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What’s The Best Temperature for Vaping? 

If your vaping experience includes tons of dry hits and burnt wicks, it may be prime time for you to try temperature control vaping. Temperature control vaping allows you to set a maximum limit on how hot your coils can get, a move that can improve you entire vaping experience.

How It Works

A temperature control feature is built into many vape mods, and it lets you choose a maximum temperature your coils will never exceed. You can set the maximum temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and whatever maximum you initially set will remain in place unless you decide to change it.

When your coils hit the temperature you set, the temperature control feature will adjust the power level to the coils accordingly. It can lower the power or block it all together until the temperature again dips below the maximum you set.

This automatically eliminates dry hits and burnt wicks since temperatures usually increase when you’re vaping liquid is running low. When temperatures start to rise, your TC feature will decrease the power, giving you a hint that it’s time to refill.

And instead of having coil temperatures fluctuate based on your vaping style, consistency of vaping liquid and any other number of factors, the coil temperature stays steady, based on the setting you already selected.

So What Temperature Is Best For Vaping?

The best vaping temperature depends on your personal preference. While there is no single best temperature that’s set in stone across the board, guidelines suggest you stay within a set range for the best vaping experience. The best temperature range is:

  • 392 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 200 to 250 degrees Celsius

If temperature control is new to you, it’s best to start at the lowest recommended setting and work your way up as you experiment. Temperature control features generally let you increase the temperature in stages of 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

What You Need for Temperature Ccontrol Vaping

The first item you need for TC vaping is, of course, a vape mod that supports temperature control. Since temperature control vaping has quickly become the hottest thing, pun not intended, you have a huge range of prices and styles from which to choose.

The next item you need is the proper coil material. TC vaping has expanded to currently use one of two different materials for the coils:

  • Nickel 200, also known as Ni200
  • Titanium Grade 1

All TC vaping mods support nickel, and many also have a titanium option. You can also find tanks that use both nickel and titanium coils.

Keep in mind that nickel and titanium coils should only be used in vapes with temperature control settings, as they are usually wrapped to low resistance. That means you should also never use titanium or nickel coils in variable voltage or variable wattage mode. Although you can intermittently pulse nickel or titanium coils in TC mode, they should never be dry fired for any extended length of time.

Setting Your TC Feature

Your first step is to ensure your TC setting matches with the type of coils you’re using. Some TC modes have variable settings that may:

  • Support both nickel and titanium coils
  • Support only nickel coils
  • Support only titanium coils

Your next step is to lock in the base resistance of the coil at room temperature. Setting the base resistance gives the TC feature the info it needs to function properly going forward.

Setting the wattage is next, and you can check your coil manufacturer’s website for the recommended wattage for the coils you’re using.

Your final step is to choose the maximum temperature you want to make sure your coils do not exceed.

Benefits TC Vaping

Since you’ll be avoiding dry hits and burnt wicks, TC vaping can also help extend the life of your coils and wicks. You’re battery can last longer, as well, since the power is regulated to keep temperatures at a predetermined level.

One more plus is the potential safety benefit. Keeping coil temperatures only as hot as they need to be to properly vaporize the vaping liquid can avoid any possible side effects that may come from over-heating certain ingredients.


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  • driggs

    I’m still new to vaping. I mostly use the iStick Pico, my TC settings are in watts. What is a good wattage setting, or does some many watts equal out to temp(F)?



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