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what vapers should expect

What New Vapers Should Expect

Switching from smoking to vaping is on the rise. More and more smokers are aware of the significant benefits of switching to vaping. But many don’t know what to expect when they first change. In order to make the most of your vaping experience and resist returning to cigarettes, there are some changes you should be prepared for. And some equipment choices to make that will help make the most out of your vaping set-up. Here we’ve provided a complete outline for vaping beginners, taking you through every stage from the moment you first try vaping after deciding to make the switch from regular tobacco, through to purchasing your first e-cigarette, filling it and creating a vape cloud for the first time! Keep this post handy as you start your vaping journey!

Increased Urges

You will have increased urges to vape – this is heavily dependent on set up. The amount of nicotine in each vape puff can be less than you would get out of a cigarette toke. Vape juices come in a variety of strength. Here at Black Note our strongest vape juice has 24mg of nicotine. If you’re just switching to vaping it is best to start on a strong liquid and then reduce the amount of nicotine over time. Starting on a 3mg nicotine liquid will only increase your urges further.

Don’t Overbuy Vape Juice

You will not know how long a 10ml bottle of vape juice will last you until you have been vaping for a while. You also don’t know if the nicotine levels will be right for you. Getting a single bottle first lets you evaluate how much you like it before you commit to more. At Black Note, we offer a 3-day shipping guarantee so there is plenty of time to order more if you start to run out. Beginner vapers should really go for a low-end rechargeable vape pen with a clearomizer. These vape a small amount of liquid so you should have plenty of time to restock.

Multiple Batteries

One battery is obviously a good start but do you really want to be waiting 2-3 hours for a hit of nicotine? There is a danger you may end up having a cigarette in the interim. Having two batteries is the way to go – this way, when one runs out you can instantly change it. Many of the vaping starter kits come with a spare battery for exactly this reason. You may be able to charge the battery away from home using a USB plug or an external battery, but it is cheaper and easier to have two batteries to start with as you get to grips with your new way of smoking.

Adjustment Period

Nicotine is not the only chemical you inhale through smoking. There are thousands in a typical cigarette, none of which are included when you switch to vaping. On the plus side, most of these chemicals are carcinogenic so their absence is no bad things. Expect to notice the impact of this absence on your sense of taste and smell. Some users report increased mucus production too. After around two weeks your body will begin to repair itself and most of these effects will no longer be relevant.

Quick Shallow Puffs

Vaping is not the same as taking a drag from a cigarette. Do not take a long deep drag – your throat will become irritated. Aim for short and shallow puffs. It may not be as satisfying as you expect at first but your body will adapt to it in a short period of time. Don’t constantly take hits either because this will cause the same problem. Space out your vaping throughout the day for the best results. If you do experience a sore throat increasing the amount of water you drink is a surefire way to cure it.

These are some of the most important adjustments and considerations you will have to make when switching to vaping. Following these closely will help ensure your vaping experience is pleasant which will reduce the chances of you returning to cigarettes.

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Michael Grey

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