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Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Stories Make Us Real

If Black Note has helped you quit smoking, we consider you a member of our quitter’s club. Your story may inspire many. Write your words & let the magic save lives.


Tyler Bural

3 weeks ago today my Son was born, and I ended a 10 year smoking habit.  Sonata was my first order from Black Note and I was inspired by positive reviews and the hope for a genuine tobacco flavor.  When my package arrived 3 days later I was elated to discover the AMAZING packaging and beautiful product.  I immediately filled my tank and proceeded to have a truly enjoyable experience.  The Sonata blend is best described as a smooth thick mouthwatering pipe tobacco, sweet and mild.  I was instantly taken back by the authenticity of flavor.  All of the best things about Cavendish tobacco with none of the bad.

Karen Kline

My husband and I could only find one brand of tobacco e liquid we could stand vaping. Over a period of two years we must have tried every brand on the market. So much wasted money. We would never even do more than try it, then throw it in the trash. Tasted nasty and was never going to replace a cigarette. We really didn’t want to smoke them anymore but just kept returning to them because nothing satisfied us. Luckily the one we could stick with and actually enjoyed was at a vape shop relatively close by. We still enjoyed to occasionally vape flavors, but seeing as we were both heavy smokers nothing seemed to do the trick keeping us off ciggs other than a tobacco replacement. Most of the flavor e liquids we purchased made us sick. We started realizing what was in them and decided to switch to brands that had better ingredients. In the meantime the tobacco brand we loved was starting to be produced in China. I called the owner of the shop and asked why. He said many people were complaining but the manufacturing company gave them the same recipe and all should be well despite being made in China. How wrong he was. We could no longer stand vaping it. It made us sick. China was using the recipe, but with crappy ingredients. We were ready to call it quits in the vaping world. I had heard of organic brands of e juice. Started searching for them and found some flavors that didn’t make us sick.

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That was settled at least but there was still the problem of tobacco. None of them were yet producing a good tasting one. As I was looking for new equipment for vaping other than a pen type, I saw a you tube video review on Black Note. I got so excited I could hardly wait to try it. Organic, safe ingredients, wow! Hit the jackpot. We really can quit smoking those death sticks if this brand is good enough. We ordered the notebook right away. My husband was thrilled because he hated most anything but tobacco. It was love at first vape!! All the flavors were good, but we have our faves. Bravura is just like a real ciggarette. I still say the flavors taste best in my Mig Cig pen. But we use them with our other mods for above and sub ohm vaping. No more out of control urges to smoke. Our favorite just for the flavor liquid is Adagio, next would be Legato. Bravura is just right when I want to full cigarette flavor on occasion. Need to try the Cadenza again to be sure of that one. Love the Solo, just don’t vape it all the time even though we were menthol smokers. Next order I hope to get the new Quartet. These are all the real deal. I like them best in an e-pen because the flavor of tobacco really stands out in it. The vapor production is awesome. They last a long time. The service and perks of the company are outstanding. I am a little concerned what will happen to pricing once e liquids are gonna be taxed like a tobacco product. That is the one draw back of the way they are produced, with real tobacco. It’s not just flavored nicotine like other brands. There is only one other company that makes tobacco flavors we like now. New company too and very new tobacco line that is also really good. Organic and safe but nothing outdoes the taste of Adagio and Bravura for authenticity so far. Thank you to all the companies who have the courage and commitment to provide a way for all of us to live better. So what are you waiting for? Just do it. Everything is worth every penny.

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Joseph Fronczek

I started smoking the e-cig in an attempt to quit smoking the menthol cigarettes that I had been smoking for years.  I am happy to say it worked!  My initial impression of the solo flavor that it was incredibly strong menthol flavor (in comparison to the menthol cigs I had been smoking).  I initially described it to my wife like sucking on a candy cane.  I personally enjoy menthol flavor so it was not really a problem, I was just surprised how strong the flavor was.  However, about a week later I smoked my first cigarette again and, in comparison to the solo, it tasted like I was licking an ashtray.  Cigarettes taste awful in comparison.  I am very happy with this blend.  After trying a couple of others I have settled on a custom blend that is a 2:1 ratio of solo and the tobacco flavored forte.  I find that this is my ideal mix of menthol and tobacco flavor.  In summary, this is a great menthol flavor, but you may find it a bit strong at first if you are just coming off of cigarettes.

Mark Zabludovsky

I’ve been shopping on BlackNote exclusively since I first tried the sample pack back in December. I’m 36 and had been smoking since I was 13. I tried to quite a few times, but failed. Vaping was helping the cause. I would only buy tobacco flavors because I wasn’t vaping for pleasure, rather as a means to quit smoking. I wanted to feel like I was kind of still smoking, hense the reason for the tobacco flavors. Most basic brands had sweet tastes or just weren’t good quality…untill I found BlackNote. I’m a whiskey guy, so I loved the idea of how this company extracted the flavor from tobacco leaves by aging, and their whole process. I recieved the product, loved it, and never turned back.

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Forte is my favorite line. I was a full flavor cigarette smoker and I’ve found Forte to be the “strongest” of the flavors. I havent tried the Quartet because I simply dont believe in the $39 price. $29 is on the higher end for a 30ml bottle, but honestly, it’s worth it. It’s just like whiskey. I’d rather pay a bit more for a quality whiskey then pay half the cost for garbage. You get what you pay for, and blacknote delivers. I started at 2.4% nicotine level (yeah yeah, I know) and am now down to 1.2%. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be completely weaned off the nicotine alltogether. For now, I’m enjoying the ride. My only complaint is that for my past 2 orders I’ve had to order a flavor other than Forte because they haven’t had the 1.2% available and I don’t want to stall the downward trend.

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WARNING: Black Note products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Black Note products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking age (21 or older in California), and not by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Black Note products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For immediate advice, contact poison control center: (800) 222-1222