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You vape, you vote.

You Vape, You Vote. But For Who?

Americans are about to vote in one of the most bitterly contested elections in the nation’s history. On January 20 next year either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and whoever it is, just over half the country is going to be very unhappy.

Plenty of issues have caused controversy during the seemingly endless campaign, from immigration to national security and sexual assault, and among all the heat and light vaping has been pretty hard to notice. It certainly hasn’t been grabbing the national headlines. That might turn out to be short-sighted, though, because this is the first election where vaping could play a major role in how people vote.

Past Polls 

The last time Americans went to the polls there were about 3.5 million vapers in the USA, and apart from the FDA’s initial attempts to seize shipments there wasn’t much in the way of political controversy. Now the electoral landscape is very different. The number of vapers has almost trebled since then. The commonly quoted figure is around 9.5 million, but the size of the market suggests it’s at least ten million. On top of that, sustained attacks by state and city governments – plus the huge threat of the FDA Deeming Regulations – have turned vapor products into a political issue. Slogans like “I vape and I vote” can be found on buttons, T-shirts and all over the internet.

In 2012, President Obama won the popular vote by 4,998,296 votes. Just a quarter of vapers changing sides could tip the election. The big question is, how likely is that?

The answer is, it’s complicated. The only openly pro-vaping candidate is Gary Johnson, who as a Libertarian is ideologically opposed to excessive regulations. The problem is the chances of Johnson breaking the two-party mold are right around zero. As for the two who actually have a hope of winning, neither has stated a clear position on vaping. It’s safe to assume Trump would be less pro-regulation than Clinton, and he’s backed by Rep. Duncan Hunter – “the vaping congressman” – so if vaping is the deciding factor he wins by a nose. For many people, though, that’s exactly what they’d have to hold as they voted for him; he inspires strong emotions from both sides.

At the party level the picture isn’t much clearer. While vaping isn’t a strictly partisan issue, and pro- and anti-vaping politicians can be found on both sides of the party divide, Republicans are generally less hostile. Traditionally they have closer links to the tobacco industry, of course, and that could play both ways – some of the tobacco companies have embraced vaping, but others would still be happy to see it go away. The fact that the FDA’s rules will hand them a virtual monopoly on what’s left of the market certainly won’t hurt.

Pro-Vaping Candidates 

So neither candidates nor parties offer a really clear pro-vaping choice. There will probably still be some vapers who change their vote over the issue, especially if a local or state politician of one party has been particularly obnoxious (or supportive, of course). One thing that might keep that number low is the extraordinary level of loathing almost everyone has for at least one of the leading candidates. Many Clinton supporters hate Trump to such an extent – and vice versa – that it’s hard to believe much could swing their votes. Usually, the level of rivalry is just low enough for a single issue to swing someone’s vote if they feel strongly enough about it, but maybe not this time.

Probably the best way to get a good picture of how vapers will affect this election is to look at the demographics. Vaping isn’t evenly spread by age, gender and income bracket, so we can compare the groups that most vapers come from with how these groups tend to vote (and how they plan to vote this time).


If you listen to the FDA all vapers are high school students, but that’s a long way from the truth. In fact, the average vaper is in their mid to late 30s – older millennials and Generation X, with a growing number of baby boomers switching as well. Online surveys of cloud chasers and hobbyists tend to come up with younger ages, often putting the average in the high 20s. The problem is these miss a lot of people who don’t go to vape shops or hang out in forums, but have just quietly got on with switching from cigarettes to vapor products.

Millennials do make up the most visible group of vapers, and this demographic is solidly against Trump. That’s not to say they’re for Clinton, of course, and many younger voters complain that there’s not a lot of difference between the candidates on many issues. About a third of those who supported Bernie Sanders really don’t want to vote for Hillary – but they don’t like Trump, either. A lot of them will probably stay away from the polls, some will swallow their doubts and vote Clinton, and most of the rest will probably opt for Jill Stein. Overall, support for Clinton among millennials runs at about 44%.

Generation X

Generation X are more evenly split; they’re more likely to be white, where most of Trump’s support comes from, and many also fit into the financially left behind bracket that’s associated with him – although that association might not be as strong as pollsters thought. Recent surveys suggest that the average Trump supporter earns well above the US average, and so do most vapers. It could be there are quite a few 40-something vapers who quietly plan to vote for the Republican nominee.

