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Six More Ways to Make Your E-Cigarette Battery Last Longer

When you’re vaping out of the house, you’re at the mercy of your battery life. If your battery runs out of charge, you’re left with nothing to vape and in need of nicotine, increasing the temptation to buy a pack of cigarettes or at very least encouraging you to take a spare device or two everywhere you go. But what can you do to maximize the battery life of your vape mod so it’s more likely to see you through a day of vaping? We’ve covered several tips previously, but there are plenty of other ways you can get the most out of your vape battery before needing to recharge. Here are six more things to consider.

1 – Choose Your Battery Carefully

This is a bit of an obvious point, but if you’re vaping out of the house often, the best thing you can do is choose a battery that has a high capacity (mAh rating). There are many vape pen batteries that offer impressive lifespans, but if you choose a mod, this will give you the best range of options. Choose a device – or a battery, for mods that require separately-purchased batteries – with at least 2,000 mAh, or ideally 3,000 mAh and upwards, for the best battery life. The higher the mAh rating, the better your battery. If you have a device that you purchase batteries separately for, you can easily upgrade to higher-capacity batteries.

2 – Reduce Your Power Setting

The capacity of the battery tells you how many milliamps (mA) it can provide for a solid hour of use, with milliamps being a measure of current. Higher wattages draw more current and drain your battery more quickly. This might not be what you’re hoping to hear if you like big clouds, but turning your wattage down is one of the best things you can do to maximize the battery life from your vape mod. Turning from 50 W to 25 W will make a big difference to your battery lifespan and still give you more than enough vapor for a satisfying puff.

3 – Try Temperature Control Vaping

When you vape in VW mode, the battery puts out the full wattage you request throughout your whole puff. But temperature control (TC) mode works a little differently. When your coil reaches a pre-designated temperature, the wattage is automatically reduced, so the temperature is maintained but not exceeded. This does favors for your device’s battery life, along with giving you a consistent flavor from your e-juice and helping you avoid dry hits. It does mean you’ll have to get a compatible coil – titanium, nickel and stainless steel options work – but it’s worth considering if you want to maximize your battery life.

4 – Use Higher-Strength E-Juice

Most vapers these days use high wattages and lower strength e-liquids – often 3 or 6 mg/ml – so they get a satisfying, but not excessive, amount of nicotine. However, this setup is very inefficient if battery life is a major concern. You’ll need to vape more often and at a higher power setting to get enough nicotine to ease your cravings. If you’re already following the advice from earlier and reducing your power setting, pairing this with a higher-strength e-juice makes sure you still get a satisfying vape. You don’t have to increase much to see a benefit – even up to 12 mg/ml will make a big difference and mean your battery has to do less work every time you need some nicotine.

5 – Use Higher-Resistance Coils

Although this isn’t always true, higher resistance coils generally work better at lower wattages than lower-resistance ones. Higher-resistance coils are common in simpler, mouth-to-lung style vape tanks and you can generally get a good vape with them at less than 20 W. Compare this to sub ohm tanks, which really start to come into their own at about 30 or 40 W and you’ll see there is huge potential for getting more vaping time out of a single charge if you use them. You might not be too keen to buy a new tank for the purposes of extending your vape mod’s battery life, but it’s a fairly simple step to take and it can make a big difference. You’ll need to pair this with a higher-strength e-liquid to make sure you still get a satisfying vape, but when you do you’ll notice the difference in your battery life.

6 – Turn Your Device Off When You’re Not Using It And/Or Use Stealth Mode

Most mods these days have quite complex display screens that show all the key bits of information about your vaping setup. Although these don’t make a huge difference to your battery life, they’re still a drain on your limited power supplies when you don’t need them to vape. Turning your mod off when you’re not using it can help this, but the best solution is to use “stealth mode,” if your device has it. Stealth modes turn off the screen all the time, so none of your battery is wasted in lighting up a fancy display when you don’t need it. It might not look as cool when you’re vaping, but it will minimize wasted energy.

Battery Life Will Always Be An Issue, But You Can Improve It

The truth is, battery life issues will always plague vapers. In our quest for better performance we ask for more and more power, but batteries can only do so much. If your battery’s lifespan is a major issue for you, all you have to do is make a few changes to the way you vape – even if it means putting out less impressive clouds for a while. The key question is: would you rather blow clouds but run out of battery part-way through the day, or put out a sensible amount of vapor but keep going for much longer? There is no right or wrong answer, but if you want to choose the latter, the tips in this post will get you what you’re looking for.

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