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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What’s the Point of E-Juice without Nicotine?

Nicotine is what typically gets people hooked on smoking in the first place. Switch to an e-juice containing nicotine and you can still get the nicotine fix without the 4,000 or so other chemicals that show up in traditional cigarettes. Switch to a vape juice without nicotine and you no longer get the nicotine fix. So what’s the point of even vaping?

Any former smoker or current vaper will tell you there are quite a few.

While nicotine plays a role in the physical side of cigarette addiction, there is a whole psychological side of smoking that doesn’t magically disappear once the nicotine withdrawal symptoms do. Vaping with a nicotine-free e-juice lets you retain the ritual that’s been part of your smoking or vaping ritual – just without the addictive drug involved.

Habit or Routine

One of the two top reasons adults continue to smoke is because of habit or routine. You grab your vape with your morning coffee, after each meal, while driving your car, waiting for the bus or perhaps any time you begin or end a task. 

Beat Stress

The second top reason adults continue to smoke is for their belief that it beats stress. Even though nicotine can give smokers an initial feel-good rush and sense of relaxation, smoking traditional cigarettes has been shown to actually increase anxiety and tension since the relaxed feeling is quickly replaced by the craving for more nicotine.

Once the relaxation ritual is established, however, it can be a tough one to go without. Keeping up the habit – especially without the nicotine – may bring greater relaxation than with it.

Take a Break

Whether it’s in the middle of the workday at the office or a hard morning working in your yard, smoking can be akin to taking a break. Light a cigarette or grab for your vape, and, as noted above, you’re already beating any stress that built up during your workload, right? You’re also keeping your hands busy so you are clearly unable to get back to work until your smoking or vaping break is over.

Oral Fixation

Yes, oral fixation is a creepy term. But it’s also part of the smoking or vaping that’s tough to break. Some have tried with flavored toothpicks, chewing on straws or gnawing on their pens and pencils, but a nicotine-free vape liquid can also serve to fill the hand-to-mouth need. The hand-to-mouth habit is one of the reasons many folks gain weight after they quit smoking. They need to keep up the habit, so they reach for food instead of a cigarette.

Social Ceremony

Surely you’ve seen or have actually been part of the social ceremony surrounding smoking or vaping. Here you leave the bar, office, restaurant or other smoke-free establishment and stand at least 20 feet from the door – and you’re rarely alone. Smokers and vapers often gather in groups to take part in the ceremony, creating an instant bond among total strangers, along with some pretty interesting conversations.

Anti-smoking laws may continue to ostracize and even demonize this group, but the laws only serve to strengthen the bond, giving the whole ceremony a kind of us-against-them mentality.

Good Taste

Anyone who has put down cigarettes in favor of vaping or in general has probably noticed their sense of taste and smell improves rather quickly. That’s another reason people often gain weight after quitting, and it’s also a reason many may continue to vape, even without the nicotine. In fact, the less nicotine put in e-juice, the better the e-juice will taste.

This is provided, of course, you start with a quality e-liquid manufacturer to begin with, as the best e juice makers know how to reduce nicotine without compromising throat hit or flavor. Find a good tobacco ejuice or another flavor you enjoy, and vaping can provide the habitual peace of mind you get from keeping up your ritual that doubles as a tasty treat.

One more bonus for nicotine-free eliquids is the role they can play in quitting smoking altogether. Quitting smoking is, of course, the healthiest route to take, and switching to vaping and then gradually reducing your levels of nicotine can help make that goal a shade easier.

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