Baby Boomers

Finally, there are the baby boomers. They lean strongly Republican, and for many people party loyalty will overcome their dislike of the actual candidate. There’s also evidence that tech-savvy boomers have a higher opinion of Trump than those who’re less comfortable with gadgets. It doesn’t take much to guess what category vaping boomers fit into.

Back in February Grover Norquist sparked some comments when he predicted vapers could swing the next election. There are certainly enough to do it, by a comfortable margin, but it probably isn’t going to happen this year; there just isn’t enough between the candidates on the issue, and too much between them on almost everything else. It still looks likely that Hillary Clinton will be the winner, despite the Democrats’ generally less friendly stance. The vaping vote could be decisive – and that will become a lot more likely after the Deeming Regs really start to bite – but it probably won’t be in 2016.



A former soldier in the British Army, Fergus Mason is now a freelance writer with a special interest in e-cigarettes and travel. When he’s not writing Fergus enjoys sailing, archery and fishing. He’s been vaping since early 2013 and doesn’t ever plan to stop.

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What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid?

E-juice, also known as e-liquid or vaping liquid, is the liquid that’s placed in the vaping device and subsequently atomized into vapor. When you go to buy e-juice, you’ll notice it contains a mix of several ingredients. These typically include vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), some type of flavoring, and nicotine.

VG and PG form the base of the e-liquid. VG is a component used in food and personal care products; its role in e-liquid is to create a thick, dense vapor. PG is another popular solvent used in a variety of everyday items. It carries the e-liquid flavor, provides the “throat hit,” and enhances the vaping liquid’s ability to soak into wicks or cartomizer materials.

Nicotine is an optional ingredient, often available in different levels. E-juice also contains some type of flavoring.

Black Note leads the pack of tobacco vaping liquid by using only natural flavoring – extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste. When you go to buy e-juice from other companies, you may find any number of chemicals used to create synthetic flavors that include fake strawberry, manufactured vanilla, and even man-made tobacco flavors.

If your aim when you buy e-liquid is to experience the subtle nuances, genuine flair and authentic taste of real tobacco, then you’ll be on the mark if you buy e-juice from the Black Note lineup.

Best E-Juice

When you’re going to buy e-liquid, it’s only natural you’ll want the best e-liquid. But what, exactly, does it “best e-juice” mean? We’ll tell you.

For starters, you’ll want an e-juice that doesn’t contain all kinds of strange chemicals and concoctions that you can’t even pronounce. True, even the best e-liquid will contain vegetable glycerin (VG) and proplene glycol (PG), which serve as the base of e-juice, but you don’t necessarily need a host of other chemical compounds.

The best e-juice will stick to natural ingredients, like real tobacco extract, rather than rely on synthetic flavorings, colorings and other additives. Diacetyl is one of those synthetic ingredients that has gotten a pretty bad rap, although its use is not all that uncommon for producing sweet e juice flavors.

Definitely read the ingredient list before you buy e-juice to ensure you recognize what’s on it. Better yet, see if the e-juice company offers a lab report to confirm what’s actually inside the e-liquid.

In addition to having as few chemical ingredients as possible, the best e-juice will have an amazing taste. For those who enjoy authenticity over imitation, the most amazing taste is the most natural taste, especially when it comes to tobacco. Since Black Note uses real extract from tobacco leaves, we not only avoid all those weird chemical flavorings, but we also produce the most authentic experience: tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like tobacco.

Best E-Liquid on the Market

Anyone looking for the best e-liquid on the market need look no further than Black Note. Black Note tobacco vaping liquid ranks as the best e-juice across the board in every category, starting with the taste.

Black Note’s main claim to fame is producing a tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco. That because we use real tobacco extract, not chemicals, to create the best e-juice tobacco flavor. Using extract from real tobacco leaves retains tobacco’s nuances and flavor notes, giving you the most authentic and multi-faceted tobacco experience.

In addition to being the best e-juice for tobacco taste, Black Note also has the best e-liquid manufacturing process. We spent years researching and testing various production methods, and finally landed on one that we believe is absolutely perfect.

