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Tobacco Vape Juice

What Goes Into Tobacco Vape Juice?

If you’re interested in finding high-quality tobacco vape juice, it helps to know what ingredients go into making it. Not all tobacco e-liquids are made equally: while they all contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and nicotine, the tobacco flavoring can come from various sources, and this generally depends on the type of tobacco e-liquid it is. Many tobacco e-liquids use tobacco extract or tobacco absolute, others use a combination of this and artificial flavorings or sweeteners, and some use authentic flavors taken directly from real tobacco leaf.

Here’s the definitive guide to what you’ll find in your tobacco e-juice:

Ingredients in All Tobacco Vape Juice

Most e-liquid is made of the same core ingredients, so regardless of which type of tobacco vape juice you choose: a few ingredients will definitely be present. PG and VG are the base ingredients used in all e-liquids, with PG being used primarily to produce a smoking-like sensation on your throat when you inhale, and VG being used to boost vapor production, provide a smoother throat hit and impart some hints of sweetness into the mix. Nicotine is also a component of almost all tobacco e-liquids, aside from those that are nicotine-free.

Flavorings Used in Standard Tobacco E-Liquids 

Most e-liquids use a combination of artificial and natural flavoring chemicals to produce their taste, and this is no different for tobacco vape juice. However, accurately replicating the complex taste of tobacco with these flavorings is challenging – if not impossible – and most e-liquids will use additional flavors to make up for this limitation. The most common “special ingredient” in tobacco e-liquids is “tobacco absolute” or “tobacco extract” (which are really the same thing), a concentrated extract of tobacco flavor that’s commonly used in the perfume industry. When used sparingly, this imparts a somewhat realistic, smoky component to tobacco juices, although it only offers a generic flavor lacking in the unique character of specific varieties of tobacco.

Flavorings Used in Sweetened Tobacco Vape Juice 

Many tobacco e-juice blends are actually sweetened varieties, such as RY4-style tobaccos, which combine tobacco with caramel and vanilla notes to help the sometimes-pungent flavor go down more easily. The addition of sweeter elements isn’t limited to this, though, and fruity tobaccos, custard tobaccos and many other options are used to make e-liquids more unique. This effectively opens up the potential ingredients to any flavoring chemicals used in e-liquid, so it’s not really feasible to offer a complete listing.

Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid

The other main type of tobacco vape juice is known as NET e-liquid, which stands for naturally extracted tobacco. The process of making NET e-liquid basically involves “steeping” high-quality, genuine tobacco leaves in PG and VG, extracting the flavor to form the base of the e-liquid. The extraction can be heat assisted, which makes the process quicker but sacrifices some of the complexity of the flavor, or “cold macerated,” which takes a lot longer but allows the nuance and depth of the tobacco flavor to truly shine through in the finished product. Some NET e-liquid mixers will also add artificial sweeteners or other flavoring chemicals to their e-liquid, but here at Black Note we let the natural flavors do the talking.

Conclusion – NET: The Most Authentic Tobacco E-Juice?  

What goes into the different types of tobacco vape juice leads to one unavoidable conclusion: if you’re looking for the authentic flavor of real tobacco, NET e-liquid is the best option available. For just-switching smokers looking for a high-quality juice that captures the genuine taste of tobacco, NET e-liquids are the perfect solution. While sweet tobacco e-liquids have a wide-ranging appeal, for authenticity, you can’t beat N.E.T blends.


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