WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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American Blend E-Liquid Bridges the Gap Between Cigarettes and Vapes

In the mid-2000s, e-cigarettes emerged as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The overnight popularity of these devices created a rapidly growing new industry that rewarded innovation. Weird and wonderful flavors like Candy Floss, Bubblegum, and Pina Colada continue to rank among the most popular e-liquid concentrates. 

But traditional flavors – like American Blend – have become more obscure. Manufacturers struggle to recreate a natural tobacco e-liquid taste. They have lost sight of the reason for creating e-cigarettes in the first place: to enjoy the authentic taste of tobacco, without any of the harmful carcinogens

Black Note is pioneering a return to authentic tobacco flavors. We use tried-and-tested methods to create the best tobacco e-liquids with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and absolutely no synthetic nicotine. American Blend e-liquid is the newest addition to our range. 


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What Is American Blend Tobacco?

American Blend tobacco is a blend of Virginia (50%), Burley (13%), and Oriental (37%) tobacco. The exact ratio varies from brand to brand, but the rustic tobacco taste remains the same. This type of tobacco is known for having deep, rich undertones that are complemented by a sweet aroma and taste. 

American cigarette brands such as Marlboro, American Spirit, and Salem embody the true taste of tobacco. Vape brands might claim that their products are Marlboro cigarettes in e-liquid form but, as we are about to discover, finding a classic tobacco vape isn’t as easy as it seems. Learn more about American Blend Tobacco E-liquid.

I just ordered second bottle today, love the taste and the smoothness it is a perfect blend, I am blown away by this one! I love the Fast service they have and my order arrives perfect every time! I am vaping on a GeekVape Aegis Mini at 16-18 watts using .08 coil in a Innokin Zenith Tank I have used for over 4 yrs I will never switch, it works for me. I chose the geek vape mini because it will take a beating, I drop it a lot because of my hand problems. It is built very well and it has never let me down or been broken. I recommend it using this OUTSTANDING NEW AMERICAN BLEND 12mg. from BLACK NOTE

— debranipper

The Quest for the Best Tobacco-Like Experience

When e-cigarettes rose to popularity as an alternative to cigarettes, smokers were quick to buy American Blend vape juice. They assumed that the traditional tobacco flavor would carry over but, as they quickly found out, most American tobacco e-liquid has a distinctly inauthentic, or “ashtray”, taste. 

Vape manufacturers extract nicotine from tobacco and discard the leftover tobacco leaves, so e-liquid contains no tobacco at all. Others sidestep natural tobacco completely and instead opt for synthetic nicotine. Both these methods eliminate the 70 known carcinogens in tobacco, but they also remove eugenol, coumarin, camphor, and the other compounds in tobacco that create the unique taste. 

So, how do manufacturers create that tobacco taste? They use flavor concentrates. Concentrates are typically comprised of industry-approved food flavorings that you might find in products on supermarket shelves. Just like a strawberry flavor concentrate can never replicate the true taste of a fresh strawberry, tobacco concentrate can never embody the essence of authentic tobacco. 

For many vapers, the quest for the best tobacco-like experience is neverending. Now, the search is over. American Blend offers an unbeatably authentic tobacco experience that is unlike any of the manufactured blends on the market today. 

Black Note’s American Tobacco Vape Juice

This natural tobacco e-liquid excels where its predecessors have failed. It replicates the taste of the Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobacco tastes that you can find in a pack of Marlboros. Vapers say it is the closest they can get to a “red” cigarette. 

Each element contributes to the characteristic American tobacco taste.

  • Virginia tobacco – Thanks to the flue-curing process, Virginia tobacco is even sweeter than usual. 
  • Burley tobacco – Air-curing adds an element of depth to this already rich and full-bodied tobacco. 
  • Oriental tobacco – Oriental (or Turkish) tobacco is sun-dried, which produces a distinct balance between sweet and savory notes. 

Let’s look at the other benefits of Black Note’s American Blend tobacco liquid. 

We Breed the Best Tobacco Seeds

The best tobacco e-liquid deserves the best tobacco seeds.

The first stage in our 9-step process is to breed the tobacco seeds. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to authentic tobacco flavors. We take our cues from the Slow Food movement, which allows nature to take its course. 

We only use non-GMO tobacco seeds and, once we have the best of the bunch, we cross-breed them a year before planting to create the best start for our future tobacco leaves. None of the tobacco leaves that we use are genetically modified, so every drop of tobacco flavoring comes straight from the original plant.

We Use Natural Extraction Techniques

Unlike other vape brands, we use natural extraction techniques. Natural techniques take longer, but it is a small price to pay for authentic flavors. Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T) retains the flavor of authentic tobacco, something that is essential to creating a classic tobacco vape experience. 

We use a tobacco maceration process that involves soaking the tobacco leaves for six to eight weeks. The maceration process creates a soft, more cohesive taste and dampens the characteristic bitter notes and harsh throat hit that you expect from tobacco. 

When the extraction process is complete, we have the best tobacco e-liquid on the market.  

OK, I had a chance to try this new American Blend and it is the best I’ve ever tasted. Like all Black Note e-liquids, it’s great. But, as a (former) cigarette smoker, this blend is like a connoisseur’s cigarette in draw and taste — with no lousy carbon aftertaste. I previously leaned toward Virginia as a regular smoke, and can definitely taste hints of it here. This is now my new fave! More robust, but still sweet. No more mixing my own from different Black Note flavors, I couldn’t do any better.

— Bingyman

No Artificial Flavors

Black Note is proud to guarantee no artificial flavors. Artificial flavors are produced in a lab, and can never take the place of organic flavors. Besides, no evidence suggests that artificial flavors are healthier than natural ones.
When you take a drag on our natural tobacco e-liquid, you will get a full-bodied burst of real tobacco flavorings.

No Artificial Sweeteners

Vape manufacturers use artificial sweeteners to add a synthetic, sugary taste to their e-liquids. We follow our tobacco seeds through every stage of their life cycle, so we know that they are flavorful enough without the help of any artificial products. 

We guarantee sweet notes with no additional sweeteners. 

No Synthetic Nicotine

There is no synthetic nicotine in our e-liquids. 

Synthetic nicotine goes against everything that we stand for. It is grown in a lab, which robs vapers of the authentic taste of tobacco. On top of that, there is little research that tells us how addictive synthetic nicotine is compared to tobacco-based nicotine

Black Note as a Smoking Cessation Tool

Flavors aside, Black Note e-liquids are effective smoking cessation tools. 

The effectiveness of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids is still up for debate, but this is due to a lack of research in this relatively new industry. First-hand experience tells us that successful ex-smokers need an alternative. Otherwise, they have to quit cold turkey. Every smoker on the planet knows that willpower is not a good substitute for cigarettes. 

Dr. J. Taylor Hayes, a professor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center, writes that there is a “long-standing misconception that the most effective method for quitting is to ‘white knuckle it’ with willpower alone.”

According to Hayes, research conducted across the past 25 years shows that out of 100 people who try to quit smoking cold turkey, only three to five will succeed past six months. Overall, 95% or more of those who attempt to quit cold turkey are unsuccessful. 

Made For Classic Tobacco Vape Fans

Black Note is the homeplace of classic tobacco vapes. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, synthetic nicotine, and additives. Our 100% kosher e-liquids are specifically designed for health-conscious vapers who want to enjoy the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette.


Classic Cigarette Taste in Every Puff

Experience timeless cigarette taste with our American Blend Tobacco E-Liquid.

50-50 Bottle on the left - American Blend 2

This article is for informational purposes and does not endorse smoking or vaping. Smoking and vaping involve health risks.

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