It starts with growing carefully selected tobacco seeds, followed by an equally precise of steps that include an extensive natural extraction process. Even our bottling and packaging is done with the utmost care, using recycled and recyclable packaging materials to ensure our products are as earth-friendly as they are vapor-friendly.

One more category where Black Note ranks as the best e-liquid is with the value. Every order comes with free domestic shipping, one-to-three day domestic shipping guarantee, and a 90-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, or don’t agree we’re the best e-juice on the market, send it back on us and we’ll refund your money.

Vape Juice Ingredients

Vape juice ingredients can be pretty straightforward – or not. At the very least, most vape juice contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and some type of flavoring. Nicotine has largely become an optional ingredient that can be included at varying levels or left out altogether.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are usually the two main ingredients that make up the base of most vape juice.

VG is a plant-based substance with the ability to produce a dense, thick vapor. PG is an additive found in many food items and certain medicines. It carries the flavoring, provides the “throat hit” and enhances the vape juice’s ability to soak into the wicking materials.

Nicotine levels can vary, as can ingredients that make up the flavorings. The components that make up vape juice flavoring are where ingredients can get rather complicated.

Vape juice that relies on artificial flavorings can contain any number of extraneous chemicals and other additives, whatever it takes to recreate the flavor the ecig juice is going for.

Black Note uses only natural flavorings: extract from real tobacco leaves. That keeps our ingredient list incredibly simple, backed by a lab report to prove it. You won’t find any strange chemical concoctions used to produce our tobacco flavor, just real tobacco extract that delivers a real tobacco experience.

What is the Best Flavor for Ecig Juice?

From strawberry shortcake to banana rum, ecig juice comes in tons of flavors. While folks can debate and discuss all the fruity, sweet or food-like flavors all day long, the best flavor for e-cig liquid is straight-up tobacco.

Why? Vaping was originally created as an alternative for traditional cigarettes, mainly for those who enjoy the taste of tobacco. And when you can find an e-cig liquid that is able to recreate tobacco’s full-bodied yet delicate flavor notes and nuances, but without the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, then you’ve found the best ecig juice.

Recreating tobacco’s complex flavor isn’t easy, especially when it’s attempted with artificial ingredients. That’s why Black Note sticks to the real thing, extracting the essence of real tobacco leaves to flavor our vaping liquid. Not only does this avoid the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, but it also eliminates the flavoring chemicals found in many ecig juices. The end result is real tobacco taste, an authentic tobacco experience and the best flavor for ecig juice you can find.

Notice also we said the best e-cig flavor was straight-up tobacco, not plain old tobacco. Black Note’s real tobacco vaping liquid happens to come in a variety of different blends, from the light and airy to the peppery and robust. Not all tobacco is created equal, and different blends capture the specialized subtleties that make each tobacco unique.

Best Sweet Tobacco E-Juice

When it comes to sweet tobacco e-juice, your options can be broken down into two categories.

The first category contains tobacco e-juice that overlays the tobacco flavor with artificial chocolate, caramel, vanilla, fruity or other dessert-like flavorings. We wouldn’t classify any such flavors as the best tobacco e liquid, simply because they typically use chemicals and other artificial ingredients to create the tobacco taste, the sweet taste, or both.

The second category of sweet tobacco e-juice is where you’ll find the best tobacco e-liquid, sweet or otherwise. This category contains vaping liquid created using only natural flavorings, which is exactly where Black Note fits in. Instead of concocting flavors using synthetic ingredients, Black Note uses an extensive extraction process that slowly and deliberately extracts the tobacco essence from real tobacco leaves.

The result is the best tobacco e-juice: tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco. And if you’re going for the best sweet tobacco e liquid, we have a few tobacco blends that offer varying levels of sweetness.

Prelude is our sweetest tobacco e-liquid, containing golden Virginia tobacco. Made from fire-cured dark Virginia tobacco, Sonata is our Cavendish blend with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. Solo is our menthol blend, giving you a semi-sweet minty taste created from natural menthol crystals extract from dried mint leaves.

For the best tobacco e-liquid that’s naturally sweet and remarkably delicious, Black Note is at your service.

WARNING: Black Note products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Black Note products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking age (21 or older in California), and not by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Black Note products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.