WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Introduction Whatdrives us

Big tobacco companies helped make sure of it, downplaying the health hazards and playing up the smooth, sublime inhale of a satisfying cigarette. The health issues eventually became too colossal to ignore, with their hazards trumpeted across the land in the media, on teen-oriented TV shows and pretty much everywhere else you turned.

Quitting smoking then became the cool thing to do, primarily for your health but also to avoid ostracism – by your friends, your pet cat and society as a whole. The idea of electronic cigarettes quietly tiptoed onto the scene, providing an alternative to smoking that purported to be healthier, safer and not as offensive to the nose.

The idea began its crescendo, picking up players and steam along the way. Due to the unregulated nature of the industry, vaping soon exploded in cacophony. Strange flavors and even stranger ingredients made their way into e-liquids designed to serve as a smoking substitute. Ingredients like diacetyl, acetoin, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol showed up. Characterizing flavors of mint chocolate truffle, bacon and whiskey nestled next to e-liquid bottles of bubble gum and cotton candy. They appealed to food lovers. They appealed to drinkers. Some probably appealed to minors. They may have even appealed to curious chemists. But they had less of an appeal to former smokers.

Harmony restored

Most smokers looking for an alternative were not looking for candy or bacon-flavored choices. Even flavors meant to mimic tobacco were weak and blatantly artificial concoctions that failed to capture the authentic tobacco taste.

Many smokers thus went back to smoking. It was easier. It was more satisfying. And, for goodness sake, it didn’t taste like cotton candy. Harmony could only be restored to the vaping industry if someone could create an authentic alternative to smoking. Black Note is that someone.

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Authenticity reigns supreme. You only need to tune into the sensual, rich and complex tones of the saxophone to prove it. Its creator, acoustical genius Adolphe Sax, went through many hardships, even surviving assassination attempts from his competitors to ensure his saxophone endured. His determination paid off, with the saxophone quickly traveling all over the world, irrevocably changing music forever.

More changes came to the music scene with a new era of electronic musical instruments and synthesizers, yet all failed in their attempts to recreate the richness, complexity, overtones and undertones emitted from a finely crafted saxophone in the hands of a master instrumentalist. The new age of laboratories created a similar scene in the e-liquid arena, relying on artificial flavors and synthetic additives to imitate the rich, flavorful notes of real tobacco leaves, their aromatic subtleties, their harmony – their very essence.

The end result was an inharmonious hodgepodge of synthetic options, none of which even came close to capturing the real tobacco taste. While the mad scientists creating the concoctions may have thought they could easily recreate nature’s perfection, they couldn’t fool former smokers who know what real tobacco tastes like. Their efforts were similar to electronic synthesizers trying to pull off the depth and passion of an authentic saxophone. In other words, no encores are requested.

The absolute joy of the genuine

Whether you’re seeking to delight your ears or your taste buds, we believe what is natural is invariably superior to anything artificial. People consistently choose authenticity over imitation, whether it’s the pure notes of genuine instruments or the natural flavor of tobacco. But capturing the natural flavor of tobacco is a lengthy and involved process, one not suited for the industry’s Johnny-come-lately players out to make fast money selling imitation flavors.

To be the most authentic, the tobacco taste has to truly be a natural one, created using natural methods. To be the most enjoyable, it has to recreate the taste of different tobacco blends without the negative components of cigarettes. That means no harshness, no nasty odor, no tar, no chemical additives and no carcinogens.

Black Note devised a process that conquers all of the above, using an excruciating slow and precise method consisting of nine distinct movements. The two to three-year process begins with the careful selection and growing of high-quality tobacco, followed by curing, sorting, conditioning and aging. It then culminates in the cold extraction of the tobacco essence, topped off by the filtering and packaging processes.

A notable accompaniment to our proprietary cold maceration method is the fact that it slowly extracts the liquid essence of the tobacco over a span of six to eight weeks – about the same amount of time it took Mozart to complete his final three symphonies. The method keeps the delicate tobacco constituents, their aromatic subtleties and their very essence intact.

The finale is a softer, more nuanced extract that more closely preserves the signature flavor notes of each of our blends. Black Note is the manifestation of our love for naturally extracted tobacco (NET) vapor liquid making. With no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or chemical additives, with a smooth inhale devoid of harsh throat hits or jarring bitterness, encores are frequently desired.

Second-best alternative to smoking

While we love that former smokers love our tobacco blends, we would love it even more if people quit smoking – and even vaping – altogether. This task may be much easier said than done, however, and those who continue to smoke or vape have their valid reasons. Smoking has become so integrated into some people’s lives that quitting is not a feasible option. But Black Note can be, perhaps a stepping stone to the smoke-free process, which may eventually lead to become vape-free.


In a perfect world, no one would smoke. But can we make smoking cigarettes a thing of the past? Perhaps. At Black Note, that is in its purest essence our mission: To help create a smoke free world by providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smoking. That is why we decided not just to make a better e-liquid, but to challenge the status quo by creating a vapor liquid that is remarkably different in every way.

Going solo

Black Note is the only naturally extracted tobacco vapor liquid in the world that:

  • Focuses only on pure tobacco flavors that appeal to adults who already smoke or vape – no one else.
  • Refuses to include any synthetic flavors, colors, dyes or chemical additives.
  • Uses no characterizing flavors, or artificial flavoring meant to mimic authentic components.
  • Contains no diacetyl, acetoin, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol or other common chemical additives found in many vapor liquids.
  • Does not degrade replaceable coils or wicks as quickly as synthetic e-liquid, due to its lack of artificial flavors, sweeteners or additives.
  • Ensures a more consistent vaping experience by providing secondary packaging for all of its products.
  • Offers glass bottles to protect vapor liquid from light exposure and physical damage.
  • Was created to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Our vision

The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and people’s attention spans are largely following suit. People and production methods rush madly to get things done fast – not necessarily getting things done right. Many are never slowing down enough to indulge in life’s authentic pleasures that bring the greatest joy.

At Black Note, we take our time to get things right. And we have certainly not forgotten about authentic tobacco taste. That’s why our process takes two to three years to complete.

Slowing down, doing things right and enjoying life’s authentic pleasures is what Black Note is all about. And we hope you do take a moment to slow down and enjoy us.

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