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Does Your Vape Taste Burnt?

Vape Taste Burnt

When after a long puff, you taste a nasty burnt taste in your throat rather than a smooth, delicious vapor, it’s a terrible sensation. Your entire day may be ruined by this incident, and you might decide to give up on vaping completely.

A burnt hit or a dry hit are both examples of a burning taste. Although most vapers confuse the two names, they actually refer to different things. The dry hit is less surprising than the burnt hit, despite the fact that both are unpleasant. A dry hit happens when the wick in your coil starts to dry up a little, resulting in less flavor and vapor exhaled, but not the unpleasantness and coughing that come with a burnt hit.

This article will help you know why your vape tastes burnt and what you can do to prevent it.

“Burnt hits are one of the main causes of throat burn, although a coil can be burned for a number of different reasons. If you notice any throat burn, your coil is burned and has to be replaced.”

What you’ll discover after reading this article:

Why does my vape taste burnt, but the coil isn’t burnt?

Wondering why your vape tastes like it’s burning? Here are 10 potential reasons why your vape tastes burnt.

Reason #1: Chain Vaping

Chain vaping, which is when a person vapes continually without leaving a breathing pause between puffs, is a significant cause of burnt hits. Because the wick is not given time to absorb vape juice in between puffs, this action harms the coil. The dried cord therefore burns.

Reason #2: Unprimed Coils

Burnt hits can also be caused by unprimed coils. Coil priming, which aims to soak the wick in vape liquid, is crucial. By trying to ignite a dry wick without first priming the coil, charred and unpleasant flavors may eventually follow.

Reason #3: High-Power Vaping Damaging Coils

Burnt hits are a result of high-power vaping damaging coils. A coil will roast or fail more quickly if the allowed wattage range is exceeded (this information is engraved on the side of the coil). Higher power vaping causes the e-juice to vaporize more quickly than the wick can absorb, and puffing anyway results in a burnt-tasting vape.

Reason #4: Emptying the Tank Before Refilling It

Completely emptying the tank before refilling leads to low vape juice levels and damages the coils. When the tank is nearly empty before being refilled, the wick will have inadequate e-juice to absorb, which will result in a burnt-tasting vape.

Reason #5: Using Cheap e-Juice

Your choice of e-juice is another factor in the burnt flavor of vapes (that is, the use of cheap e-juice). Some vape juices can cause coil blockage and are problematic. Because they are stiffer and harder for coil wicks to absorb, e-juice with high VG concentrations and sugar contents are more likely to make the vape taste burnt. This leads to the failure of vape pens.

Reason #6: Using an Outdated Coil

The most frequent cause of coil burns and the resulting burnt vape flavor is the use of an outdated coil. Without considering personal consumption habits, an average coil should last roughly 2-3 weeks; anything longer could result in a burnt flavor in the vapor.

Reason #7: Not Cleaning the Coil

Not maintaining the coil. Maintaining your equipment is a good practice, especially if you use a vaporizer. Cleaning the coil extends its useful life. Avoiding burnt hits from your vaporizer will also save you money on having to replace them. Your coils can be cleaned using cotton buds dipped in alcohol, rubbed clean, and then washed with hot, clear water to get rid of any remaining residue and alcohol.

Reason #8: Vaping in Cold Weather

The vaping experience is further impacted by cold weather because e-viscosity juice varies depending on the temperature at which it is kept. The warm temperature will thin them out, while cold weather will cause the e-juice to thicken, rendering the coil susceptible to clogging. Additionally, PG heavy mixes behave more like VG dominating mixes in cold weather, which is bad for e-juice.

Reason #9: Vaping on a Hot-Spotted Coil

Hotspots are a common reason for burnt hits when vaping, and when too much heat passes through them, they produce a strong red glow. Vaping on a hot-spotted coil produces a heated, revolting draw with a terrible metallic taste.

Reason #10: Coil Has Too Much Cotton on It

Lastly, the coil has too much cotton on it. The mouthpiece is used for inhaling the vaporized e-liquid that has been heated by the coil and created by the wick. When the wick is too small, vaping suffers significantly and could even leak. The area that needs saturation to function perfectly is increased when there is too much cotton used, and the wick burns out as a result. The amount of time required between vapes to allow the e-juice to completely absorb onto the wick will also rise as a result of this increase.

How to Prevent a Burnt Coil

Here are a few steps that can be taken to prevent your coil from getting burnt, hence removing the burnt vape taste:

Tip #1: Always Keep Enough e-Liquid in Your Tank

Always keep enough e-liquid in your tank to vape. This means that you should never “dry burn” your coils because the majority of wicks are made of cotton and will become damaged if heated without enough e-juice to protect them.

