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vaping in presidential election

The Role of Vaping in the Presidential Election

With around only two months left until voting day – with the big decision deciding the way America will be run for the next four years – the US public is carefully keeping an eye on this year’s presidential election. The campaigns on both sides have proved to be quite the rocky ride so far so this final stretch is sure to provide further controversy and even more uncertainty for the voting public.

Clinton and Trump are two vastly different figures, with opposing views on a million and one policy issues. They’ve certainly polarized the American public in recent months. However, against the backdrop of cloudy policies and public outcries, the fact that the historic decision is set to be decided by very specific segments of the voting public is clear to see. What may be unexpected though, is that rather than being decided by groups defined primarily by age, race, class or religion, this race could be largely influenced by the growing community of vapers up and down the country. Maybe even more so than either candidate realizes.

This August, the FDA’s new regulations on the use of e-cigarettes and associated products such as e-liquid came into effect, coinciding with this year’s presidential campaign. Potentially disputing a deeply embedded lifestyle choice, these regulations have been largely unpopular amongst the diverse vaping community in America. As such, each candidate’s stance on the regulation and use of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and all things to do with vaping could have a huge impact on the way in which the presidential elections swing.

So – What Do the Candidates Think About Vaping?

Way back in January of this year, Vape News Magazine did a great job roudin up the viewpoints of all nine presidential candidates on the subject of vaping (even if was wholly satirical!). If these comedic jests were real-life campaign policies, Ted Cruz may still have been a hot contender for Presidency – in the eyes of the vaping community anyway! Comments from the hilarious satire of the Republican candidate include:

“I am convinced that smoking is a liberal conspiracy to attract Democrat voters, and I am positive that if the founding fathers were present they would vape, not smoke. I am Ted Cruz, your Strict Constructionist Hispanic Pro-Vaping Candidate for 2016, and I approve this message.”

Unfortunately, Ted, and all the other pro/against vaping candidates were thrown out of the race long ago. Now we are left with Hilary Clinton representing the Democrats, and Donald Trump for the Republicans.

Hilary Clinton – The Disadvantaged Democrat

For vapers, Hilary and the Democratic party are perhaps not the most popular choice. They’ve recently worked with big tobacco companies to try and ‘choke’ the industry. So it seems unlikely that fans of vaping would vote for a party that is pro-regulation, pro-tax and, ultimately, anti-vaping.  In fact, evidence suggests that vapers may have had a hand in booting politicians out of office already – with this controversial article claiming that vapers helped to kick New Mexico Democrat Representative, Elizabeth Thompson, out of office nearly a year ago.  As the Democratic Party push harder and further for regulation of e-cigarettes, it is likely that the vaping voters’ faith in this party could have dwindled.

Donald Trump – A New Hope For The Vaping Community?

Donald Trump is a highly controversial figure, but at this time the Republican party may be the most popular choice amongst voters who vape. Earlier this year one electronic cigarette maker ran a poll. The results concluded that e-cig users found Donald Trump to be the most ‘vape friendly’ candidate. He’s been vocal about opposing the increasing government regulation on vaping that could change the vaping world as we know it in big ways. He’s also been endorsed by one particular Congressman, Duncan Hunter, who loves to vape and is regularly seen with an e-cig device in hand.

What do you make of the Presidential race so far? Who will you be voting for in the election? Have the candidate’s policies on vaping affected your viewpoint? Let us know!


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