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How do you get the best flavor from your vape?

Temperature Control Vaping

Do you frequently go for your vape only for you to be left coughing and with a horrible taste in your mouth, despite the fact that you just changed the coil recently? If you experience this frequently, you might burn the wick more quickly than ideal. The most frequent reason for this is that your vape’s temperature setting is incorrect.

Limiting your vape’s temperature is a simple technique to increase your coil’s lifespan and the amount of time you have to enjoy vaping. You can do this through Temperature Control Vaping.

“You will have a better flavor when using juices with 50:50 ratios and a lower power device (anything over 20 watts). Higher power is not the best for flavor. With high wattage and e-juice containing >50% VG, you will improve vapor production at the cost of the flavor.” – Spinfuel

Article Sections

  • What is temperature control mode?
  • What is TC NI mode vape?
  • The benefits of temperature control
  • The best vape settings for flavor
  • What is the best temperature control for a vape pen?
  • Key Takeaways

What is temperature control mode?

Dry and burned hits can now be avoided thanks to temperature control (simply known as TC) in vape mods. Due to the temperature remaining constant rather than rising, it also produces a consistent vape while allowing for longer drags. The temperature limit is normally selected by the user and falls within the ranges of 300°F and 600°F (100°C and 315°C). The power supplied to the coil adjusts automatically to maintain the coil—and the temperature of your vape—at the selected level.

It all started in 2014 with the development of the DNA chip by the company known as Evolv. Many people still believe that the greatest temperature control mods available today are those that use DNA chips. It was innovative when the company first introduced TC for vaporizers! Although the term “innovative” is frequently used, it is definitely appropriate here. Before TC, most of the best vape mods could only change watts.  In 2020 up till now, temperature control (TC) is a function that is present in the majority of vape mods, just like wattage control.

What is TC NI mode vape?

The Temperature Control mode on your mod enables you to choose a certain temperature at which your e-liquid will vaporize. In order to maintain a steady and manageable coil temperature, your mod will alter its power output in accordance with the temperature value that has been selected. This method essentially stops “dry hits” or burned coils, which are a vaper’s worst nightmare. When TC mode is properly used, your coils won’t ever become too hot or burn your wicks. Additionally, it serves as a safety measure and extends the lifespan of your coils, all while offering a smoother vaping experience that can be customized based on your preferred temperature. A user of TC vaping will undoubtedly enjoy each pull from their device once they get the hang of it.

The benefits of temperature control

  • Avoiding dry hits / burnt hits: There are several ways to avoid dry and burned strikes, but one major benefit of Temperature Control is that it takes care of it for you. If the wick runs out in TC mode, the temperature will begin to rise, and the temperature protection will automatically reduce power to make up for it. As a result, you only get less vapor instead of a horrible dry hit, which makes you think, “Ah, I need more juice!” Rather than “ouch! I just took a horrible punch!”
  • Coil and wick life: Avoiding unpleasant hits requires keeping the coil from becoming too hot and avoiding singeing your cotton, which is what gives cotton its foul flavor. Because they aren’t exceeding the set temperature required for a satisfying vape, Temperature Control coils can last far longer than standard power-mode coils.
  • Battery life: A TC vape is thought to consume 1.5 times less power than an identical variable wattage vape since it only uses the electricity required to keep your coil at the proper temperature.
  • Vape consistency: The vape will remain consistent from puff to puff, even within a single puff, thanks to your ability to set the temperature your coils may reach. Because the heat of the coil varies depending on the length of the hit, the hits are less consistent in standard wattage mode. That’s OK for quick and brief hits, but a non-TC coil will become hotter the longer you draw, and heat alters everything!

The best vape settings for flavor

Vapers can be divided into two categories: flavor chasers and cloud chasers. We have some advice for you if you fall into the first group or simply want to get more flavor out of your juice. You may get more out of the numerous different e-liquids available, many of which have complex and distinctive flavor profiles, by making a few adjustments. You won’t have to give up those enormous clouds either; all you have to do is add more of the flavor you want to achieve a tremendous vapor payout.

