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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
TPD Compliance, Tobacco Products Directive

Black Note Meets TPD Compliance: 15 EU Countries Notified

Black Note is already known for going to extraordinary lengths to produce the best real tobacco vaping liquid in the world, and we’ve likewise gone to great lengths to ensure the world can continue to enjoy it. Black Note is proud to announce we’ve met TPD compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive  for five of our tobacco blends, and we’ve notified 15 European Union member countries accordingly.

While TPD regulations are strict, time-consuming, costly, and are likely to push some of the smaller e-liquid manufacturers out of business, we knew meeting the rigorous demands would be worth it to ensure our blends remain available throughout the EU.

Our five compliant blends are:

  • Prelude: Airy and bright Virginia tobacco
  • Sonata: Robust and intense Cavendish tobacco blend
  • Forte: Rich and smooth burley tobacco
  • Legato: Earthy and nutty Italian Kentucky tobacco
  • Quartet: Smoky and peppery Latakia tobacco

The 15 countries we notified are:

  • Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece
  • Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic

What TPD Regulations Demand

Officially known as Directive 2014/40/EU, the TPD is an EU directive that took effect in May 2016. Although companies were granted a 12-month transitional period to comply with its new safety, consumer information and quality assurance standards, we already knew we wanted to continue selling our tobacco vaping liquids throughout Europe. So we did not hesitate to take the required action to comply.

Our five blends meet TPD regulations that apply to e-liquids, which include:

  • Being sold in 10 ml bottles, with childproof, tamper-resistant caps
  • Containing no more than 2 percent/20 mg nicotine
  • Packaging requirements for labeling and consumer information
  • Testing by a professional team, with MHRA notified of the results
  • Registering compliant products with the countries in which they’ll be sold

The Bottom Line

As new regulations continue to crop up in various countries, Black Note will continue to comply as required to ensure our real tobacco vaping liquids will remain available in key markets across the globe. It would be pretty tough, after all, to strive for being the best real tobacco vaping liquid in the world if a big portion of the world didn’t have access to our products. We intend to stick around for the long haul, meeting regulations when required and continuing to produce the best real tobacco vaping liquid on the market anywhere.

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