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Is It Worth Modifying Your Vaporizer?

Modified vaporizers are everywhere with many enthusiasts seeing them as the solution to low power and sub-par vapor. Users make different modifications but some brands also sell pre-modified devices. Is a modified vaporizer a worthwhile investment of your time and money? And what exactly constitutes a mod?

Types of Mod

Many different forms of modification exist and affect everything from the mechanics of the vaporizer to the battery and power produced. They range in complexity but some of the best mods can be bought off the shelf. They also require little technical knowledge. There are really 3 main mods and 2 different types of atomizer that are most associated with modified vapes. 

Mechanical Mods

As you might expect, mechanical mods are the most technical of modifications to a vaporizer but interestingly, they are also the most common. A mechanical mod is simply a casing that you put batteries into before attaching either an atomizer or regular clearomizer – which is where the eliquid is vaporized. Many enthusiasts build their own coils when using this type of modification (but this is very technical so one for the experienced users only!).

Mechanical mods are barebones and there is no complex circuitry located within. As a result of this, it means they are liable to overheating, chaining voltage and chaining wattage. In order to use mechanical mods you need to have a good understanding of electrical resistance and voltage. If used incorrectly they can be very dangerous. Despite this, many users say they prefer mechanical mods and find that they are less prone to breaking through everyday wear and tear.

One mechanical enthusiast has reported dropping their vape into water and it still working (don’t test this; water and electricity do not mix and safety is of paramount importance). Repairs are also easy because there are no real components to break.

What’s more, using a mechanical mod makes sub-ohm vaping much easier because low resistant tanks are more likely to work. But these benefits all come at the expense of safety. Mechanical mods are only advisable for real enthusiasts who are able to regularly check the functionality of their setup.

Variable Voltage

There are two variable power measurements (voltage and wattage) that mods focus on, both aim for similar goals but achieve them in different ways. Variable voltage allows you to change the current which interacts with the resistance of your atomizer to create heat. So turning the voltage up or down will affect the temperature – which provides a completely different vaping experience.

Variable Wattage

Whilst achieving similar results to variable voltage this mod goes about it in an entirely different way. As with variable voltage the volts and ohms (resistance) work together to create the final wattage or temperature. If you have an atomizer that has a resistance of 2.8Ω then the voltage can be adjusted to find the perfect vapor. However, if you change atomizers you may have a different level of resistance and you preferred voltage will then produce a different quality vapor. With a variable wattage mod, you set the preferred watts as opposed to volts and the vape adjusts to new atomizer resistance. This makes it an easy mod for most users to get to grips with. They’re popular because they consistently produce the type of vapor the user enjoys.

Atomizers For Mods

There are two main types of atomizers for modified vaporizers and the choice really depends on how you like to vape. Both are rebuildable and usually require you to build a coil using either silica wick, ekowool wick, cotton wick or kanthal wire. Building coils is a case of practice makes perfect and the more you do it, the better the vapor will become.

Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA)

An RBA is a customizable version of a standard atomizer. You will need to build a coil. But the main advantage of this is the size of the tank. Most will hold 4-5ml of eliquid whereas an off-the-shelf clearomizer will only hold 1.5-2.0ml. This means you can vape for longer without having to refill.

Rebuildable Dipping Atomizer (RDA)

Whilst still needing to be built in a similar way to an RBA – the RDA is very different. There is no tank attached whatsoever. Users must place e-liquid onto the wick each time they wish to vape. The size of the build affects the number of drips it can hold but generally it will only last 5-10 puffs. With this not only do you not have to worry about tanks leaking, you can also change flavor exceptionally easily. Which is great if you’re testing a variety of flavors to see what suits you or if you want different flavors and strengths throughout the day.

These mods will create a much more personal experience that reflects what the user enjoys. But they are certainly not for beginners and require some technical knowledge.

Will you consider using a modded vaporizer? Let us know how you find it on our social media pages

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