What Makes Syrian Latakia So Precious, So Unique – and So Worth the Price

It’s tough to put a price on perfection, and that’s certainly the case with Syrian Latakia. The deep, rich, smoky, peppery blend is considered perfect by those who enjoy a memorable experience from one of the rarest tobaccos you can find.

Its scarcity is just one of the factors that make Syrian Latakia so unique and pricey. Other include the intricate creation process, the extensive aging process, and the limited quantities available.

So Rare, It’s Nearly Extinct

Syrian Latakia hasn’t been available for more than a decade due to a number of factors. The blend was in its heyday prior to World War II, before the Syrian government put a ban on burning wood to smoke or dry crops.

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The ban drove many Syrian tobacco farmers to Cyprus to find wood, resulting in the creation of a Cyprus Latakia that was not as smooth, cool or delicate as its Syrian Latakia counterpart.

The Syrian government eventually lifted its ban on wood, but the production of Syrian Latakia never achieved the former heights it once enjoyed. The small amounts of Syrian Latakia that were produced became rare finds indeed, and they were swiftly secured by savvy tobacco specialists and companies that knew the high value of the blend.

Syrian Latakia became even more difficult to find with the eruption of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 and the inadvertent destruction of several tobacco storage warehouses. When you run across Syrian Latakia, you’ve run across a truly precious treasure.

You Could Build a Skyscraper Faster

The Empire State Building took only 410 days to complete. The Prudential Tower, four years. The creation process of Syrian Latakia takes even longer, with the grand total dependent on how long you allow the tobacco to age.

The Syrian Latakia we obtained was patiently aged for a full eight years, which is more than seven years and several months longer than traditional tobacco blends are cured. The aging process is just one part of the intricate creation process that adds to the blend’s unique and precious nature.

The making of Syrian Latakia involves the four components of sun, fire, earth and air, precisely the reason we named our blend Quartet.

Sun-curing is the first step, with tobacco placed in tightly sealed barns to remove moisture content. Smoke-curing comes next, with controlled fires emitting aromatic smoke from native Mediterranean woods and herbs.

The earth contributes by providing the nutrients and foundation needed for the tobacco and indigenous foliage to thrive. The final component of air is what fuels the fire to create the smoke that infuses the tobacco with its unmistakable aroma and taste.

We Traveled the World to Obtain It

In Black Note’s perpetual quest for perfection, we were traveling the world to find the optimum tobacco for our next blend. While visiting a tobacco specialist in Italy, we were amazed by each and every exquisite blend he hand on hand. And then he bid us to try the Syrian Latakia.

Amazement doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. The blend was smooth yet peppery. Smoky yet refreshing. Rich yet subtle. Deeply sublime.

While some of the descriptions may seem to be contradictory, Syrian Latakia somehow makes them work. The blend achieves the balance, aroma and taste that make it the perfect blend in the opinion of so many.

Our slow, methodical and patient process retains the aromatic notes and subtleties that make Syrian Latakia so perfect in the first place. A perfect blend that is rare, unique, precious – and well worth the price.

Syrian Latakia tobacco is the foundation of Quartet, available in limited quantities while supplies last. Order now to experience the harmony of Quartet

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