E-Liquid Selection

For Mouth To Lung Vapers Using Lower Powered Kits: The optimum choice for mouth-to-lung vapers is an e-liquid with a greater PG content. Propylene glycol, which is the liquid that conveys flavor and is thinner than VG in vape juice, vaporizes more readily than VG. We advise using a 50:50 liquid if your wattage is low because you’ll want a juice that has plenty of flavors and drains quickly. You can choose a higher PG if you like, but you’ll get a harsher throat hit.

For Sub Ohm Vapers With A More Stronger Kit: You have many more alternatives available once you start using Sub Ohm vaping. With a higher-powered device, you’ll often use more juice, which means you’ll probably buy shortfills when visiting your neighborhood vape store. While you might often add a nicotine shot, you’re better off skipping it if you’re just vaping for the flavor. The flavor concentrates in your shortfill are slightly diluted as you add more liquid, and nicotine naturally comes with a subtle peppery flavor that can clash with your juice.

Regarding your VG/PG ratio, you should aim for a 70:30 equilibrium. You could use a 50:50 juice; however, adding more PG would result in a much harder throat hit because you’re probably vaping at a higher watt (anything above 20 watts).


  • Choose a shortfill with little to no nicotine; ideally, don’t dilute it at all.
  • For best flavor in lesser-powered devices, aim for a 70:30 juice ratio. A 50:50 ratio will be too harsh if you are using a sub-ohm device.

Sub Ohm Tanks

There are certain adjustments you can make if you’re making use of Sub Ohm tanks and box mod configuration. The first step is to review the recommended wattage and coil resistance. The recommended wattage range for most coils will be stated on them; if you exceed it, you run the danger of burning the coils out quickly. Anywhere between 60 and 110 watts can typically be used with the lower resistance options (which are 0.15 to 0.3 ohms). Start with the middle and gradually work your way up; the flavor will be more potent the hotter it is. If your coil has a power range of 60 to 90 watts, start there and see if you detect a change. Increase the power by 2 watts at a time until you get the perfect combination of flavor, vapor, and heat without exceeding the point where your coil is burned out. Mesh coil tanks are also excellent for enhancing the distinct flavors in your e-liquid because they provide superior flavor due to more evenly distributed heat and a quicker ramp-up.

A Note on Airflow

Cloud production and flavor strength may be balanced by adjusting how airy your vape is. With less airflow and higher wattage, your vapor will be warmer and have a stronger flavor. Your airflow adjustment and drip tip are the two components on your tank that need attention.

Choosing a narrower drip tip will assist in condensing the vapor, increasing flavor payoff. Replace the 810 drip tip on your tank with a 510 drip tip. The airflow on your tank’s base is another issue to pay attention to; it should be as low as possible to avoid heating up your coil too much and producing more flavor instead of vapor.

What is the best temperature control for a vape pen?

Dab temperatures are typically set between 315°F to 900°F. It is typically too cold to vape cannabis concentrates below 315°F. Additionally, temperatures above 900°F can cause the emission of carcinogens and an unpleasant, burned-smelling mist.

Key Takeaways

If you want to personalize your vaping experience and want your draws to be consistent each time you take a puff, TC (Temperature Control Vaping) is the solution.

The user is involved in this vaping mode because they may choose the type of vapor they want by adjusting the temperature. Although it has pros and limitations, TC mode vaping may be a thrilling experience for the vaper if done correctly since it offers the consistency and reliability that WCV (wattage control vaping) does not have.

Burnt/dry hits and vapes that become overly hot with long draws are totally handled with the temperature control vaping tech. Although regular wattage control vaping remains widespread among vapers, a trend change is apparent, with an increase in the use of TC vaping. Because of this, manufacturers are working hard to make TC vape mods simpler to operate and more accessible to beginners.

It’s time to give TC a try if you’re sick of getting dry hits and burning wicks or coils and want a convenient vaping experience. Once you’ve discovered your “just-right temperature,” you’ll undoubtedly adore it!

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