginners.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes With Vape Liquid High in Nicotine

American Blend E-Liquid
Black Note American Blend Natural Tobacco Vaping Liquid is high in nicotine.

Based on many years of customer feedback, our Virginia natural tobacco vape liquid is ideal for beginners. Coupled with the Aspire device we pair it with, it offers the closest experience to smoking cigarettes.

If you’re into artificial flavors and sweeteners, then our  Virginia tobacco blend is not for you. Unlike most eLiquids on the market today, none of our vape liquids are artificially produced in a lab. That means you get a tobacco taste produced by sunlight and care, not synthetic flavor from chemicals.

  • Naturally Extracted from real tobacco leaves, using only the best leaves and the best part of the leaves
  • 100% FREE from Artificial flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners
  • No diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, acrolein, and acetoin
  • Handcrafted in small batches

Find out why Virginia tobacco e-liquid is the number one choice amongst our customers here at Black Note.
Whatever e-liquid you choose, make sure the nicotine base and strength matches how you smoke.

Please email our team here at Black Note if you have any questions.

The Right Vape Device and Vape Liquid for Beginners

Black Note Virginia Vaping Liquid Blend with Aspire vaping pen
Black Note’s Virginia vape liquid and Aspire device are perfect for beginners to vaping.

As a beginner to vaping, you need the best vape device to quit smoking. A pod or pen is very discreet and would be the best fit. And you’ll want to start with a vape liquid high in nicotine. The combination of a suitable device and eLiquid will provide you with a similar experience to smoking cigarettes.

We recommend our Virginia vape liquid and our aspire device for anyone who is new to vaping and wants to quit smoking cigarettes.

The Difference Between Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung Devices

The best device for someone looking to quit smoking is a mouth-to-lung device. Why? Because it’s the closest to smoking cigarettes.

The chart below breaks down the difference between mouth-to-lung devices and direct-to-lung devices.

Chart explaining the difference between mouth-to-lung-devices and direct-to-lung devices

The Difference Between a Pod and Pen

Both vape pens and pod devices are super simple. The biggest difference is vape pens are a little more technical than pods.

If you consider yourself tech-savvy, then a vape pen might be right for you. If you like to keep things simple, look for a pod device. Just pop in a pod cartridge and puff it like a cigarette.

Below we’ve highlighted the differences between vape pen and pod devices.

Vaping devices have three parts:

  • Battery
  • Coil
  • Tank

You have to charge the battery every night. Thankfully, the battery can be replaced every few years.

You must fill up the tank with your e-liquid to the ‘full’ line.

The coil heats the e-liquid into vapor.

3 Reasons to Change Your Coil

  • It’s 2 to 4 weeks old
  • There’s a burnt taste
  • The e-liquid flavor is weak
A vape pen
Vape Pen

Vape pod system by Aspire
Vape Pod System

Pod Systems
These devices have small cartridges that clip into the end.

Some pods are pre-filled disposable cartridges and some are refillable.

All you have to do is switch out an old pod cartridge for a new one when it’s empty.

Remember – Vaping Liquids And Devices Are Not Medical Products

A fist smashing cigarettes

Please keep in mind that vaping products are consumer products and are not medical stop-smoking products.

Vaping is just one path you can take to quit smoking and become smoke-free. Many also consider going cold turkey or nicotine replacement therapies.

Take Our “Quit Smoking” Survey and Start Your Journey Today

Cigarettes in an ash tray with the text take our quit smoking survey

If you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes, take our Quit Smoking Survey today. It’ll match you up with the vape device and liquid that’s right for you.

We designed this survey to make it easier for beginners to transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. We hope it will help you too.

Be The Second Best Alternative to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Black Notes eight natural tobacco blends with a wooden panel background

Our mission at Black Note is to be the second-best alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes. Not smoking anything is the number one alternative.

Although we are the best tobacco vaping liquid company on earth (according to many of our customers), we don’t want non-smokers to start vaping, we won’t encourage vapers to vape more, and we DON’T want you to vape forever.

We encourage people to QUIT smoking cold turkey if that works better, without putting Black Note into the mix and relying on vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

Stay in the loop with Black Note!

Join the Black Note community for exclusive access to vaping tips, the latest devices, and exciting discounts. Get all this and more, straight to your inbox! Embark on your memorable vaping journey with us.

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