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vaping more enjoyable then smoking

How to Make Vaping More Enjoyable Than Smoking

Vaping may be arguably cooler than smoking and offer health benefits to smokers who make the switch, but the most overlooked aspect of its success is fun.

Despite the health risks, many smokers unashamedly enjoy their habit. From the cigar-smoking connoisseur to the stressed worker puffing a cigarette in a brief respite from the chaos of the office, smoking is really all about taking a moment to indulge in something pleasurable, no matter where you are.

This is why many of the officially-suggested approaches to quitting don’t quite do the job. Nicotine patches and gums still offer nicotine, but the slow, subtle trickle of the stimulant is barely enough to stave off cravings, much less actually enjoy. As for taking a pill like Zyban or Chantix, enjoyment is as unfeasible as it is when you take a course of antibiotics.

The reason vaping is successful is because it allows smokers to retain the fun of a smoking-like behavior that offers a substantial dose of nicotine. As an article from earlier this year put it, vapers just wanna have fun. Blowing out chocolate-scented vapor rings while you take ten minutes away from the hustle and bustle of daily life can not only capture the fun of smoking, it can actually be even more enjoyable.

If you’ve struggled to quit by vaping, there’s a good chance it’s simply because you haven’t been able to really get into the habit and start to enjoy it. The fact that it’s over 95 percent safer than smoking offers plenty of encouragement to switch, but if you don’t get the same enjoyment out of it, switching is still a challenge. So with that in mind, here are five key ways to make vaping even more enjoyable than smoking.

1 – Go Beyond “Cigalikes”

Back in the early days of vaping, “cigalikes” – e-cigarettes that look like cigarettes – were all the rage. The reasoning is easy to understand: to replace smoking, you need something as much like smoking as possible.

However, with poor vapor production, fleeting battery life and minimal options for flavors, cigalikes basically suck. Pen-sized tank system e-cigs are better, but those big chunky boxes you see vapers with are the best way to go. These “box mods” offer much better battery life, huge amounts of vapor, get you more nicotine and open you up to the wonderful, varied world of e-liquid flavors.

The only downside is that box mods are a bit more complicated than other types. If you want to enjoy vaping but don’t want something so complicated, go for one of the pen-sized tank options, or (even better) chunkier ones like the eGo AIO, Kanger Subvod or the Innokin Endura T18. 

2 – Explore E-Liquid Flavors

When you’ve got a capable e-cig, the world of vaping really starts to open up. The best part of this is getting access to the huge and varied selection of e-liquids available.

When you first start, though, tobacco flavors are probably your priority. Thankfully, there are delicious options in this area too, especially options that naturally extract the flavor from real tobacco leaves. These are the only type of tobacco e-liquids that really capture the nuance and complexity of a fine tobacco.

But the real enjoyment comes in the variety. When you’re ready to step away from tobacco flavor, you have the whole spectrum of unique, well-captured flavors available to you in vape-able form. A good example of the sort of thing I mean is M.B.Y.C. by Sicboy: a rich, creamy flavor based on pralines, ice cream and a touch of vanilla custard to top it all off. Add in a nice dose of nicotine and you’re in vaping heaven.

3 – Get Plenty of Nicotine

It goes without saying that enjoying vaping means getting enough nicotine to satisfy you. E-liquids come in various nicotine strengths, and this allows you to adjust the amount to suit your preferences. This is a bit harder than it sounds, though.

You have to strike a balance between satisfaction and tolerability on your throat. High-nicotine options (like 1.8 % and 2.4 %) are satisfying, but many give a harsh “throat hit” that will probably make you cough. This is especially true if you’ve followed the advice in the first point and got a high-quality e-cig.

It’s best to start on 1.2 % or even 0.6 % if you’ve got a high-quality device. However, the key point is that once you’ve found the right level for you, vaping can get you just as much nicotine as smoking does, and it’s way safer too.

4 – Get Technical

The above is really all you need to enjoy vaping more than smoking, but the rabbit hole gets even deeper. While most e-cigs come with tanks that have pre-made heating coils, for some devices you can actually make your own.

But why bother? I hear you cry.

Well, firstly, it’s way cheaper. But more importantly, it adds a new dimension to the pleasure of vaping. Like rolling your own cigarettes have some devotees, despite the extra work involved, building your own coils can be a rewarding and enjoyable pastime for any smokers who love to tinker. You’ll get better vapor and flavor, but the true pleasure comes from watching your creation come to life and start producing vapor.

5 – Head to a Vape Meet

Smokers don’t really congregate too often. Aside from the sense of mutually-trampled-on camaraderie you’ll feel in a smoking area, very few people get together on the basis of being smokers.

Vaping is different. With tons of vaping conventions happening up and down the country, you can try out new liquids, pick up new gear, watch the outlandish “sport” of cloud chasing, or just hang out with other like-minded vapers and meet new people. By adding a social dynamic to the already-enjoyable pastime of vaping, it brings with a whole new way to enjoy life as a vaper.

Make Quitting Smoking Fun

The message here is that vaping isn’t solely about improving your health. It turns the drab, boring and unpleasant business of quitting smoking into its own source of pleasure. It’ll improve your health, yes, but the best thing about vaping is that it transforms something challenging and definitively not enjoyable into a new, even deeper source of pleasure. All you have to do is jump in and start making vaping work for you.

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