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What is an e-pipe?

What is an E-Pipe?

Unlike traditional tobacco pipes which used compacted tobacco for producing smoke, modern day e-pipes function in a very different manner. Though similar to the original tobacco pipe in appearance, the e-pipe has a bowl, a stem and a mouthpiece and it vapes e-juice using the power of a lithium-ion battery. These are the small cells that power modern cameras, cell phones and laptops. The user has to simply turn on the e-pipe to use it. The e-pipe has been manufactured to help the user to imitate the experience of smoking a traditional tobacco pipe.

E-Pipe – Basic Mechanism and Advantages

The e-pipe mechanism works thus: power from the battery heats up a coil to vaporize the e-juice filled in a cartridge. The e-juice is a mixture of water and propylene glycol. This mixture is usually found in deodorants and asthma inhalers. This mechanism constitutes the atomizer. This vapor flows through the stem of the pipe and is inhaled by the user. Other advantages of e-pipes include the fact that the smoke does not create ash and is therefore more eco-friendly, quickly dissipates in the mouth if held for some time, there is no smell (which is less annoying to those near the smoker),

E- Pipes and Their Different Styles 

E-pipes come in different styles. Whereas many of the e-pipes are made to resemble the age-old tobacco pipes with wooden bowls, there are others with bowls made from different materials such as marble or metal. Some of these e-pipes also use replaceable cartridges. The e-juice filled in the cartridge imparts different vape flavors like apple, vanilla, and cherry, among many others. Each of these cartridges allows the user to take about 600 to 800 puffs. The cartridges last much longer than an e-cigarette. Replacement cartridges are not very expensive. They cost about $16 for a pack of five. The users also have the option to buy the e-juice of their choice and refill the cartridges on their own.

How to Use An E-pipe

The e-pipe can be used in two ways. The user can puff in the vapor, hold it in the mouth for a moment to absorb the nicotine and thereafter exhale the vapors either through the nose or the mouth. Other users inhale the vapors partially or fully into the lungs from the mouth. Some e-pipes are styled to facilitate vaping to the lung. Cartridge style e-pipes and others with specific types of atomizers are designed for this type of vaping. Some users also use a clearomizer that makes direct-to-lung inhalation more effective. Using a clearomizer or a rebuildable tank atomizer gives the user the freedom of choosing different flavors of vaping juices. E-pipes are fitted with either manual or automatic switches. Whereas a manual switch has to be pressed by the user to start heating the coil to vaporize the e-juice, the automatic version requires no input from the user. They only have to put the pipe to their mouths to inhale or puff. Some users claim that using a manual switch allows them to have greater control over their smoking.

How to Choose An E-pipe

A wide variety of e-pipes have flooded the market and it can be a challenge to choose one from among them for personal use. There are e-pipe models that are priced cheap, moderate and downright expensive. The most common ones are priced at about $30 with expensive hand carved pipes costing as much as $400 apiece. The mass-produced e-pipes are cheaper than the hand-carved ones. About the e-juice, it is important to ensure that they are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. It is important that the user go through reviews before making the purchase. E-pipes come with safety features and different wattages. It is important for users that use mechanical set-ups to be aware as to how to check the resistance of the atomizers using multi-meters. If the user is not comfortable with this arrangement, it is recommended that they choose e-pipes that are manufactures for beginner vapers. The best puffs are given by those e-pipes that have a powerful battery and that which have a sub-ohm tank. These will help the user generate a large amount of vapor. Most importantly, the user should choose an e-pipe that fits their budget and their smoking style.

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