Tip #2: Avoid Chain Vaping

Avoid chain vaping. For the wick to become re-saturated, it’s critical that there be a significant length of time between hits. To avoid burning a dry wick, wait until your wick is thoroughly soaked to absorb enough e-liquid before taking another puff.

Tip #3: Manually Soak Your Wick (Prime Coil)

Your coil must be primed if you want to keep it from burning. Manually soaking your wick before installation is required for this procedure, although doing so will make you have to wait patiently a little longer before inhaling. Most people find it difficult to wait for the surrounding e-liquid to absorb the extra heat since they have a strong impulse to vape as soon as the device is ready. This can be avoided by priming the coil, which also safeguards the wick and enables quick usage.

Tip #4: Use e-Liquid With Higher PG

Use an e-liquid with a higher PG content if possible. An e-liquid with a higher level of PG is advised since it readily gets soaked by the wick. As previously said, high VG concentration and sugar content e-liquid might cause burns because they are stiffer and denser for coil wicks to absorb. Always have enough e-liquid on the wick to keep it covered when vaping. You can better balance the powering of your device and the rate of vaporization by using higher-level PG e-liquids.

Tip #5: Lower Wattage on Vape Device

Coil burning can be prevented by using less power. Due to the advancements and improvements occurring in technology as a result of a rise in e-cigarette use, users now have access to a wide variety of vapes and customizable components, giving them control over the wattage they produce.

A greater wattage results in thicker clouds and more vapor, but it also severely damages the coil and isn’t very efficient. You run the danger of burning the coil and getting a dry hit because the wick will dry out more quickly. Lowering the wattage allows you to vaporize more frequently without worrying about a burning wick or coil because it takes less time and power for the wick to re-absorb e-liquids.

Tip #6: Change Coil When Worn Out

Changing your coil when it becomes worn out or harmed. Even your coil will not live eternally in this world. Your coil can live longer with routine upkeep and cleaning, but it won’t survive indefinitely, especially when it is older.

Tip #7: Clean Coil So it Lasts Longer

Cleaning your coil can help it last longer, guarantee that each coil gets the most use possible, prevent burnt hits from happening, and reduce the frequency of coil replacement costs. Most individuals wash away extra residue and alcohol with hot water after cleaning the coil with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol.

Tip #8: Avoid Exposing Vaporizer to Extreme Cold or Heat

When storing your e-juice, keep in mind the weather. Cold weather will cause your e-juice to thicken, while hot weather will cause a PG-heavy mix to behave like a VG-dominant mix. The thick liquid from the cold weather will clog the coil, which will result in a burned coil. In general, stay away from subjecting your vaporizer to drastic temperature swings.

Tip #9: Replace Coil if it Has Hotspots

Once a hotspot has been located on your coil, it should be replaced because keeping burned wick would imply keeping its foul flavor.

Tip #10: Use Smaller Wicks

Utilizing a little wick. The wicks in the tank are what cause the e-liquid to vaporize. Using a small number of wicks results in less time needed for re-saturation between vapes because the total area is smaller and will not allow room for a burnt wick or coil. Using too much wick increases the total area to be saturated, which requires more time between vapes so that the wick can absorb enough e-juice.

Are my new coils burnt?

Every day, countless coils are produced, and not all of them are of the same quality. Even if primed properly, if your new coil has a burnt taste, you need to replace it because you received a bad one. Some coils may be defective right out of the box owing to a manufacturing error or a loose connection.

Additionally, bad coils occasionally arrive in bunches, suggesting that the remaining coils in the box may also be problematic. Even though this won’t happen frequently, it’s better to be ready. Thus you should always buy more than one box of the coil.

How to Detect that your Coil is Burnt

It’s not difficult to learn how to tell when your coil is burnt, it just takes practice. Burnt hits are one of the main causes of throat burn, although a coil can be burned for a number of different reasons. If you notice any throat burn, your coil is burned and has to be replaced.

Although a burnt coil frequently loses its original flavor, the flavor is a better indicator of burntness. After a few puffs, the flavor that should initially be experienced during the hit is affected by the taste of a burnt coil, which is frequently unpleasant in the throat. A decrease in vapor output, or a sharp decrease in the vapor generated during vaping, indicates that a coil is burnt.

Key Takeaways

There are a variety of causes for burnt-tasting vapor, so it’s critical to learn how to prevent coil burning as well as other facts that can improve your vaping experience.

If you still have burnt, dry, or harsh tastes, a combination of the reasons we mentioned in this article might be the cause. We highly recommend bookmarking this article and referencing it often when your vape tastes burnt.

To learn more about vaping, please do well to read more articles on our website and also subscribe to our email newsletter.

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