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Delicious Duo 1: Prelude and Strawberry Shortcake

Prelude: Virginia tobacco e-liquid with strawberry short cake.

While Black Note vaping liquids are certainly enjoyable on their own, you can give your taste buds an added treat if you match up our real tobacco blends with specific foods and drinks. That’s why we’re serving up a series of 15 blog posts, each one showcasing a different way to enjoy Black Note combined with a food or drink that enhances the pleasure of both. We’re calling the series Delicious Duos.

We kept a number of different strategies in mind when creating our delicious duos.

  • The vaping liquid must have as much sweetness as the food or drink
  • Match the body of the vaping liquid with the body of the food or drink
  • Either contrast or mirror the flavors of the two items
  • Keep in mind that sweet matched with savory can also create delectable results
  • Make sure the flavor of the drink or dessert doesn’t dominate the tobacco blend, and vice versa

While we may have veered slightly away from some of the above strategies as we matched up our treats, we did use them as a base while creating our combinations.

Also keep in mind that each person’s tastes are unique, and what works deliciously for one may not necessarily work for everyone. Feel free to mix, match, adapt and come up with your own delicious duos using Black Note vaping liquid – and make sure you share your favorites!

Our Delicious Duos series will give you a firm starting point for opening up a whole new world of tastes and experiences, and we do hope you enjoy.

Bon appetit!

Delicious Duo 1: Prelude and Strawberry Shortcake

This post is one in a series of 15 articles dedicated to combining Black Note vaping liquid with specific food and drinks for added enjoyment of both.

Prelude and strawberry shortcake create a duo that’ll leave your taste buds dancing with the sweetest glee.

As our lightest and brightest tobacco blend, Prelude begs for an equally light and airy companion. Strawberry shortcake fits the bill. Combining Prelude with strawberry shortcake is a delectable way to create a sweet finale for a delicious meal, or enjoy a palatable perk at any time throughout the day.

Prelude Highlights

Virginia tobacco is at the core of Prelude, resulting in a light, bright and naturally sweet experience. The tobacco is cured using a slow-heat process, which brings natural sugars and resins bursting to the surface.

Strawberry Shortcake Highlights

Strawberry shortcake typically contains a light, airy cake made from the basic ingredients of flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. While the cake itself does contain sugar, the most notable sweetness of the dessert comes from the natural flavor of fresh, ripe strawberries. Of course, a dollop of your favorite whipped cream doesn’t hurt, either.

Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo

Prelude mingles well with strawberry shortcake for several reasons. One is the level and main source of the sweetness. The flue-curing process of Prelude’s Virginia tobacco brings natural sweetness to the surface, while fresh strawberries dappled across the cake does the same. The sweetness of both are vibrant and obvious, yet not overwhelming.

Prelude is a light-bodied tobacco blend, while strawberry shortcake is likewise a lighter-bodied dessert – provided, of course, you opt for airy instead of heavy whipped cream. If you feel the cake and cream provide too much sweetness for your personal taste, skip them and simply combine Prelude with straight-up strawberries, blueberries or another light, invigorating fruit.

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